Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Wee tin with A Cat on

Well I feel much better after my sorrowful lament in my last post.  All your supportive words and laments of your own broken stuff didn't half cheer me up and make me laugh knowing that some of you've got it just as bad. Good knowing you're not alone isn't it. Seems quite a few people enjoyed reading my moan too as it had the most hits on a post yet. Maybe I'll use sorrowful titles more often.

On Monday I decided I needed a mobile making tin. I thought I'd feel much better if I could make stuff whenever I got a spare moment. A while back now I had to cut back making and selling for Bobo Bun as we needed the guaranteed income that comes from me teaching. I'm good at teaching and getting the best out of people. I really love seeing how the teens I teach grow in self-belief and a sense of their own worth through the opportunities we give them. All the same I really love being in my own head with time to make things. I love designing something and then giving or selling it to someone who will get pleasure from having that wee handmade piece of goodness. I love having time to treasure hunt and time to dream up making ideas. Teaching is being creative in a different way and requires me to be larger than life most of the time in a room of very demanding people. There's no room for introspective absorbed in making kind of quiet days so I've decided to bring a little bit of that with me in my bag where ever I go.

This morning I filled my tin with hexie making things. The first chance I got to use it was between dropping Little Bun off at dancing and waiting for Miss Rosey to come out of high school. It worked wonders grabbing a bit of time to do something I loved in a spare minute or two. All the small fabric squares I'd cut up on Monday were quick and easy to stitch. I'm getting quite a pile that'll need to be made up into hexie plates pretty soon.

In my other spare moment I stumbled  across the exact shade of yellow yarn I've been looking for. I wasn't looking for it at all today to be honest and then there it was, a new yarn that I've not heard of before all perfect and eggy yellow. It's a Swedish merino yarn called Millmia in case you'd like to know. I'm excited about getting to see what this looks like knitted up, but I really must try and make myself finish my other gloves first before I start yet another thing.


  1. Ooh that it a gorgeous shade of yellow Lisa!
    Victoria xx

  2. Very the kitty tin too, and who doesn't love a hexie or two......
    The creative side helps us deal with the day to day boring stuff side , don't you think?

  3. What a tin!! The darling kitty puts me in mind of my own Maren, who loves a yarn party when she can sneak into my bag and snag a ball or two out to play with. Her brother Keith is only to happy to help, and if I don't catch them there's yarn draped all over the furniture.

    So glad you're feeling better, and finding that balance and the time for pursuing creative enterprises. The rough stuff always seems easier to cope with when I have my outlets (reading, knitting, etc.) to soothe me.

  4. I love to have little projects with me on the go too ... great for waiting at schools and sports etc, etc ... love the yellow wool ... what a beautiful colour ... Bee xx

  5. The lovely thing about hexi patchwork is that there are so many aspects, so there is always something to fit into an odd moment. Cutting the papers for when you are feeling very precise, choosing the fabrics when you need a colour fix, tacking the fabrics to the papers when you haven't got a brain cell left for any more than mindless stabbing and then the gentle stitching in calm moments piecing the whole thing together.
    I love your little tin too, great to have it tucked in your handbag just in case!
    Penny x
    P S That yellow is very 'you'!

  6. I must confess that I am a secret stasher of projects too Lisa. I really HATE it when I end up waiting somewhere and don't have anything to do with my hands, it feels like such a waste of time when I could be getting on and CREATING!! can you feel my frustration as I type this..ha ha. Love that yellow and yes I have purchased the green and blue varieties of Millmia before and they are super bright to say the least. I always have some crochet in the car and will hide my face in same in that i have been found to be crocheting whilst waiting for anything and everything. I haven't quite succumbed to knitting / crocheting during my work breaks...not yet anyway! Oh dear, this has made feel a tad bit guilty about my hexie which is waiting with such patience for me to pick it up agian, it's like reading for me I need to be in the right mood :o)
    Thanks for your comment, I too love your middle name but feel a real affection towards your first name as I had a very lovely, dear friend at school called Lisa xox Penelope

  7. Sorry that was supposed to read "shame" and not "same" !

  8. Hey Lisa,

    In regards to your last post I know how you feel. We have a few various broken or not working properly things in our house too. And our car has cost us way too much this year in repairs. I feel your pain.

    I think a little tin of craftyness is just the thing for you to indulge in when you get the chance.

    I love your gloves your are knitting very pretty and yay for the yellow wool find. Its funny how things come to you when you are not really looking for them isn't it.

    P x

  9. A little tin with a cat on, sounds like the perfect antidote to the stresses of teaching, especially those who are vulnerable and need a little extra care. A little tin of happiness! Ada :)

  10. Glad you are feeling a little more relaxed about things,
    I always try to take my sewing / knitting with me, especially in the car I pack up a basket and off I go!
    Lovely post
    Thea x

  11. I know what it's like to try and finish something before you start something else. It's so difficult when you have so many ideas that you want to try out. Lovely shade of yellow - my favourite colour!

  12. Ooh I'm desperate to start something new too, but I'm sewing for christmas, so theres only so much sewing my shoulders can take!

  13. Hexies are great because they are so portable. I love your sweet tin and that gorgeous yellow yarn. You are right, it is indeed the perfect shade!
    I am making hexagons too, you can see them here if you are so inclined!

  14. I use my crochet as my portable project. I Love the yellow. x


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