Monday, 15 October 2012


Ok, just to warn you, I'm going to have a bit of a poor old us moment. As my blog is my happy place where I edit out most of the nasty and dull realities of life this rarely happens here. I want happy and I know that's one of the reasons anyone stops by to read and look. But - today I need to just say it as it is.

I started the day with a whole list on paper and in my head of to do's. Pleasurable to do's, necessary to do's, boring to do's and everyday need to be done to do's. You get the picture I'm sure. It's my final day off before the working week looms so I always seem to screw up Monday's. I try to fit so many things in and then I flit here and there doing nothing very well. Day wasted and each time I say to my self "don't do that again". First thing I thought I'd get going on the dress I cut the pieces for ages ago. Most marvellously I saw that I'd cut two front pieces the same and the same for the sleeves too. As it was only a curtain panel I don't have enough to cut more shapes so I did a patchy job on the bodice panel. By the time I got to the sleeve I gave up and moved on to something else.

I made hot choc and cut a slab of cheery cherry cake to stop awhile and ponder. 

Now this is where the real lament starts. As I've mentioned before we are a family of broken stuff. Both our cars literally blew up this summer, thankfully my mum gave me hers to help out. The Rayburn which heats the house and water broke completely in March. Then in July our back-up plan for hot water (the immersion heater) blew up too. A friend mended it (really I should have known it would go wrong as he tells so many tall tales, but I believed him this time). Two weeks later with no hot water and freezing cold I'm fed up with being resourceful. A plumber was booked for Friday, but turned up on Saturday and the whole tank split. He'll be back this Friday to install a new one, please let it work as I miss hot bubbly baths while drinking wine so so much. I think we'll still all be washing with a hot kettle at the kitchen sink. 

This morning I thought I'd finally found someone to mend our Rayburn. Funnily enough we have a Rayburn that has been discontinued, you can't get parts for and no one wants to mend it. After a long chat about how he could do it, but it would still probably break I've been left to try and find a secondhand Rayburn, find someone who can carry out our old monster and then get someone else to install it. My dear mum has offered to lend us the money for all of this or it would never be happening.

I feel wearied by the tedious nature of this stuff and trying to solve things. The upside is that we're all spending more time together as we huddle downstairs by the woodburner. I cook warm hearty stuff to pad out our jumpers for a bit of extra warmth too. 

I'm even planning my making around fireside pursuits. I fancy a change from my knitting tonight so I emptied out one of my forgotten and needs finishing baskets today.

Following Sophie's lead on Fading Grace I quickly cut squares of fabric, rather than cutting fabric hexies to speed things up. Now I could get on with the hexie plates quilt tonight or start handquilting the feedsack squares I patched a while back. No idea what to do with these other than make them into a useful cloth for trays and stuff.

Whatever I make, I know I'll be sat by the fire snuggling with my girls, a small black dog and my man.


  1. I hate it when stuff packs up! First our washing machine went, then out laptop, last week our cooker went too! The fridge is also on its last legs! Some lights in our kitchen have stopped working, in order to fix them, the ceiling needs to be removed!!! New ceiling and walls are needed for the kitchen, we knew this! Let's moan together! I've just finished some cushion covers, hopefully they will be sold on Thursday at the craft fair, I need some pennies to fill the black hole in my bank account!
    I hope your 'stuff' gets fixed soon Lisa! Ada :) x

  2. I so understand how you're feeling and you know in a funny way I do quite enjoy blogs when people share the bad stuff as well. Makes them seem far more real. Those blogs where absolutely everything seems just idyllic and perfect seem a bit bland to me and I never quite believe them. I'm not working at the moment since having no.1 and with no.2 just weeks away and money is super tight for us. I just dread things going wrong. We had boiler nightmares earlier in the year too and had to have a whole new system. I really hope you get yours sorted before the winter comes. It's awful being without hot water isn't it. Makes you realise just how much we take it for granted. I'm sure you'll be having your hot bubble baths with wine again soon. I'm longing for those too as I'm off the wine while pregnant and as you're not allowed really hot baths either I find the warm ones I've been having not particularly enjoyable. The day I get home from hospital with babe I will be running myself a very hot deep bath! Enjoy finishing off those cute projects by the fire and hope everything is sorted soon. Fiona xx

  3. Oh - all of that makes my dead dishwasher seem far less important. I do hope you get some water heating sorted soon - hot baths seem to solve so many problems especially if accompanied by a glass of wine :)

  4. Having things fixed is never as straight forward as you think it will be, or as cheap as you hope it might be!Hope all is resolved soon, hang on in there! I love reading yor blog, whatever you have to say!x

  5. Poor you - it never rains but it pours. We had a bad patch last winter when a not very old tank had to be replaced, and the cars are constantly clunking and needing sticking back together, so I really do sympathize.

    I think doing a bit of crafting is a good way to take your mind off the boring stuff - I usually have lots of things on the go, that way you can always find something that will suit your mood. And often it will be something that only needs a very little work to finish off, so you can get the satisfaction of completion quite quickly, which is always quite cheering.

    How about turning your little square patches into a patchwork apron? They look so pretty and it would be something you could use every day.

    Chin up, etc, and hope you get everything sorted out very soon - your readers are all rooting for you!

    Pomona x

  6. Oh you poor thing! Why do things always go wrong! Especially when it turns cold. Snuggle up and chin up. It will all be ok and you will be back in your warm bath before you know it! Love Nostalgic Vicky - a new reader xx

  7. It's a nightmare isn't it! we have a list of broken aswell, just done a carboot to save for some of the repairs, quite a bit to go though, so e-bay next and fingers crossed when we get everything done (one leaky roof, sorry said I wouldn't say but it is bugging me I dread it every time it rains)I just hope we have nothing else that needs tending to! like you I escape from worries with craft and am currently crocheting a blanket.

  8. Oh crikey what a total bummer!! It's a right PITA when everything goes wrong. Hope it all gets sorted out before the cold really sets in

  9. It was a lovely post, full of colourful photos, delicious cooking, delightful patchwork, and your gorgeous home! Awful that everything seems to be going wrong, but even then, you still make it look so lovely!

    Hope it all gets sorted out soon

    Love, Claire xxx

  10. Why is it that when stuff breaks its never one thing, it's about 3 or 4 things? We had our washing machine, tumble dryer and fridge go within weeks of each other. Hope you get your hot bubbly bath soon Lisa!
    Victoria xx

  11. there's nothing worse than no hot water, especially a hot bath after a freezing day, especially when there's not enough heat to warm your tootsies- i hope it all gets sorted- mums are very kind to us! x mine helps me out sometimes with rocketing heating costs, especially in my drafty high ceilings home- its hard going when things keep going wrong around the home- my boiler stopped working to and getting my landlord to fix it was such a headache, but after 6 months at least i have a spanking new one. but over the winter it was hard being cold and cold and cold and never really warming up...doesnt everything go wrong all at once too...ive stamped my feeties a lot lately cos my head cant take all the emotionally draining stuff im dealing with right now including flawed family law through the courts and trying to get a full time job!...i feel im trying so hard to work things out for the better and i just seem to go around in circles!
    i guess after the ranting hehe of mine i was trying to say keep ya chin up chic!!!! hope you have a warm , snuggy week with your lovely family xx

  12. Oh I feel your pain! It is so true that these things always come in 3s, or 4s or 5s...I grew up in houses with no heating, ice on the windows's so boring when you're just stumbling from one disaster to the next. Your cooking and crafting looks amazing, you are doing so well in such difficult conditions, but I can see why you've had enough, it sounds like hard work staying cheerful with so many things to sort out, and none of the simple. I hope you find a lovely Rayburn and an equally lovely person to fit it and take the old one away, and that you can lie in a hot bubbly bath with a big glass of wine very soon! Take care lovely lady. Rachel xx

  13. It never rains but it pours... Things always break quickly one after the other don't they... It sucks. I hope you get everything fixed soon before it starts getting really cold. We had a dodgy boiler for months, we had about four gas men visit, the boiler used to trip out about ten times a day and needed resetting every time and it turned out the service engineer set ours to natural gas instead of calor gas, so simple but it caused so much bother. Sarah x

  14. Sharing and being real means the good and the not so good. Don't apologize for being you, take it from an old lady who has been through many many not so good times.......if you cannot share it all, your mood will suffer. Being real about it all is better for your mental health, and if people dont get it, well that's ok they are free to move on.
    We had a very bad gas explosion here in my city, it wiped out all gas supplies for weeks, luckily we don't get snow and real cold here. My kids were young and we treated it like a bit of an adventure, sounds like you are getting a few positive experiences also, one day you will look back and remember how you stood together as a family through these hiccups.:-)

  15. Oh Guys!!! Honestly!!!! Sending sparkly good luck wishes to all the buns, you all deserve it. It never rains but pours, but thank goodness those lovely bun girls have a super fab mummy to bake them yummies and surround them with beautiful fabric to cheer everyone up.
    Mucho lovo to you all xxxx
    nattie x

  16. You know, some days are just like that. Tomorrow will be better.

  17. What a nightmare! I do hope you can get the Rayburn and the boiler sorted asap!! Only today I wrote that a warm, dry house and plentiful hot water are two of the simplest simple things that I can't do without. Easy to take for granted when everything is working okay.

    How's the thumb?

  18. Oh I do hope things improve for you soon.

  19. Sometimes you've just got to have a good old moan, and it's sounds like you've every reason to. I do hope you get some heat and hot water sorted very soon. It looks like you've got lots of positive vibes heading your way, I hope that helps. Keep that woodburner burning...
    It would be lovely to meet up very soon, love yo you all,
    Penny x

  20. I feel for you, it's awful having no hot water especially when the weather's getting cold. Our combi boiler went bang last year so we lost our heating and hot water in the middle of November with only a coal fire for heat. So I feel your pain x

  21. It is nice to read a blog which is real, far more interesting to me. It is a shame for these things to happen, but still your house looks very cosy, i hope everthing gets sorted.

  22. Hi - you poor thing. These sort of problems seem to go in batches. We are having leaking everything at the moment. First the shower, then the kitchen sink, then a broken tap, then water coming through the boiler flue and finally and the best of all - a gas leak (apparently our regulator has gone - £100 +) Luckily this is all in our caravan and not at home. I hope the run of things breaking will stop soon as, like you said, its so wearing. I'm glad you have your family to be cosy with. Lily. xxx

  23. Thats all a bit much especially at this time of year. Hope you can find a new/old Rayburn soon and warm up. Have you got plenty of hot water bottles on the go? Sending hugs from down here and hope things look up very soon. Karen xx

  24. Sometimes it's nice to read it "as it is" and we're all here for you. Hope your soon up ap and running again but in the meantime just keep smiling, Lucey x

  25. Sometimes it's nice to read it "as it is" and we're all here for you. Hope your soon up ap and running again but in the meantime just keep smiling, Lucey x

  26. Oh poor you that really is just the pits, why do things always go wrong all at once? it is a conspiracy I think..... your patchwork is looking gorgeous.
    I think it is nice to read about real things, it makes us a bit more human to know that other people have *rap to!! life sometimes is a bit up hill but then if it wasn't we probly wouldn't be so grateful for the good bits...maybe? oh well I hope that you get things sorted soon....
    P.s I often wish our telly would blow up...!! if it happened I'd be gutted though :-)

  27. P.s forgot to say thank you for the mention xxx
    Sophie x and send a cyber hug x

  28. Well for Pete's sake, we certainly do want to know what goes on with you, Lisa! You're not always moanin' the blues over every little thing that goes wrong, so it isn't as though you're going to drive us away, you know. And what are girlfriends for, if not to lend a listening ear from time to time?

    That cherry cake and those hexies look as cheerful as can be.

    Sending you all warm, snuggly thoughts from California.

  29. Just reading through all your lovely recent posts with delicious fabrics and hexagons! How wonderful they all look - I haven't quilted/patchworked for heck of a long time and must fish out some bits I think. What is about hexies that we find soooo appealing - instant nostalgia and colour and fabricos all in one go! I hope that your hand is better now
    Best wishes


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