Sunday, 5 August 2012


This weekend promised lots of treasure and goodies to be searched for and brought home. There were markets and fairs being held here and there on Saturday and Sunday. Having not found much treasure down south I was having a bad case of the withdrawals and needed to go hunting. Truth to be told I also wanted a spot of time with just me. I do need a bit of time alone or I become seriously grumpy. I can feel it coming on, rising up like a grumpy old aunt if I don't get a bit of space and then I start being a pain to be with. This ironically gets me time alone as no one wants to be with me if I'm grumpy.

Anyway I've digressed as usual. Saturday morning started sunny and gorgeous. Once we were all fed we went off to do our own thing for a while. The Bun's to play and generally flop about, Mr Bun to attack hedges and nettles with a Mad Max garden cutting thing and I fannied about pulling dead leaves off things for a while.

All clear in my head from my mornings wanderings, it was time to head to the Vintage Mischief market. Mr Bun wanted to come too, but the Bun's didn't so off I went with my purse full of pennies. I thought you might like to see my new red satchel that I took with me. Since May I've had severe back pains that sometimes make me look like I've poo'd myself when I walk in a crumpled up delicate way. I decided having a huge messenger bag slung across me probably wasn't helping my back much so I needed something smaller. I'm just not a handbag kind of person, when I saw this in Hennes I knew it was perfect for me.

I added my Happy Days Shopper to my satchel in the hope that I'd find things to fill it with and luckily I did. For a while now Mr Bun has been after a Little Snoopy pull-a-long dog so I was thrilled to find this fella to keep Alfie Blue company.

There was so much wonderful fabric to choose from that my head spun trying to work out which to pick. I only allowed myself a few pennies to spend, so I had to think about what I really wanted. Now, much later on, I wish I'd not been so strict with myself as there were so many other things I wish I'd brought home with me.

In the end I settled on daisy curtains and three vintage floral sheets. I did buy another piece of fabric, a beautiful grey and yellow barkcloth, but that was covering the table so the Bun's and I will go back to Vintage Mischief to collect that in the week. I think the lure of sticky buns in the cafe and a milkshake might tempt them along. Mind you they do generally like browsing for treasure the same as me so a bun will just make it even better.

I couldn't resist yet another basket, a plastic fruitbowl and a few other odds and sods either. While I was there I bumped into a few people I knew, missed friends who had already been there hunting much earlier than me and had a chat with some lovely ladies. The stall where I spent most of my money had so many more things that I loved and it turned out that Amanda, whose stall it was, reads my blog too so sort of knew me before I knew her.

On my way back to the car I had to go to the bike shop to see if they could mend my poorly bike. Now if I'd not headed off there I would have missed the other vintage market being held in the Quaker Hall opposite.

Not too much there, but I did find this sweet ginger cat bookend.  I bought it for Little Bun as it reminded me of her beloved Molly Cat. Tesco's beckoned next, but I won't delight you with the excitement of that trip.

Once home and food packed away I did a show and tell of all my treasures. Then I settled down for a quick look see through this months Mollie Makes and to decide what sort of making I fancied for the hour before the grown-up drinks came out.

In the end I thought I'd cut up some of my new fabrics to add to the quilt top I made. I'd decided it's not big enough so best sorted before I buy the batting for it really. 

There were so many other wonderful markets to visit further up the coast on Sunday, but I thought I'd better not spend any more pennies. With a Rayburn to mend, another car to buy as my dad's old car went to car heaven last week, a 12th birthday on the horizon and holiday spendies needed I was good and stayed home to throw more paint at our bedroom walls.


  1. Ooooh, i wish i could come to those markets with you, what a great treasures you took home with you!
    Amazing, i can never find such a nice treasures on markets over here in Holland...
    Your bag is beautiful, looks like a smaller version of my old schoolbag in a pretty red colour :-)

    Well dear, have a nice week, xx

  2. Just be careful with your lovely red shoulder-bag...I use one (er..several, actually) but then I load it up so much I get a wrangled just can't win!

    My you had a fruitful marketing day, and yes, it is SO important to maintain your own 'head-space'. When we had our full-house recently I did have to sneak off to fiddle about in my sewing room...if only for haalf an hour or so. It's lovely having your loved ones around you, but it IS good to be just you now and again!

  3. Beautiful satchel Lisa! I adore the colour!! Fabulous finds too!!
    Victoria xx

  4. Vintage Mischief Market- what a perfect name, wish we had one near here!
    I know what you ned about alone time, I love my family to bits but just to have a little bit of time to yourself is Bliss!
    Wonderful finds, I have those sheets too! My Grandma had lots of those little plastic baskets, I think she made some in her pensioners group, sadly don't think anyone kept any! Have a lovely day! Ada :)

  5. I love love love the daisy curtains! They are the prize find of your trip in my humble opinion. I COMPLETELY know what you mean about time out. We are in the throws of a two week hol with the folks and I am twitching to do something on my own for an hour or two. Just holding out for the week without the smalls at the end of it all!

  6. Love, love, love the satchel! I have one in blue & have had lots of nice comments about it. Also love your blue whale in your garden.
    Have a lovely week

  7. Loving that satchel have to say I prefer to wear bags across my body too rather than a handbag although i do have a few of those too.

    What a wonderful way to spend a saturday pootling around looking at treasures sounds really fun. I get a bit of the grumpy witches too if I dont get a bit of alone time! lol.

    Hope your back starts to feel better soon too! Take care.

    P x

  8. Sweet Lord, you can't just slip in a comment that you walk like you've pooed yourself and then carry on about a fabric stash!! Far out you make me laugh woman, jusx


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