Sunday, 7 October 2012

Happy as Can be

Well this slow and steady approach seems to be working here doesn't it. You thought it was a good idea too. I've run out of photos now, but I've already a few in my head that I hope I can take tommorow. That's if Alfie Blue's eye doesn't look as if it needs a trip to the vet and Little Bun doesn't wake up feeling as poorly as she did going to bed. Fingers crossed selfishly for a day of me time.

This weekend we squished and squashed a fair few things in. I finished one wristwarmer and have started on the next. I also found another gorgeous knitting book today which has set my heart racing with  all the new projects inside. I'm being strict with myself and not picking up any new needles until the second wristwarmer is done and stitched up.

On Saturday Little Bun and I popped out in search of ballet and tap shoes. For her, not for me you understand, although I'd love to tap here and there as the clickety click noise is wonderful. After we had dance shoes in the bag we took a trip to the sweet shop for candy sticks, jelly cherries and raspberry blue sour bon bon's. Then by complete chance we found a vintage market in town. My friend Emmie was there and basically I spent all my pennies with her.

She had this wee fella tucked away knowing a certain blokey in my house had his eye on him. This doll love is getting serious, it might even need a shelf of it's very own one day soon.

Along with the fabric and bag I also grabbed this tin which I have some christmassy plans for.  As my two girlies will read this some time soon, then shhhhh, no more news on that one.

When we got home I raced about cleaning out animal homes as the four of us had a date that night. Before the old straw was out and new stuff in, Pip had popped into Pixie's hutch for a snooze. 

One clean cat and hutch later, we were off out the door to the end of the pier show. I'd booked tickets to see a ventrilouquist we'd loved when we saw him a couple of years back. Another grown man with a love for dolls.
Sunday was party day. I put the finishing touches to the toadstool gift and said goodbye to another wee friend.

The Bun's had a great party and we had the first, just the two of us alone in a long time afternoon. We even managed a table for two for lunch and then a wee whizz around the bookshop all before picking up time. How civilised is that?

We strolled back to the car through the war memorial gardens. Rather than the usual rush rush there was time to stand and actually look. For some reason I'd never noticed this new addition the other side of the memorial. It's a modern piece called Breath. My first thought was of Orla Kieley's work more than peace, but I liked the simplicity of it all the same. The Town Hall behind is one of my favourite buildings in the city. Apparently Hitler admired it too and had plans to use it as his HQ when he invaded England. With that thought I'll say ta ta and see you anon.


  1. Sounds like you've a had a busy busy weekend! I know that hope they'll be ok in the morning feeling all too well. On a work day it means we argue over whose job is most important and who'll stay at home to look after the sick child and on a home day like you I think of all the things I want to get done!! Selfish but real life.
    Keep that wrist warm.

    1. Have a poorly dog and a poorly Little Bun Ellie, but it got me out of the early morning school run for Miss Rosey. Small rewards hey.

  2. I love your blog and the fact that you love anything vintage and colorful. Your house is so bright and happy, have a great week, Maureen

  3. Really enjoyed reading that. I want to make some wrist warmers too but can't find a pattern I like. Xxx

  4. Love the pic of the cat in the rabbit hutch!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Hope everyone is ok, I love your little guy and tin :)x x x x x

  6. I am always cheered when Ireland your posts Lisa, they are so bright and colourful and filled with wonderful things! What a busy weekend you had!
    Victoria xx

  7. Oh Bobo I do love to see your posts but sadly can't read a thing... the blue writing you have chosen triggers migraines in me if I try to read it... so I've no idea why the cat is in the cage I do hope it is ok, seems fairly content... smiles Cass

  8. Hope your day isn't filled with too many nursing duties, and you get a little bit of crafty time! Love the little mans style, I wonder if I can get Mr Bea to wear something similar.......probably not!
    I have the same material, it's one of my absolute favourites! Ada :)

  9. I do love the fabric of that dance bag Mrs Bun and I so know how you feel about hearing the clippity clop of a pair of tap shoes - though with a dance studio full of excited girls all out of step it can be a little deafening sometimes.

    Have a lovely week

    Nina x

  10. I'm so pleased you enjoyed your purchases - loved seeing you ! I have found another little chappy for you to possibly welcome in - ill show you get little vintage lover x x

  11. I'm so pleased you enjoyed your purchases - loved seeing you ! I have found another little chappy for you to possibly welcome in - ill show you get little vintage lover x x

  12. I always think of Orla Kiely too! We had some of our engagement photos taken here, I love it! Also, didn't know Hitler admired city hall so much. Learn something new every day...


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