Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Invasion of the Dolls

After the whirligig of Miss Rosey's birthday celebrations on Saturday I snuck off to a market for a wee while on Sunday. More of that in a mo. Thank you for all your well wishes to Rosey. First day of high school is behind us now. She came out on a high full of tales to tell. Little Bun and I had a wonderful day too around plain stupid annoying things happening.

Just after dropping Miss Rosey at school the exhaust blew on my car (which has so many things wrong with it it's getting daft) the driver's window broke and glass fell all over me. We parked in John Lewis as they have camera's there, even though Mr Bun said it might be better if someone nicked the bloody thing. A lovely man from the shop cleaned the glass up for me and off we went to do our jobs. In the middle of this my phone stopped working, I was seconds from hitting the floor and having a tantrum, but we were in the apple store and it's better to pretend to be cool in there.

Later we went to the park with friends for picnic and a play which brighened our day no end. Then it was back to driving the clown car and collect our girl from school. Tonight we get a new car. My mum is getting a new car and she offered me her old one weeks ago. I was beyond thrilled as you can imagine, so please let my jallopy just manage one more journey.

Now back to Sunday. Between my mum leaving and dropping Rosey's friend home and other friends arriving I managed to sneak off to an antiques market. To be honest it wasn't that wonderful. Lots of lovely things, but not much to really grab me with a few snooty sellers who I didn't want to give my money to. I did buy one thing which I'll show you another day. For now I wanted to show you the sailor doll I bought from a much more interesting shop. Vintage Mischief was open so I popped in there to make my outing worthwhile. 

Mr Bun adores dolls, creepy looking ones are a favourite. For a while he's been after a sailor doll, so when I saw this fella hiding on the desk under some other stuff I was thrilled and hoped he was for sale. Now I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, but my man was over the moon. One of his favourite films is Dead of Night. It's a dark film for Ealing films. In one short story, amongst many others, Michael Redgrave's life is made hell by his ventriloquist's dummy. 

The moment sailor boy came home he ran off to clear a space for him with George, William and Wee Wee Boy. I bought George (with the crown) from Daniella (of Acorn & Will when she came to one of my Pick 'n' Mix Makers Markets). We adore him as he's sweet, rather like the Lost Prince. His sidekick and sometimes irritant is wee William (also from Daniella later on).  Daisy (who I showed you in the last post visits the boys now and again).

Other dolls that live here and there around the house are Gladys, Johnny, Bell and the Babies.

The dolls I love best and collect for me are Kewpie dolls. These are from the left May, Mabel, Maudie and Moo.

Last to show you is Wee Wee Boy. Basically we bought him because he made the Buns roar with laughter when they were younger. His shorts are broken now from too much tugging down, but he used to fire water (wee) at whoever pulled his shorts down.

Now he has the indignity of being bare downstairs and his head falls off most days. No wonder he looks like he does.


  1. You're as crazy as I am! LOVE all the dolls!! And "a few snooty sellers who I didn't want to give my money to" ... so I'm not the only one who gets taken like that!

    So sorry for your car woes, but woohoo for a new-to-you one.

    Lovely post :D

  2. So pleased Miss Rosey had a great first day, it can be so daunting going up to big school.....
    After all those things happening I would of def had a full scale tantrum, so well done you for staying calm!!

    I'm sure I will have bad dreams about them dolls & wee wee boy tonite!! poor chap, loosing his head an all.... :-)

    Love sophie x

  3. He really is a creepy sailor doll - I suspect piratical intent under that smart uniform but it sounds like he'll fit right in with the rest of the collection!

  4. There comes a time when you just have to accept it's time for a trip to the knackers yard, your car was clearly past its sell-by date! Great tht you've another lined up. Recycling, you see, good for the planet. I'm amazed you kept your cool with that chapter of accidents...I'm sure I wouldn't have!

  5. Freaking outttttttttt!!!!!!! Spooky!

  6. Bet you can't wait to get your new to you car ... love your dolls ... wee wee boy would give my little ones hours of amusement too .. Bee xx

  7. Wee wee boy standng there like that - funniest thing I've seen for ages. Hope you're ok now and on the road with new wheels - good old Mum. Glad the first day of school went well. Karen xx

  8. What a collection of dolls you have there! Some cute, others very creepy! Ada :)

  9. Oh my gosh! I am laughing at Wee Wee Boy! What a funny doll! Sorry to hear about your car ills. That is not fun!


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