Friday, 12 October 2012

Woolly Wonders

I've two new books that I'm excited about at the moment. Both are filled with the most glorious pictures. One with random stuff and some things you can make and the other is full of wonderful things to be knitted up.

I've not yet had the time to properly look through Junk Genius, but I knew as I looked at it for a good long while in the bookstore and then really didn't want to put it back on the shelf that I really wanted it for keeps.

Knitting Everyday Finery has been in my work bag though and I've grabbed a look whenever I could.  By mid-week I'd decided I wanted to have a go at making a pair of gloves. I nearly tried glove making last winter and then never got round to it as is always the way.

These eggy yellow gloves have got me smitten. I really fancy a pair in the same yellow, but as I couldn't wait to find the perfect shade I had a rootle around my stash to see what I could find in there. Yellow yarn comes in quite a limited range of shades, so when I tip up to the shop knowing exactly what I want I always go hoem without any. For now I've started on a blue pair of gloves in the softest yarn called Thistle by Louisa Harding. This yarn has been stuck in a bag for a couple of years now waiting to become something and luckily I've just enough. I'll continue my search for the perfect shade of eggy yellow yarn all the same.

Another possible knit this winter is one of these berets. Miss Rosey borrowed my favourite cream Noa Noa slouchy beret and left it somewhere so I need a new hat before the North wind really does start to blow a gale.

My head is definately planning for winter with my renewed knitting excitement. Tommorow though I want to get going on my machine and catch up with my quilt. I've been looking forward to it all day. Hopefully my hands will be up to the job as I can't use my left thumb at the moment. It ended up being slammed between two tables today when arm wrestling got a bit energetic. I thought I'd broken it and then I came over all weird, sick  and lightheaded. Before I hit the floor I suggested to my students they might like an early lunch. Got to save some dignity.

If my thumb doesn't fancy helping me out with any making then I'll just have to settle down for a good look through my books and a spot of daydreaming about what to do with the lovely weekend stretching ahead.


  1. These books seem amazing!!!
    I love the blue yarn you are going to use for your new pair of gloves!!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. Ooh, I'm wincing at the thought of your poor squashed thumb...hope it gets back to normal soon. I love the look of those books, this is the time of year for snuggling up by the fire with an inspirational book or two. The gloves look cosy, and the yarn is beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing it knitted up.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Penny x

  3. Poor you. I'm intrigued by the content of your lessons - arm wrestling??!! Hope it gets better soon.
    Loving that shade of blue wool.
    I'm settling down for a making day today too.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. 16-17 year old lads with too much testosterone Ellie. I thought I'd use some of it up by challenging them to a push up and arm wrestling competition in the hope we might actually get some work done afterwards. Got them an early lunch instead and a good laugh at my language when my thumb got crushed.


  4. Ooh I love those yellow gloves! Just need to learn to knit!
    Victoria xx

  5. These books look great! also loving the colour of your wool, have a happy weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x

  6. Well I'm afraid I'm not a knitter, but I do like a bit of junk, so that book looks right up my street! Hope you thumb doesn't stop your crafty time too much, have a lovely weekend Lisa! Ada :)

  7. Hi Lisa
    poor you and your thumb, it's amazing how important our thumbs are and often we only realise what w take for granted until we can't use it. i do hope it's on the mend and that you get to indulge in knitting those gloves. As for the books well, what can i say? i love th elook of the junk one, my goodness, I need more hours and hands to do all I need to do (plus earn my monthly day job dosh!) Hope th weekend is full of cosy, inspirational happies xox Penelope

  8. Ouch - it makes my knees feel funny thinking about you thumb. I hope it heals soon. What kind of yellow yarn are you looking for? Stylecraft do a couple of rich yellows. Lily. xxx

  9. The gloves are so pretty, they will look nice in the blue. I have a mustardy yellow in rowan wool, I can't remember it's proper name but it looks similar to the yellow gloves. I have just looked for the name on rowans website and they have brolly in the wool cotton in an eggy yellow. Sarah x

  10. I love your Colours, hope your thumb is better soon
    Thea x

  11. Will packing some ice round your thumb help? I have those two books waiting for a quiet time on sunday to browse by the fire if this weather continues. Makes me smile that we choose the same books. Enjoy your weekend. Karen xx

  12. Arm wrestling! I like your style! I would go for the settle down with the books and a beverage if I were you!

  13. Ouch - hope your thumb heals fast!!
    I love that string of memories idea in the last picture. Very special - if potentially a dust magnet ( like most things in our house) :) x Gabs


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