Sunday, 9 September 2012

A dash of this and a dash of that

Now I know what running on empty feels like. Boy has it been a tiring and yet exciting week. After the car explosion incident Little Bun and I opted for a safe day at home on Tuesday.  I'd managed to get the day off so it was extra special and not to be wasted. With Miss Rosey starting high school on Monday and Little Bun not back until the Thursday it was lovely to have a few days just the two of us.

I'd bought a crafty kit for us to fiddle with on one of our weekly wanders. It was really easy to make which made it perfect to do while I had my hair dye on.

Once my roots were all done and the dye washed off, we headed off for a bike ride.  Past fields with perfect circlular bales of straw and hedgerows full of rosehips, blackberries and sloes all slowly ripening. Autumn is most definately not far round the corner.

On the last stretch we stopped at the village shop for sweets and then cut across the road to the honesty stall. Little Bun treated me to a bunch of dahlia's, she said for giving her such a lovely summer. We also bought some plums for her and nanny to share as she was staying at hers while we worked the next day.

I love this gate by the honesty stall. It's the entrance to a cottage that's no longer there, only the plot that it stood on remains. Horses graze in it occassionally and look over the gate post.

On Wednesday morning I had the bonus of being early to the car boot as Miss Rosey has to be at school by 8.15. I used to manage to get Wednesdays off so I could go booting, then my hours changed so I only ever manage I quick dash up a few rows.

My quick dash around turned up this wonderful print of a girl and her staring cat, some more tea cups and a wonderful stout mustard pot lady. I put her with my camp and ever so jolly chef as I'm hoping he might lighten her mood a bit.

After dashing through a week of extra early start and a parents evening on Tuesday night we had the added joy of driving Miss Rosey in to school very early and then back home again to drop Little Bun off and then back to where we went in the first place to go to work. Let's hope we can get Mr Bun a car sorted out soon. After school is like a military operation of who's picking up who from where. Only one more year and then hopefully they'll both be at the same school. We all fell asleep in front of a film at 9 on Friday night.

After having to do lots of early morning stuff on Saturday, I finally got to sit down with some of the crepe yarn I'd bought on Friday. Despite having a few unfinished hooky blankies on the go I've wanted to make a striped granny for a while now. I couldn't find the colours I was after in cheap yarn so I had to be patient. Now I wish I'd bought the hot pink as the colours look all wrong without it. Anyways, I've started, so if I ever have anything to show you'll be the first to know.

Just to add a spot of temptation your way, I thought I'd show you the teatowels I picked up in Primark that same day. They gave me something pretty to look at while I waded through some of the ironing I'd ignored all summer.

Here's hoping all went well with all of you and your children starting new things at school. Emotional, tiring and fun is how we can sum it up I guess. How many more weeks to half term?


  1. Oh how sweet, the paper bird cage is so gorgeous, love Posie

  2. PS the wicker basket on my bike is my FAVOURITE thing, love Posie

  3. As usual a lovely colourful post and I too love the gate makes want to time travel.

  4. loved reading that! an early morning pick me up!

    the gate picture is lovely.

    Kate x

  5. How lovely to have some time with Little Bun! It's good to spend separate time with our children and they love it too!
    We've had a very good week, Eldest Bea is really enjoying her new school, especially the science and language classes she's in! My little one loves her new teacher too, so all is good!
    Have a great week Lisa, Ada :)

  6. looks like you had a good week, car booting on a wednesday, sounds different. I would like that ! Heather x

  7. hey Lisa, glad you're all ok and settled in to new routines (almost!)
    I'm so glad the first week is over - kenzie followed Alf to high school this year so just one left at Primary. I can't deny I'm looking forward to them all being at the same school - but I'm enjoying having GB all to myself for a while.
    It's lovely and sunny round here this weekend - hope you're having the same!
    fee x

  8. It always seems to fast paced the back school week after a more relaxed summer. Glad everything went for you all.

    Love your camp chef he is cute! I have a camp santa that comes out every christmas he cheers the place up no end.

    Love the little birdie in the cage so very colourful and cute.

    Hope this week is a little less frantic for you all.

    P x

  9. School days are behind us here ... the children are all over 18 and I haven't taught in years ... it is such a relief! Glad your girls are happily back into the school routine but I do hope you manage to sort that car out!!

    Looking at all your bits and pieces I have to say I just love your eclectic style Lisa :D

  10. LOve the Little Garden and honesty boxes. We see them dotted about the place when we visit Devon. An honesty box wouldn't last five minutes here in Hampshire - the box and especially its contents would be gone! A sad state of the times.

  11. No new schools for us this year, we've got middle schools down here or otherwise my eldest would be off to secondary - yikes!
    Can't believe it's such a long one, we've got 7 more weeks before half term and I'm counting.
    Love your making kit. being able to wrap it up in hair dye time sounds right up my street!
    Have a good week

  12. hello lovely one x...i so enjoy your lovely photography, makes and home life but im sorry to hear about your car!...I know what you mean about wishing the days away til half term! those tea towels are fab! x

  13. Our yougest grandchild starts school this time so we have been "grandparenting" until she is in full time which isn't for another two weeks.A nightmare time for working mums as the children do a couple of hours here and there.We are savouring these last few special days with Ruby before she is in school every day.The end of an era(sob,sob).

  14. Ooooooh my littlest has that making cute. Don't you just love honesty girls put out any eggs from the chickens, or spare onions/peas/jam we make, for their pocket money...last year they made a killing!
    N x

  15. Too many weeks !
    Wow, your household is a busy one! But such lovely times too. I love the cycle ride around the village and the honesty purchases :-) Lovely photos. And I am so jealous that you have car boot sales mid-week in your area !!! All ours are on the weekends!
    Hoping you've had a happy and restorative weekend,

  16. Such bittersweet days. And what is it about gates that stir the imagination? I'm so cheered by all the colorful bits in your posts. Being Aunt Lynda, I've thoroughly enjoyed the photos that family and friends have posted of little ones in their 'First day of school' clothes.


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