Monday, 1 October 2012


On Saturday night Alfie howled and howled and howled, so Mr B (who is infinitely more giving than me) let him sleep in our room. Alfie is a very needy boy. Needy for his master that is. They're the best of mates and are always glued to one another. I think the problem was the change of routine you see. Mr put him to bed not me as he's used to. I'd fallen asleep so I wasn't much help in the role of tucking dogs up in their beddy byes. Well I paid the price for that one. Hardly any sleep later while Alfie scratched, snored, licked his feet with loud sucky gulps and generally made a god awful noise I broke. At 4am I couldn't take it any more, so I threw him out and then I slept like a baby until 9am.

We were dog tired (ho ho) on Sunday.  Restoring was needed. I cooked up a hearty butternut squash soup and then we headed off for fresh air hunting and gathering from the hedgerows. 

The Bun's chose to cycle while we walked holding hands, chatting and keeping an eye on that naughty dog of ours. A few late blackberries were scoffed along the way and then we got to our favourite place for finding sloes.

Bikes were thrown down and off the Bun's raced to play in the tree covered ditches. Alfie Blue went with them and then seconds later Miss Rosey brought him out as she said he was frightened in there and kept shaking. Not a brave boy this weekend is he.

We were mighty disappointed to see there were no sloes at all. Perhaps they've just not grown this year, we didn't have any greengages on our tree either. I had a sulk as I love waiting for that delicious gin to ferment and then just before christmas drinking up jewel coloured sloe gins with lemonade. Just one makes me feel quite giddy, goodness knows what two would do. Anyways I'm not going to find out this year am I.

Instead we turned out attention to the rosehips. As we've never made Rosehip Syrup before we thought we might as well have a go at this instead.

This morning I realised I didn't have enough sugar or bottles to start my syrup production line so I'll save that for an evening after work. Instead I got going on our evening meal as I'm fed up that we get in so late these days and then end up eating any old thing.

I started off with a hazlenut meringue as this uses up four egg whites and the leek and dolcelatte tart I was going to make needs four yolks. Good excuse to make something sweet and luverly. I was going to make this yesterday, but couldn't be bothered.

Now we're down to just two eggs as our three daft hens have started laying their eggs somewhere other than where I can find them. A whole week without eggs means a whole 21 eggs we've missed out on. I've become so dependent on our hens to provide and end up planning meals around how many eggs we have. No more baking for a while I guess.

Before I pop off I thought I really should say hello to new followers of this here blog. Thanks for reading and my apologies for not finding the time to say hello. I'm now aware that I have an hour and a half before being on the road for two hours doing school runs and I've a weeks teaching to plan, beds to make, phone calls about bills and so on so off I go.


  1. Hope you are rested today! We have a needy cat live with us! Minnie scratches at the bedroom door to be let out around 4 am, 5 am if I'm lucky, then come 6 ish she's meowing on our bedroom window ledge for her breakfast!

  2. Lisa - if you can gather enough blackberries then blackberry gin works just as well. I only found a few sloes this year so have done a mix - sloes, blackberries & elderberries for a 'hedgerow gin' - a quick taste when I stir it suggests it will be just as nice :)

  3. Hello, you sound as hectic as I feel - my list is no where near complete for today but luckily none of it is for paid work so not so deadline bound. I hope you got everything done.


  4. Saw your comment about 'rabbits, rabbits, rabbits'! My Dad used to do the same with me! One of those memories coming back again- thought it was just something we did in our family, I said it this morning, so you never know, might be a lottery win this month!!! Have a good week! Ada :)

  5. I can't bear sharing the bed with the dog, he is so noisy and smelly and I am a light sleeper. My husband doesn't notice a thing... Unbelievable the smells that come from his bottom. I won't stand for it any more and he lays stinking in the hall- the dog that is not my husband.
    I haven't seen any sloes this year either? Last year I had 32 pears on my little tree this year not one. It must be a bad year for tree fruit. Hope you week goes ok you sound very busy. Sarah x

  6. Ah memories of greengages - a greatly underestimated fruit I think. Thank you for sharing this - foraging for wayside food was a mainstay of my childhood.
    Miffy bowl!!! I never knew such delights existed!
    Best wishes

  7. hedgerow gin? my that Vicki's a bad influence!! (sounds divine!)
    Your comment over at mine made me chuckle all over again - I loved when someone got the hump because you got all Jane's best fabric!
    I reckon you've 'arrived' in blogland when you get a nasty comment....well that's what I'm telling myself!
    fee x

  8. Oooooh I love sloe gin ......and sloe brandy, which we made last year (can't honestly tell much difference). I often think we should do similar with other dark fruits as we could then EAT the fruit, unlike the sloes. So will be interested to see how your hedge-row turns out! I suppose it's not unlike the German rumptoft, is it?

    Hope your sleep deprivation works its way out of your systems!


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