Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Like Mother Like Daughter

All this wintry days darkness isn't good for happy blog posts. Coming home when all is black and the lights are twinkling away doesn't make for my kind of photos.

Good light today and a whole day of this and that stretching ahead of me meant I could take some pictures and pop into blogworld again.

The weekend was a whirlygig of all sorts of stuff. A christmas bazaar at our village church, swimming, massive clearing and chucking out and cosying up for a spot of hooking and stitching with the Bun's.

I made up some bunting in christmassy colours to add to the other general hangy things we have hereabouts. This morning was the official choosing a spot and hanging it up day.

The gingham ribbon came about for two reasons. First I couldn't be bothered to hook a cream chain and second I thought the contrast would make rather a nice change. Do you know, I'm really rather pleased I was feeling lazy and impatient for results as I love how it's turned out.

Little Bun had a good long stare at it tonight and said she'd definately like another go at learning how to crochet. Being a left-hander she's found it pretty hard up to now. Her top present on her christmas list is a pink sewing machine. Might have that girl converted to my ways. Miss Rosey loves to make too, but is honing her art skills and becoming fabulous at drawing like her dad. I'll have to share some of their pictures with you one day soon.

On Friday I bought a CK making book for the Bun's to help them with their stitching skills. I'd left this book on the shelf before when Miss Rosey found it as I thought "hey I can do that so who needs a darned book".  

After nothing much happening from me in designing and then cutting out felt shapes for them I reckoned buying the book with all the felt and makings along with the patterns, instructions and pretty pictures would make it all a hell of a lot easier for them and my patience. I'm good at being patient teaching strangers, not so good with my own so we need all the support we can get.

There are 12 really sweet felt christmas decorations in the book and as it's designed for kids they were happy to just have me on hand to help as and when. It was lovely actually and was probably the most relaxing making session we've had.  Or maybe it the large snowball my Mr put in front of me while we munched on dolly mixtures and sang to our first outing of 70's christmas party songs.

Little Bun is busy working on a Robin, while Miss Rosey is beavering away on a snowman. I'm sure Little Bun will show and tell on her blog very soon. She wanted to have a go at all this stuff a while back as she's always enjoyed writing stories and making comics. I think she's visited a few of you to say hello and she's been thrilled to have a few visits back (her mummy is pleased for her too).

Final shot just to prove the claim I made to clearing up this weekend. This was part of the dumping ground we have in the back hall. Three hours spent here making it all luvverly again and even christmassed up in early anticipation.


  1. I love gingham ribbon and it really looks perfect with your lovely bunting. Love that blankety snowman too. Sounds as if your girls are picking up your talents. I am glad both my boys are creative and have always enjoyed making things for Christmas and baking too. Good luck with the decluttering. Karen X

  2. lovely idea to buy a crafty book with everything you need for your girls!!!
    love your xmassy bunting!
    have a good day!!
    xxx Alessandra

  3. Beautiful bunting! So sweet that your girls are crafty and creative!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  4. I love your new decorations and more so because you won't see them in the shops! Your house is looking more beautiful by the minute and so lovely that your little one wants a machine too! :)
    Jess x

  5. It looks lovely Lisa, I love the colours and I do envy you your little bun and her sewing ways. I've tried to get Harry to sew his Scouts badges on but he is hopeless and it ends in tears. I think like his dad, he'd rather leave it to the ladies and so doesn't make enough effort!
    Hen x

  6. What a bright tonic to this awful weather.I popped over to say hi to little bun, the start of an inspiring blog!

  7. Your home looks so cheery and cosy despite the winter darkness ... the new bunting is fab with the gingham ribbon and the little snowperson hanging on the mirror is fab ... sometimes organised crafts is the only way to go ... i used a foam keyring craft kit a while ago with my little ones to much success ... visited Little Bun's blog ... it's very lovely ... Bee xx

  8. Well, they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Looks like they are goings to have your Crafty Ways! I know what you mean about the light, it's dismal! I'm lucky to have a conservatory, so can always drag stuff in there, little stuff, not large bits of furniture of course! I will have to check out that blog, I'm a bit partial to a good blog, as you know! Have a good week Lisa! :) x

  9. Lovely bunting & what a great way to spend an afternoon :) x

  10. Loving your bunting Lisa! Very festive!
    Victoria xx

  11. it looks so homely at your house!! and pretty. Nice bunting! Heather x

  12. Gosh it's looking cheerful at your place, and scarily Christmassy ... is it really so soon ... eek!

  13. Love the bunting.I have every sympathy with your little left hander as I am one too.You tube has some great tutorials for lefties which might help.good luck and don't let her be put off.

  14. Your little festive garlands are so pretty over your mirror :)
    So glad you enjoyed making the decorations, I'm so ridiculously proud of my work in that book!
    Your glass cakestands look fab too, maybe I should stack mine up like that too, makes more of a feature of them!

  15. Your crochet bunting looks lovely! Oh how I wish I could master this craft, think I'm going to make it one of my many New Year resolutions to learn. Do you think you might be running a workshop? Also think the Santa tin is great.
    Loving Little Bun's blog.....left her a comment.

  16. A lovely colourful post, Lisa, just what I needed! I hope you don't have the same photo-storage problem that hit me at the week-end. You use the same size as me, and I haven't been resizing. Mal de Mer!!

    Gosh doesn't colour cheer you up!

    I know exactly what you mean about having endless patience with 'the job' but find it a bit harder going with nearest and dearest. However it looks like your patience is paying off and your two girls are well onto the textile road! Well done them, and well done you too!

  17. One good thing that will come out of these grey, wintery days is that I get to wear your mistletoe brooch again - waahooo :-) Love the photos of your little one sewing - it warms the heart when they enjoy something you do doesn't it.


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