Friday, 14 September 2012

Weekly Whizz

Despite battling a yuckky cold, having to send a nervous Miss Rosey off into the woods for two days Ray Mears style Bushcrafting and just being generally here there and everywhere, it's been a good week. Our girl hates being away from home and found it difficult, but she did make a load more new friends which was the main reason for going. We're all really glad to have her back home tonight.

While I was out and about after work on Wednesday buying bed rolls and stuff for the Bushcraft Camp I sidestepped to the bookshop and got a book I'd thought about for a while.  Even though this book does teach you to knit (which I don't need), it has some gorgeous patterns in it (which I decided I did need), so I got it.

It's colourful and joyful with an originial twist on a lot of classic designs. I also like the idea of twisting the yarn around a card like this so I can see how the shades work together. Much better than the way I just line the balls up side by side.

Another book I've added to the pile this week has been a sewing book which has some great tips on altering clothes and a few simple patterns which I'll definately be using.

I bought The Simple Things for Mr Bun and I as there was so much for both of us to like in it. I didn't feel tempted by it when I'd had a quick look at it before it hit the stands, but I was very wrong. It's been lovely to dip into in the evenings and get into the autumn mood.

The monogrammed linen patches I found at the car boot a few weeks back got lost. Then they turned up again this week, I'm still not sure what I'll do with them yet.

I might use one of them to add a patch to the back of the soon to be finished and named patchy quilt. Everynight I've curled up to handstitch  a few more rows of coloured thread up and down and zig zagg along the floral bricks. All finally done today and so fingers crossed I'll find a mo to bind the edges so we can snuggle under it.

As we're still without heating, other than the woodburner my making thoughts have been turning to churning out more blankets to wander around wrapped up in. The granny stripe is coming along nicely indeed.  Bit questionable about whether it'll be ready in time for this winter though.

The other bit of warmth comes from my new cosy mustard cardi. My mind immediately paired up my cardi with the curtain's I bought at the plaintation garden market. I'm not decided yet if I should go for a dress or a quick skirt. Definately not floral trousers though as I want to use my brightest bluest tights this year.

Even though it's been a madly busy harum scarum kind of week where I thought it was all work and chores chores chores I'm glad it 
turns out there was a whole lot of colour and making stuff tucked away in there too.


  1. What a perfect mustard cardi, where is it from?

    1. Gap. Loads of other gorgeous colours too you know.

  2. Lovely colours on your blog today, very cheery. Definitely a dress, it's a fab cardi.

  3. Lovely colours! I've decided to make a hexie quilt ( yikes!) instead of a brick one, might finish it in 2015! I've posted some pictures, of just the hexies so far, but have now started to make them into flowers! I'm really enjoying it, not sure I will feel the same in 2015!
    So glad Miss Rosey had a good time! Have a great weekend! Ada :)

  4. That quilt is looking fab. Bet you can't wait to all be tucked underneath. Definitely a dress to go with the tights and cardi!
    Your comment the other day made me giggle. I often have ideas for an alternative blog but could get myself into a whole heap of trouble. Perhaps I'll email them to you!!!
    Have a fab weekend.

  5. Love the quilt.Being an "oldie" I am sure I recognise several of those fabrics.Why didn't I hang to them!!

  6. Such a beautiful and colourful post, a wonderful thing to look at while I'm sipping my Saturday morning coffee. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  7. lovely blankets!!! and the knitting!!!!
    Thank you for sharing and happy weekend, xxx Alessandra

  8. I bought a copy of Simple Things - whilst its lovely I don't think I'll be getting it every month as its quite pricey. Have you seen the Pretty Nostalgic mag (its bi-monthly) - that is also lovely as an occasional treat - both you & MrBB would love it.

    Happy crocheting & quilting :)

  9. That knitting book looks great. I particularly like the pic with the swatch and card wound with wool. Do you think it is a good one for total beginners to learn from?

  10. woweeee what an adventure for little bun ;0)x We have some woodland talks near us soon on survival including bush craft and identifying edible mushroom which me and sophia are hoping to get places for. love the look of that book, i can knit too but those patterns , like the cardi's look fabby! love the yarns used ;0) still basic at crochet so hoping to get more to grips with that which ive said for two years running, maybe even 3 hehe ;0)
    I have to admit on my quick look through whsmiths i saw the simple things mag and the front cover grabbed my visual attention but after flicking thru i put it back. Maybe your right its something you need to spend some time over.
    love the quilt!!!! those gorgeous vintage patterns always make me swoooooon xx...Its started to get nippy here and living in an old house we have so many drafts, though we do have gas heating...but this year my gas has rocketed in pricey!!!!! so trying to limit the use. when i was growing up we had a big old house with only coal fires, which heated one room, we still sat with lots of jumpers even with an open fire hehe.
    I find im just getting under my duvet with sophia in the early eve after dinner ;0) keep snuggly lovely buns x

  11. lovely colourful post the look of that mag, have seen it a couple of times now. Maybe you need to make a vintage fabric version of those snuggle blankets with arms in??? My boys live in theirs as our house is so chilly in winter!
    fee x

  12. I've got a new bigger monitor so I could really appreciate the zingy colours in this post. Your quilt is fab! The knitting book looks lovely too, I haven't seen this one before. I got The Simple Things and have really enjoyed it, there are some lovely recipes too.
    Have fun! x

  13. Such pretty images...I really need to get this book...and I am loving your blues and mustard....pure joy. xox

  14. Hope your little girl has enjoyed her adventure! I love that magazine too, very different to what I thought it would be.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  15. Aren't harum scarum weeks the best kind ;)

    I've been meaning to ask Lisa, how is Alfie's skin doing?

  16. Your patchwork quilt is just beautiful, absolutely love it!

  17. Oh, how I love your blog - the bright colours, the inspiring patterns and colours. I want to make a quilt just like the one you have made. I imagine your home to be the most snuggly and homey place. Loving the cardi and fabric mix, it's got to be a dress for sure, a dress with blue tights and a granny stripe scarf to snuggle up in over winter!? Enjoy your weekend x

  18. Hello Mrs B - I love this time of the year and your whizzed by week looks so colourful and calm....not harum scarum at all.

    Nina x

  19. Lovely zappy colour blast for me this bright Monday morning. I thank thee!



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