Saturday, 17 November 2012

Best Laid Plans

In my head are lots of lists of things I want to do. I write the lists down on bits of paper too as I forget stuff very easily. I plan in my head how I'll get some of the things I want to do done when I'm off work. And then piff paff poof a spanner gets thrown into the works and I'm just needed to be a mum, nothing more.

Now don't get me wrong, I adore being a mum, but I just want a bit of time that's mine. Time when I can get stuff done is one. Time to make plans in my head is another. My Mr and I are great planners, always have been. If we don't have something new being created we get itchy feet. It doesn't matter if all the things we plan don't happen, but we thrive on life not always being the same, having something different to work towards and look forward to. 

The flip side of this is once we've achieved something we tend to want to move on and start something else. This morning my head was buzzing with frustration at not achieving even a smidgen of the things I want and so I had a chat with my very sound advisor. He gave it to me straight once I'd told him what I was thinking and explained my quandry. I now feel I have some idea of how I'm going forward with juggling work, Bobo Bun, workshops, family life, general life stuff and constant DIY on the house (which is a major one on the list).

Number one was to actually finish things, which includes not starting new things before I've finished what I was doing first. We agreed flitting is part of a creative mind, but I need to get mine a bit more focused.

Getting the house straight will make me a bit saner. That means finishing the rooms I've started decorating and then actually make the trimmings and bits I want for it. That done my head will be clear to actually focus on making to sell again and running workshops once more. Not sure how much of a reality all of this is really, but it sounds good in principle doesn't it.

I realise I'll always have quite a few projects waiting in the wings to be finished, but I do need to get a bit stricter with myself about how many there are. 

So with some of that sorted I've pushed on this week grabbing time as and when with adding the extra rows to the Happydays Flag Quilt. Quilt top all done as you can see. Not perfect, but done all the same. Ready for a sandwich and then jolly stitches to hold it all together.

In the inbetween I have got another quilt on the go I have to admit. This was started before all my good intentions got under way and it is meant to be a christmas gift for my mum. I say meant to be as I am falling in love with it as it goes along. This will be hard to part with I know.

With Christmas getting nearer I'll make this quilt the top of my list and then I can focus on making the Bun's gifts. I also have a plan to fill up my etsy shelves with a few more Mistletoe Kisses brooches as they've been really popular over the last few years since I designed them. 

Then I'm going to think long and hard about what I want to do next. I've not organised any Pick 'n' Mix Makers Markets since my dad died so I might take that in a new direction in the new year. I definately want to get back to running workshops again. I've been asked to hold crochet classes and also to explain how to actually use a sewing machine to make stuff. 

All in all I need the balance of Bobo Bun as a creative business alongside my teaching. I started it when Little Bun was two to keep a sense of who I was when I was drowning in nappies and whatnot. Now I need it as life just doesn't seem the same without it.


  1. Dearest Lisa
    This is a post I can well resonate with and it sometimes feels like there is a seriously fine line between work life balance. Women like us really love being mums but we really need and value "me" time too and it can be difficult not to neglect both. Your husband sounds very wise to encourage you to focus on trying to finish WIP's and sorting out your DIY thoughts and dreams so you can feel a sense of order before moving on with your business in the Pick and Mix markets, workshops too. I think you would be brilliant at running workshops. I have taught a couple of friends to crochet but neither of them got the bug to carry on, made me feel a little sad but I hope that they now have the skills they might pick up a hook in the future.
    Your happydays quilt is too beautiful, I love it. Also the one you are making for your mum is rather glorious and may be hard to part with but the good thing is that you will have it in your family and can always be appreciated when you visit your mum. Take care, lovely Lisa, xox Penelope

  2. Hi Lisa, I like the sound of your plan! I'm always thinking of things to do, and meanwhile falling out of love with the things I'm already doing...but I'm learning that there's real satisfaction to be had from actually finishing things, and it feels a lot better than the guilt of too many WIPs! Good luck with it all, your quilts are so beautiful. It's so important to keep our creative selves alive in the midst of the chaos of family life! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. Rachel x

  3. I think you are going to get lots of Bobobun readers thinking " that's me! " on this post.........I think you might actually be in my mind right now....freaky?!!!

    Just know, you are not alone, juggling, balancing, finding time, energy, and seeing those lists actually shortening, and not grow for once would be amazing.

    But those images of your beautful blanket are more than enough to cheer!!! Just lovely clever you.
    Nattie x

  4. Well, look, already three readers saying they feel exactly the same about things, and you just know I'm about to throw in my two-happence-worth! I LIVE by my lists and like you, feel great if I can tick a few things off but it doesn't always happen. I get terribly bored working on only one thing at a time but I do have to rein myself in when the projects get out of hand. Iwas also persuaded back into thinking about running workshops and am just getting my head round planns for that. And so it goes, and I feel good, then a wave of......I don't know....ENGULFMENT sweeps over me and I feel I have bitten off more than I can chew. Oh yes, and the next craft fair is due, plans for that. And that isn't even counting home and family commitments.

    Why do we do it? Do we like living on the edge? Do we need to feel needed? Do we feel guilty if we are not racing round like mad things being 'busy'? Answers on a post-card, eh? I wish you good luck, Lisa in getting the balance right in YOUR life!!

  5. Hi Lisa - your plan sounds good. I always use my husband as a sounding board and then often find it sorts out the turmoil that is my thinking. Sometimes just stopping and re-evaluating seems to calm me even if I don't follow through. Good luck with all your plans. Lily. xxx

  6. I have taken your advice about finishing a room before moving on! I have just been and hung some pictures on my bare , freshly painted walls. Looks much better. it's easy to spin of somewhere else instead of seeing things through. Hope you manage to get some of the time you need, Heather x ps the new quilts looking good.

  7. Sounds so much like me I could almost have written the beginning of your post ... I have been sitting with my hubs this evening planning all the things we can get done to our home before Christmas ... no more procrastination ... action is called for :) ... I too love to bop about from one thing to the next but do so love to finish things as well ... the sense of satisfaction is great when a wip finally gets completed ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  8. Quilt top is looking lovely, I have now adopted the start and finish projects attitude it is true a creative mind does flitt about - we all need focus in our lives to achieve what we want to achieve and keep us sane. Sarah x

  9. Ditto! I'm feeling much the same, with fewer excuses. Sure, I have horses and dogs and cats to tend to, but my children are grown and self-sufficient, so I really should be able to accomplish more, creatively speaking. Been working on re-decorating, and de-cluttering, because I'm so much more productive without all that business weighing heavily. Now, I'm working like a fiend to ready for Thanksgiving. I'll cook and clean until I've lost my will to live, when all I really want to do is go up to my little workroom and draw, and sew, and paint...

  10. Your quilt top looks amazing! I'm so glad I found your blog xxx

  11. I have many list's in my head too! I always find if my house is tidy I can work far better then if it's in a mess…must be something to do with head space! Love the quilts hope you get it done for christmas x

  12. First.....your quilt is beautiful!!!! I adore the colors....
    Next!!!! My whole life is this talk to myself.....HOW to do it all!!! And I don't even have the babies!!! When you are a creative reaches into every speck of ..the house..the yard....all the is really hard trying to put it all in the right place..I don't want to have a wonderful holiday season....I want to decorate the whole house..make all the pressies....cook a grand feast...all homemade.......I get it!! But your totally right about one thing....finishing....must finish the projects!!!!! So I'm taking your advice and I'm going to finish something today!!!!!! Xxxxx

  13. You have such beautiful fabrics! No wonder you flit from one to the other like a butterfly!

  14. I think I need your advisor! Mine told me to prioritise but the problem with that is that some stuff keeps falling to the bottom of the list and although unimportant in the overall scheme of things it's stuff that it really bugs me that I've not finished (like sorting out the spare room which currently resembles a bomb site as I started but never went back to it!).

    I can see why you wouldn't want to part with that second quilt, it's lovely :)

  15. I love your quilts so much, what beautiful fabrics, and your home looks like the kind of home I dream of :)


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