Monday, 24 September 2012

Bells & Buns

At the moment life is demanding and exhausting which means I struggle to get on here and post as much as I'd like to. Life's all about getting the balance right isn't it and at the moment it's all very finely balanced to keep control. On Mondays and Fridays though I try to do what I love best and that's make stuff.

For a long time now Mr Bun's been telling me again and again I should make the bunnies I sketch into real blankety bunnies. This morning I finally kicked myself up the bum and started cutting out bunny body shapes from recycled blankets.

As the hours ticked by I found I'd handstitched a bunny body and a bunny head. I did also get slightly sidetracked for a while by cutting out the shapes for a dress from that lovely Liberty curtain fabric I showed you before.

Then I got back to stitching on my lady bunnies head and suddenly Bell Bun was born. She's very much in need of a day dress, pink shoes, frilly knicks and a woolly scarf to keep the autumn chills at bay and then I think she'll be ready to say hello properly.

I'm so glad that I have a man who believes in me and won't let me stop being me as sometimes we all need that kick up the bum don't we.

My other wee star tonight was Little Bun who wrote the most wonderful lesson plan for me for tommorow. She completely understands the learning difficulties faced by many of my students and how hard it is to engage their interest so she comes up with the most marvellous ideas. Not bad for a 10 year old. In return for her loveliness I made this Holly Hobby pillowslip for her the other day from fabric sent to me by Jane. Little Bun had been asking for something to be made from it for a while and she's pretty pleased with what I stitched up for her.

Well that's me until the weekend. See you then.


  1. Bell Bun is looking cute .. Sounds like you have a very kind , thoughtful family surrounding you .. can't get better than that :)

  2. Bell Bun is gorgeous - she reminds me of one I had as a child that my Mother made. Perhaps Little Bun will take after her parents and teach too. Karen xx

  3. Mr. Bun is sure smart and you are very clever and talented. Love Bell Bun.

  4. You are surrounded by lovely people!!!
    Your bunny is darn cute!!
    xxx Alessandra

  5. I had a Holly Hobby duvet set just like that!

  6. Bell Bun is gorgeous - look forward to seeing her with her frock etc :)

    Well done to little Bun too - another teacher in the making??

  7. Bell Bun is beautiful! Can't wait to see the frilly knickers!

  8. You should make lots of bunnies they are fab:)
    Sorry for not popping by as often recently...I'm trying to catch up...i love your patchy blanket and I know what you mean about dogs on nice handmade things, they seem to make a bee line for them x have a lovely week lovely Lisa xxxxx

  9. Bunny is wonderful and the pillow case is gorgeous. Love the Holly Hobby fabric.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. I love the bunny and can't wait to see her outfit. Sarah x

  11. Bell Bun is just peachy! I'm so glad you took care of her modesty! Little Bun sounds delightful too supporting you, perhaps she will make a great teacher one day! Mr Bea is very supportive of me to, he doesn't get the sewing stuff, but being musical he gets the creative need! In fact we are a creative family, which is why it can all get excitable at times! Have a lovely week Lisa! Ada :)

  12. oh my lovely that bun is adorable ;0)xx

  13. Bell Bun is lovely, can't wait to see her in her outfit.

  14. She is absolutely adorable! So very lovely indeed.

  15. Hello Lisa
    I love Bell Bun, she is adorable and like the idea of frilly knick! Too swee indeed. I am always threatening Alice that one day when she comes home from school her fav jellycat hippo Rose will have some frilly knicks! I see that little bun and Alice have very similar jelly cat friends to keep them company. Beautiful pillow for your beautiful talented girl! Hope you get time to juggle and balance life. Working full time has taken a HUGE amount of my making/crafting time away. I too struggle to balance things. Big hugs xox Penelope

  16. How adorable! I love her ears and the flannel you used. I find that flannel is so soft and I like using it for dolls. The pillowcase fabric is really cute,too! Have a nice day!

  17. Brilliant Bunny, and yes, a supportive Other Half is essential if we are to live a fully rounded life. Well, that's my oppinion, anyway! It keeps coming abck to this work/life balance, doesn't it? Do we try to do too much? Probably, but then we wouldn't get so much out of life if we didn't. Keep on keepin' on, I say!

  18. Lovely! I adore the green coat in your last post too x

  19. love that bunny's face! He's gorgeous. Sorry to hear life is a struggle at the moment, you work so hard. Kettle pot etc. How fantastic your youngest daughter sounds - to come up with a lesson plan! It's testament to how well you communicate with your family don't you think. x Gabs

  20. Dear Lisa
    Ooh it does all sound so very busy and taxing in your day to day, at the moment. I really hope you get some quiet time for yourself over the weekend. The bunny - Bel Bun - looks totally gorgeous and I bet she feels really soft and warm to touch. You are clever to make this, and your hubby is a superstar to give you that kick up the bum ! Well done to Little Bun too for her bright ideas on how to motivate the children you teach. Sounds to me that you're a very creative and thoughtful family :-)
    Thank you for your lovely email you sent earlier in the week. I've pondered it loads and I really appreciate all that you've said in it. I shall be taking time to reply over the weekend.
    Take care,


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