Monday, 20 August 2012

Caught Up

This weekend we longed to be at the beach, but none of us were brave enough to face a hot drive in my wee clown car. Instead we flopped in the shady part of the garden on Saturday. Like an old lady I fell asleep flat out with Alfie Blue sitting above my head like a hat. When I woke up I found Mr Bun flopped out close by on the trampoline. First time we've done garden naps. 

How I wished the sea was on our doorstep on a weekend such as this. Mind you hurling yourself into the murkiness of the North Sea is no way near as delightful as the chucking yourself in the Med.

This week's gone by in a blur and I've not managed any time for making. On weeks like this I feel an overall itch to get my head down and make things and it just never happens. That means that quite a list of ideas have been building up to be stored away for another day.

On Friday the Bun's and I went off to play in the woods and on the way back I managed to buy some new threads. Little Bun bought a hamster. She'd wanted a rat, so after a bit of negotiation we just downsized her dream a bit. We've had a fair few hamsters (which we've loved), but I'd said no more as I couldn't face the weekly clean. In the end we agreed that Little Bun had to save up for it and really really promise she'd clean the cage. Wonder if we've been gazumped. Anyway now Shirley Bubbles has joined the furry clan and she's very sweet, hopefully she'll be as loving as our sweetest hamster ever Tommy Buttons.

With my threads I'm slowly sewing rows of rainbow stitches along the quilt top I finished patching a while back. I sandwiched it all together with the softest flannelette at the back. I love it already and think it'll be perfect for snuggling up for wintry sofa cuddles. It was going on our bed, but I think I should share it.

My next plans are to make something for Miss Rosey's 12th which is in two weeks time. Not sure if it's too ambitious to try and make a dress secretly in a few nights to go with the Cath bag I bought her today or to just settle on a small toy worm from Wee Wonderfuls. Life just seems to be rushing along and I'm gaily trying to catch up with it.


  1. Hello lovely Lisa
    I love the idea of your rainbow embroidery threads on your gorgeous vintage quilt. Gosh, I really want more and more time in my day so I can make and do all that I desire. Ho hum, guess I have to make the most of what I have got :o) I like a garden nap too but sorry to rub it in but we've been having seaside naps lying on the warm pebbles and sea salty air does the sleepy thing to me! I totally understand about making the effort to go somewhere, sometimes we need to just stop and revel in what we have right on our door step.
    Alice will be 12 at the end of September and we have a lovely little surprise birthday treat of going to see Wicked in London. We got the cheapo tickets but its all about the experience I think...and Tesco's vouchers for a meal out too. I can't wait to see her little face when we tell her ;o) Happy days ahead for you and yours Lisa xox Penelope
    ps. Thanks for your lovely commenttoo x

  2. Ooh I know that rushing along feeling. I swear the older you get the faster time passes!

    That quilt is going to be lovely, and so colourful :D

  3. I'm getting serious stitchy withdrawal at the moment! We've been so busy this holiday going out and catching up with friends I've had no time! I've now got to cram lots of stitchy time into 2 weeks, to make stuff for a craft fair. I was always the same with homework, leaving it til the last minute!
    I always find, feet in bucket of cold water, eyes shut, BIG imagination and you are almost in the Med! Ada :)

  4. Go for it, make the dress it sounds like a lovely idea. Your quilt looks really pretty, loving the pink flannel on the back where do you find such treasures! Can't wait to see the finished result- I have not thought about a rainbow of threads.

  5. *gasp* that fabric, that toadstool! I love it! Such a colourful blog :)

  6. What a bright and cheery post Lisa. That quilt is GoRgEoUs!
    Victoria xx

  7. It was horrible and heaving - everyone had the same idea - so we did what you did and snoozed in the garden. Much more civilised....and fun.

    Nina x


  8. LOVE this!! I really like the fertilizers! Great job! Anhydrous Ammonia

  9. Beautiful colors in the floss! They will look lovely in your quilt. I can't wait to see it all together :) Best of luck with your new furry friend! My girls had a few little hamster friends...they are very sweet.

  10. oh your embroidery threads make me want to do some stitching!! might have to make a little something! Heather x

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  12. Garden naps! Hilarious, well the way you describe it! : ) If we did that here in the summer we might end up looking like bacon strips!


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