Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Wee Natter about This and that

Well how did that week fly past so quick? One blink and then it's all been and gone again. 

This week my mum gave me something precious of my dad's. She'd asked me ages ago if there was something of dad's that I'd like to have. Not an easy question to answer when what you really want is for everything to go back to how it was. Then as I was helping Little Bun with her maths homework last weekend, I remembered how I learnt to add numbers up to 15 so quickly. That led me to thinking about how dad had taught me to play crib on the old cribbage board that had been his grandparents.

We used to play a lot just the two of us. Another good memory to add to all of those that keep on popping up now and again. All I can remember of the game is counting up how many cards I'd have that added up to 15. Then as if by magic, on Tuesday my mum turns up with the crib board she'd found for me. Perfect timing in harmony with my memories. Now I just need to re-learn the rules so I can play the game with each of the Bun's and keep a tradition going as we were going to get dad to teach them when they were old enough.

After the work-a-day of the week Friday came not a minute too soon. A friend named Friday my respite day, which I pretty much guess it is. I sorted life stuff out first. Then I cuddled Pixie our rabbit and stared at the sky for a bit and watched the birds fly overhead while Alfie and the hens huddled round my feet. Bliss.

Next I decided a spot of happy shopping was needed. Cheery candles, yarn for wristwarmers and a few more annuals for winter reading by the fire all came back with me.

The purple and green yarn is planned to becomes wristwarmers for Little Bun. I chose her favourite shade of purple and set to click click click with my needles late last night.

First thing this morning something else with her in mind came in the posties van. Being a lover of all things purple, I knew she'd want something made from this wonderful purple and blue sheeting when I spied it on ebay. My head's thinking all manner of things from dresses to curtains. Not sure yet what it'll become, but I'm sure I'll know soon enough.

After the fabric excitement we were rushing off to Miss Rosey's school for her to help at the Open Morning. Little Bun had a look around herself as she'll be off to high school too next year. For Miss Rosey it was just a top morning with her new mates in the DT room. By the end of the morning she'd made an excellent red plastic clock in the shape of a cockerel's head. Little Bun, Mr and I had a good wander round, but spent far too much time sampling all the homemade biscuits by the kitchen. I wrapped quite a few in a napkin for later as I had the munchies bad.

When we got home I wanted a bit of sewing time, but couldn't settle to anything. I tried a dress out on Bell Bun, but it just wasn't working out right today. Instead I went for fabric chopping.

I've had another quilt in mind. Something simple, but slightly more advanced for me. I also made myself go back to the fabrics I haven't looked at for a while now. I needed to work with something completely different for this one I decided.

The plan is to make a flag shaped quilt which I found in Jane Brockett's quilty book. Instead of using white (for no other reason than I don't have any and I wanted to get going today) I decided some spots and ditsy florals as a contrast might work.

Now the fabric is chopped, I just need to make the triangles and plan where they're going and then off we go stitching it together on the machine. How I wish I didn't keep starting yet more things when there is so much looking at me saying do me first please.


  1. I love that quilt too, I want to try it with the white but it's so hard to find, even online its always sold out. I gave up last week and chopped up an old flat bed sheet. I can't wait to see your efforts. I have the same trouble starting too many projects at one time. I have three baby quilts, a crocheted deer and a baby's mobile on the go at the moment, us creative folk get distracted far too easily.

  2. I love family traditions and love the fact that they are continued, playing on the old cribbage board will bring back wonderful memories for you.
    Loving the colour of the wool for the wrist warmers and those fabrics for your next quilt are delicious. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Enjoy your Sunday.
    Anne xx

  3. Lovely reading, thank you!!!
    Happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

  4. I have those very annuals at my darling Mum's house - she has kept all my childhood books. We have a fair few of her childhood books there as well, and even some of HER Mum's childhood books too. My kids love to look through them.

    I cant wait to see how the quilt progresses - my patchwork has so far been limited to cushions (and thats quite a feat for me) so perhaps a lap quilt would be a good progression....dont think Im quite brave enough for a bed sized one yet!!


  5. All gorgeous Lisa, oh how I wish I had a Friday me day, this full time working malarky is great but I miss my crafty time. Beautiful colours for little Bun and such gorgeous fabrics. Thanks for all the eye candy xox Penelope

  6. Hi Lisa, just catching up here. It's been jolly busy at my end too and I'm a bit behind with my blog reading. Loving Bell Bun, she's adorable, can't wait to see her in her finery, and I'm liking what you're doing with that quilt too and look forward to seeing more.

    Hope you're enjoying some downtime this weekend x

  7. I love how those memories pop up too, part of me wants to jump in a time machine, fly back to when Dad was here and Mum was well, but then I think of the pain of having to leave them again, so memories are just fine!
    Im seeing a lot of green and purple at the mo, they look great together, and those fabrics! Just wonderful! Have a great week! Ada :)

  8. Some lovely memories and new traditions rising from them there Lisa. I love the colours of your wool the gloves are going to look gorgeous.

    I think we get days like that when you want to be creative but can't get stuck into any one thing. And as for lots of projects on the go I think it comes with the crafty creative nature!

    Hope you have a great week.

    P x

  9. Hello

    We used to play cribbage when we were kids. I am sure there was a way of playing with four... Have fun rediscovering it.

    Eleanor x

  10. I'm loving all the snuggling up of an evening - I just need to find a project to keep me busy and snuggle up with as well

    Nina x

  11. What a lovely tradition Lisa ... and a great way to keep memories alive ... lovely wrist warmers ... and the fabric for the quilt is very cute ... time seems to fly away from me too ... can't quite believe it is October tomorrow ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

  12. Absolutely loving that combination of fabric you've got there. I think it will be a beautiful quilt. What a lovely thing to have from your Dad too. I think you'll create lots of lovely new memories teaching your girls to play. Fiona x

  13. I've got that very same annual upstairs in my loft. I read it so many times I'm surprised there is any text left on the pages. So funny to see things like that popping up in someone's blog.


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