Sunday, 9 September 2012


After a much needed lazier start to the day, we made the most of the fabulous late summer heatwave and headed off to the coast. Now I have an automatic car again Mr Bun could drive us at last (he has a dodgy kneecap that slips out - yuk - if he has to use a clutch). Mr Bun driving meant time for me to hook away and have a proper look at stuff on the way.

Such a relaxing and blissful journey made all the better when we parked right in front of this.

Aldeburgh is a favourite spot of ours and we couldn't think of a better place to visit on such a blue skied day. It's not easy to choose mind you as we have such varied and fabulous beaches to choose from in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Once we'd had our picnic my three lovelies went to paddle and skim stones. I'd promised to join them after a while, but I instantly fell asleep lulled by the sound of waves on shingle and a warm breeze on my face.

It was a mighty fine outdoor nap. Once I'd been jumped on and woken up we headed off down the prom, prom, prom towards the boating lake and the town. We love strolling along looking at all the different buildings and window shopping in the town. When we got there though, we changed our minds as there were far too many people about to make it peaceful.

On to plan 2 a bit earlier instead. We headed off to the local posh hotel for afternoon tea on the terrace with a sea view.  Fresh coffee, tea and scones to remind us that there's nothing more heavenly than a blue sky day in England.

There were so many things that made us roar with laughter today. Probably not PC enough to put on here as I'd hate to offend anyone. It was so good to relax and have a great day just the four of us not having to be anywhere or do anything we didn't want to do. 

A good set up for the week ahead methinks.


  1. Oh, go on dare you! See who you offend.
    What fantastic colour sky. We had a lovely day yesterday but today was cloudy.
    Enjoy your week - now back to my planning...

  2. You are so lucky to be close to such a beautiful place. And that tea looks scrummy. We had a lovely day though at Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire and like you the sun shone all day for us. Bliss!

  3. Blue skies and cream teas...perfect x
    and you have got me thinking what you laughed about that was naughty ;-)

  4. Isn't it lovely to have 'family funnies,' those things that make maybe only you laugh, that others would be horrified by? One of ours was that whenever we saw a horse trailer go by, my dad would say, "Oh, would you look at that horse's ass!?" Completely silly, but it always cracked us up. Dad's been gone for almost 30 years, but I've passed the bit of nonsense on to the great-nieces and -nephews, who giggle just as I did when I was their age.

    And now I feel the need for some warm scones.

  5. Sounds like you had a fabby time. I loved looking at your photographs as they were all taken in the places we explored back in August.
    We visited Aldeburgh late afternoon when it was quiet but unfortunately couldn't take Bruce (our dog) on the beach : (
    enjoy the rest of your week.
    : )

  6. You were lucky finding somewhere to park there today. We're waiting till next week to return to Aldeburgh - avoided it all summer as its been just too busy.

    We headed to Southwold which while busy still had parking spaces available and of course the Pier for some last day of summer fun!

  7. Looks like a perfect day out :) x

  8. Lovely pictures ... my perfect day out ... sun, sea and scones! It's raining and miserable here today, but I had a walk on the beach yesterday, hopefully not the last this year xxx

  9. What a delicious day that was...knowing it's September already
    and that sky is looking blue,blue,blue.
    Lovely pics! xx

  10. OH my that sure is a heavenly day (a nap with sun on face??? what luxary)
    Shame you can't post the funnies - especially as you know I for one am unoffendable!!!
    happy new week
    fee x

  11. ah, there is nothing more cheerful than a trip to the british seaside. I spy some vintage fabric, I have a pillowcase of the same!

  12. Sounds a wonderful way to spend a sunday under blue skies with your most favourite people!

    Happy days.

    P x

  13. Looks like a very good day...Hope you have a good week! Ada :)

  14. We've visited a few beaches in our time along the Norfolk coast, but have never ventured to the Suffolk ones. Your weekend pictures look fab and the weather was glorious. Though we hid at the allotment as our beaches (as usual) were packed, shovelling seaweed onto the unused beds. That was the closets we got to the beach this weekend. Hey ho!

    Nina x

  15. Looks like my kind of day trip Lisa, for sure. I haven't slept on the beach in ages until a few weeks ago when I woke up and discovered that i had dribbled on my beach pillow...:o) not a pretty site indeed! We also had some perfectly blue sky hours at the beach this weekend and confirmed my denial about the seasons changing.
    Your crochet looks lovely as usual, I am sticking to short sharp projects as much as I can but I have to admit that I have a stripy granny on the go at the moment which I must pull out again this Autumn.
    Alice was blossoming coming back from her first day at high school, she loved it and thank goodness continues to do so. She is very excited about all the new routines etc, as for the super early mornings to catch the bus in time...well now that's a whole other story ;o) Thanks for asking, I do hope Miss. Rosey feels good about her new school and is settling in nicely. It scares me to think of time whizzing by so fast, we have Alice's 12th birthday to look forward to at the end of the month too.
    Hope your week has started on a good note, much love Penelope xox

  16. Ah - thank you for the lovely day - reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, falling asleep.. nice bit of vintage fabricos too..looks familiar...must have a rummage round..
    Best wishes

  17. A lovely day thanks for sharing it sarah x

  18. I do love Aldeburgh, but we always seem to visit on very windy days!

  19. It looks like a blissful time was had by all. Just the thing to set you up for the week. there's nothing like the blue sky by the sea-side is there. :)
    Jess x x


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