Saturday, 20 October 2012

Wet & Happy

The Plumber visited our house yesterday. It was a day for a mini-celebration. Mr Bun texted me asking "is the Plumber there?". I replied he was, and then we got all happy inside thinking of lovely hot bath's later on. Even Little Bun got in on the act as she was told by a school mate that her step-dad was at our house today.

With the plumbing being sorted and the rain lashing down outside it was a day for staying in. After talking endlessly for three days the peace of being in my own head at home was bliss. Mind you it's been a great week. I ended it in the dungeons of the castle scaring the bejesus out of my students. I take each group there for a free visit to try and get them interested in history. If we're lucky I bump into someone I know and then we get whizzed down to the dungeons for tales of torture and executions. When the lights get switched off we all scream like girlies. Or is that just me?

Anyways, back to yesterday. Wet outside, dry inside and a whole day of whatever I fancied ahead of me. I got out my making things tin and had a good look at the hexies I'd rustled up on the go.

I used to wonder how there were so many pictures of towering piles of hexies in blogworld. How on earth could anyone whip up so many of these time consuming thingies in just a night? Then Sophie shared what really was the most obvious solution once you know it and then there was no stopping me. Suddenly I'm speeding along. Paper hexies cut, a pile of fabric squares waiting to be quickly stitched any old how into a hexie and I think this is the business. I love quick results and hexie making certainly gives quick results before the fine stitching that I'll be doing next.

Once I had enough hexies to make a few more plates, I fiddled about to see what colours went where. It could be a lifetime before I actually finish this into a quilt, but I'm loving the process and seeing how it all works together.

Part of the problem of taking so long is not having lots of quilt making time and the other very big problem is me. I get distracted so very easily and want to be making all sorts of things all at the same time. 

After a morning of hexie making I fancied a change so I got back to chopping more squares to help the triangle quilt grow. 

All this playing with my stash made me realise I'm pretty low on yellow and green fabric. Now this means that I've no choice but to go searching for some more to add to the pile. There really is no other option is there. Am I sounding convincing here?

Mid afternoon, the Plumber had installed a tank and given us back the gift of hot water from a tap. Hurray we say.  Mr Bun arrived home and we drove off to collect girls from here and there before coming home to a cosy fire, a curry, fizzy stuff and a bath. I do love Friday's so very much.


  1. congrats on getting your hot water back! I remember being without hot water for a few weeks when my youngest son was a baby due to DH messing up a DIY job and refusing (male ego) to get a professional in straightaway to sort it out. When I mentioned (quite kindly in the circumstances, I could have said a lot of worse things) that his DIY skills reminded me of the Chuckle Brothers he wasnt very amused....

    Those hexies are looking brilliant, havent made any for a while, this is getting me thinking I should go back to making some...that would mean I would have to buy more fabric too...


  2. ..there's something so gorgeous about little regular bundles of hexies or cut-outs of material and patterns......the excitement of putting them all together...your quilt is looking fabulous!..know what you mean about getting distracted.....:-) X

  3. Yay for hot water again.
    The hexies are looking great- love all the colour and florals.

  4. Hot water!...yay. Keep chipping away at your projects, suddenly one day you will turn around and something will be finished!!

  5. Yay for hot water! Gorgeous hexies too!
    Victoria xx

  6. Hurrah for hot water - such a basic we all take forgranted :)

    Loving the hexies too :)

  7. So pleased something is fixed for you Lisa! Have a good weekend! Ada :)

  8. So glad you have steamy hot water again ... you must be so pleased ... the hexies are amazing ... they look so good arranged into plates ... I too am a flitter ... I hop from on project to the next and back again all the time ... typical Gemini ... I'm told :) ... Bee xx

  9. Soo pleased you have hot water again! I had no heating or hot water last winter for 17 days when my boiler died IT WAS HORRID!
    Love the hexi colour combis... you have almost tempted me to have a go they are so glorious... it would need to be a square sewing machine job though... hands not up to job sadly.

  10. Crikey, low on yellow and green, that will never do. I think you need to sort that immediately which of course may lead to other colours looking under stocked, so you may as well treat yourself to a smidge of blue, pink, orange and red whilst you're about it. Then purple will feel left out so get plenty of purple too.
    Enjoy baths. I can't go to bed without having a bath even just a quick dunk to get properly warm. I know it's wasteful...
    Have a good Sunday

  11. Ooh, a steaming bath (so happy for you your hot water is back on!) and some hexy sewing, sounds like a great night in store to me ;)

    I have a naughty trick for making the job even faster ... for a very teeny tiny amount of money you can buy pre-cut hexy papers! Not that I've succumbed yet, but I'm very tempted!

  12. A hot bath with some bubbles is one of the greatest comforts in life. And hooray for you all that you have your hot water restored.

    Loving all the pretty hexies together. I keep thinking about having ago I need a little project to do in the evenings in front of the t.v.

    P x

  13. It must be such a relief to have hot water again. I find things like this really put me into a downward mood. Hope you have had a warm and cosy weekend. Lily. xxx

  14. Hot water and family love what more can a girl want?! xx

  15. Hooray for hot water, hexys look very pretty they would make a beautiful quilt.


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