Monday, 8 October 2012

Parties & Patchies

We're nearing the end of kiddy parties and party bags in our house. I'm not too keen on change and leaving behind all the bits I like best. Each time I think back to the times when the Bun's had chubby wee legs and were beyond excited with a balloon and a bottle of bubbles I want to rush back to those days. All the same I am learning that each stage might leave something behind, but it replaces it with something else just as lovely (apart from hormones that is).

Anyways, back to those party bags I was talking about. Yesterday the Bun's came home with the most delightful bag made by my friend for each of the girls there. Filled with sweeties and handmade hair bows and rosettes they are so lovely. The girls were thrilled with them and wore their bows all the way home.

Today my wee one was feeling poorly so she had a sofa day with her mumma (that's what she calls me to her sister's irritation and my delight). While we watched all the back episodes of Paul O'Grady's show at Battersea Dogs Home on the iplayer I knitted up the matching wristwarmer to the one being modelled above. When I got the camera out she suggested laying her hand across the quilt for a nice background. My girls notice it all even when I don't think they're actually watching.

As the hours ticked by I felt a very itchy need to sit at my machine and stitch something. It was a toss up between getting going on the dress I'd cut the shapes for weeks ago or piecing together all the squares for my quilt top. The quilt top won as once it's done I'll have that to handquilt each evening and keep cosy under.

I've stitched all the rows together now and it's just not as big as I wanted it. I need to decide if I'll add more rows or just edge it with panel strips. 

While I sat at my machine pondering my quilt enlargement I had a proper look at the fabrics I'd dumped in the corner. I've run out of shelf room so that's why they're there, just waiting for something to happen to them. Seeing how the purple, yellow and blue sheets all work so well together I'm wondering if I should have a go at making some patchy curtains for Little Bun's room. Perhaps a dress or skirt from the navy daisy print too. I've not had the time lately to just sit and put together new making thoughts so it was good to just do that today. It was also good to just sit and be with one of my girls for a wee while too. 

As promised I've held some of the pictures back for a change, so see you soon.  


  1. Youngest Bea is sitting with me while I read this, she's wants to say how pretty the bags are, and she loves all the colourful fabric, think she might be taking after me! You're right, as each stage passes, new ones come along, and with all the stages there's delights and hormones, sorry, yucky bits !
    She's just asked me when have I finished with the iPad! THAT'S why she was snuggling up! Ada :)

  2. Your friend made such a nice bags, the bows and rosettes are absolutely gorgeous!
    I hope your wee one is feeling better now, though a sofa day together
    is good once in a while...
    Your pictures makes me happy, i love the quilt your making :-)

    xx have a nice day

  3. Love the little cloud bags and the wristwarmers ... the colour combination reminds me of my school uniform ... looking forward to seeing the completed quilt top ... it looks really lovely ... Bee xx

  4. Another lovely colour explosion! I hope Little Bun is feeling better now...x

  5. Love those sweet little bags! And I simply adore the colour of the wrist warmers.
    Victoria xx

  6. It seems as though your litle ones are going to inherit your skills! The wristwarmer looks very pretty against that background doesn't it? I'm both amazed and gladdened that someone took time to make handmade gifts for the party, so much better than lots of plastic and sweets!
    Get well little Bun.:)
    Jess xx

  7. Those little cloud bags are lovely, handmade is so special, your quilt is going to be stunning, hope your daughter is on the mend
    Thea x

  8. Wow those bags are gorgeous! what an organised mummy!

    I absolutley love your blanket and wrist warmers by the way xx

  9. Just catching up here and I love the way the new approach is working out. The mitts are lovely and I can't wait to see the quilt top complete :D


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