Saturday, 25 August 2012

Winding Up & Down

On Wednesday I learnt a new thing that I thought you might like to have a go at. It was an all over the place kind of day. First thing I took the Bun's to work with me and then put them into Mr Bun's meeting so I could get on. After that he took them to a museum while I was at another museum with my students. When I finished I met them and he went off to sort some more workstuff out. Then we met him again to save him catching the slow bus home. Up and down madness, but it seems to be working out ok for now. In the middle of all this we learnt how to make twisty things.

A dressed up medieval lady was twisting some wool onto card in the castle and it grabbed the attention of two of my students. It can be really hard trying to find something that floats their boat so I do a mental lap of honour when they show the slightest bit of interest in something. 

I didn't have a chance to try it out then so they taught me how to the next day and boy is it addictive. Relaxing and addictive. I'm not sure what the cords you end up making are called. They'll definately have a name as they were originally made to tie armour together. We chose to make them into friendship bands and all have one now including grandma.

All you need to do is chop up a square or circle of card. Cut 8 slits all the way around and jab a hole in the middle.

Next choose your yarn. You will need 7 threads so you can work out your colours however you wish.

Cut the threads all the same length and long enough to tie together at the end and generously wrap round your wrist after tying both ends together.

Push the knotted end through the middle of the card and then pull each thread through seven of the slits. 

To start making your cord is very simple. Count three threads down from the empty slit (either to the left or the right, but stick to this direction once you've chosen it or it won't work) and then move this thread up into the empty slit, pulling tightly down. Carry on doing this until a cord starts to appear underneath your card.

It should look like this. Once you have a cord growing, make sure you pull it gently every now and again and rub the threads together.

Quite quickly a long enough cord will grow and then it's time to measure against your wrist. If it's long enough, then pull all the threads off the card and knot all seven together the same as at the beginning. Wrap around your wrist and knot together. Make sure it's loose enough to roll over your hand if you want to take it off as it doesn't stretch.

The Bun's are loving making these, especially as they're so easy to do anywhere.


  1. Oh I am completely sold on these! Tall Girl who is six is desperate to knit or crochet or something but doesn't have the staying power to practice enough but these she would pick up in no time. Off to have a go immediately!


  2. That's nice and clever!!!
    thank you for sharing,
    xxx Alessandra

  3. Hi Lisa
    My eldest has just looked over my shoulder and said 'ooo what's that?'. I think I know what we'll be doing for the rest of the weekend as it's just started raining here!

  4. ooh quick and clever! I'll be having a go at these, I make the flat friendship bracelets so these will go well with those! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Love these... must have a go :)
    Have a happy weekend
    Jane xxxxxx

  6. I think I will try this with my niece next week. That will keep her out of trouble for a bit..? Thanks sarah x

  7. Thank you so so mmuch for this. My eldest is just making one as I type after getting very frustrated with the Mollie Makes friendship bracelet instructions a few weeks ago. I get the feeling she will be making these for all her new friends when she starts secondary school in a couple of weeks. I might just make myself one later on!! So lovely to hear that it inspired your students too. xx

  8. Thanks for sharing Lisa, my little one was brought a friendship bracelet gadget for her birthday, it's SO complicated, this looks much easier! Have a good weekend! Ada :)

  9. Very cute Lisa ... lovely for amusement on a long car journey or the like ... definitely will have a go at these ... thanks for sharing ... Bee xx

  10. Oo that's lovely! Just having a go; very easy and makes a lovely tight cord. Thanks for passing it on. Have you ever (or your girls on a school trip) been to Kentwell Hall at Long Melford on a reenactment day? Can thoroughly recommend it. On a Tudor day, I saw a woman making flat cord about an inch wide on a small, simple loom.

  11. Brilliant! Will be trying these tomorrow, thanks so much for sharing. Rachel x

  12. Alice just loves making friendship bracelets and inevitably she has tied one to my wrist or ankle before I know it! I am yet to give it a try, thanks for these easy instructions. Nothing better than a simple, easy to take anywhere craft for girls1 xox Penelope

  13. Braid making is addictive!A couple of years ago I had a leaflet which showed you different patterns you could do but I've lost it.This art of Japanese braiding is called Kumihimo.If you google it it will give you patterns,I think.Happy braiding!

  14. Those friendship bracelets have brought a few memories back. I remember making them at school in the playground and swaping them with friends. I probably still have one or two somewhere.

  15. Was about to type it looks like Kumihimo to me, and then noticed that busybusybeejay has told you that already. It was all the rage a few years back, I even have a stand for making braids that is easier than using cardboard. I must look it out. I can see that this would really appeal to your students, and there are lots of patterns out there they can try :D

  16. I remember making those years ago and had completely forgotten about it. I am off to have a go - might even get Tom to make one for his girlfriend. Enjoy the rest of the hols. Its lovely here today, very golden and mellow - perfect. Karen xx

  17. What a great idea! That would make a handy relief teaching activity!! Thanks for sharing it.

    1. I think what attracts me most is how immediate and available these materials are - the cardboard frame, in particular!


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