Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Do you know I really enjoy blogging. If I don't get a chance to take some photos and write a post I feel mildly put out. Finding moments to write a post around three days teaching and the Bun's being off school is becoming a real juggling act, but I'm determined to win. The same can't be said for me managing to read all of the fabulous posts that I see pop up in my blog reader. Right now it's late at night and my work bag is winking at me. I've a list of work related emails I should be sending and a couple of risk assessments I need to do. Lordy, do I hate paperwork. I love working with people, but not doing all the paperwork that seems to go with it.

What I'm really saying is I'm sorry if I seem rude and don't get by to say hello back to you. I get lovely comments and emails that I keep thinking I must try to find the time to reply to, but I'm not even getting on top of it all here so once again I'm really sorry. This morning I was slapping paint on our outside doors, stitching name labels to the huge pile of Miss Rosey's high school uniform and trying to mould a mouthguard to her teeth all it seemed at the same time.  I'm not moaning - honest - just saying it like it is.

Moving on then. On Friday morning I fancied a quick wee project, something I'd been wanting to make for a while. When we were in Lewes fleamarket Little Bun had bought a small bed for Daisy doll. The bedding was perfectly fine, but I thought it needed a bit more colour.

After patching a few squares together and stuffing a new pillow Daisy was called down to inspect her new bedding.

 She liked it so much so hopped straight in with a cuppa and mini Alfie Blue for company. I've promised to crochet her a small blanket before winter comes.

Friday evening found us on Cromer pier munching chips all excited about the end of pier show. There were lots of other people around, but I've managed to make it look like we're on a deserted derelict pier haven't I. The show was a fabulous proper variety show drawing on the finest music hall traditions. A perfect start to the weekend to be sure. 

Sorry about the capitals coming up, my computer is doing its own thing and I can't stop it.

On Saturday evening we were back by the coast again partying with friends while the Bun's partied with Nanny.

By Sunday we were running out of steam, but as there was a Village at War event we didn't want to miss we kicked ourselves up the bum and got going. In our rush to get there in time I forgot my camera so no photos of the madwoman with the fox fur to show you I'm afraid.

By today the Bun's just wanted to be at home and play. We wanted to go to a vintage fair in one of our favourite gardens. What selfish horrid parents we are to be sure. We only went for a little while later on, but they had a grand old time. 

Plaintation Gardens was created in the C19th from an old chalk quarry in Italianate style. It took Henry Trevor over 40 years to create the garden. After WW2 it was abandoned and became overgrown. Thankfully it was rediscovered and restored once more.

There's a ginormous fish in there if you're wondering what they're staring at. The fountain is wonderful with water trickling all the way down from the top.

Miss Rosey and I found some fabulous fabric to buy while our lovelies raced to the top terrace to spy on us.

After filling my bag with stash and an explore, we headed off for cake. We found a good spot to people watch and ate huge slabs of homemade battenburg. Mr Bun tried out chocolate cake with beetroot? Apparently it was really lovely.

Money all spent and cake eating done it was time to head across the bridge for home.

Here's what I couldn't resist today. The Liberty print curtains are from a lovely lady who is a dressmaker sizing down her enormous stash aswell as her fabulous vintage patterns. The old rose print curtains were from the stall next to hers. Turns out it was someone I knew from a while back so it was good to catch up.

Then as we wandered on I found the rose sheet still in it's original packet. Only problem with this one is that it smells of stinky fish which is probably the down side of being in a plastic bag for years and years. 

Miss Rosey was desperate to get the poodle print so that's what we spent the last of our pennies on. Both were from a shop I didn't know about before so come next pay day I'll be off for a visit methinks.

All in all we agreed that it was a brilliant bank holiday weekend. A bit of everything to keep us all happy. 


  1. It looks like you had a perfect, exciting weekend, I did laugh at little Alfie blue in bed. Very cute.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend :)

    Your girls are looking so grown up - and you've reminded me, I've still name tags to sew on Little Son's new bits of uniform :(

  3. What a fabulous weekend - I am feeling tired at the thought of all you managed to do! Love the fabric purchases and Little Buns bag. We are off to Brighton tomorrow to have a look around the North Laines and buy eldest's girlfriend a birthday present. Karen xx

  4. Gosh what a lovely and busy weekend you all manged to have. Its good to have lots of lovely family things to do!

    Those gardens look amazing! And love what you brought back. Hope you can get rid of the fishy smell from the sheet that was in the plastic bag. Would be a shame as it is so pretty.

    Hope you have a lovely week.

    P x

  5. What a busy weekend ... love the cot bedding .. I can understand why Daisy was delighted with it :) ... loving your fabric finds too ... hope you have a lovely last week of the holidays ... we are trying our best to pack as much into ours as we can ... Bee xx

  6. Sounds like a super weekend. I love the look of all that fabric!

    As a full time teacher I know exactly what you mean about trying to fit everything in.

    Hope the new term gets off to a cracking start!


  7. Looks like a fab mini break - also love the fabric! xxx

  8. You do live in a lovely place Lisa, there is always so much going on, and I know what you mean about time running away..enjoy your last week x x x x

  9. Seeing the doll's bed had reminded me I was going to revamp my daughter's old one for my granddaughter! I'd better get a wiggle on before she's too old for it. ;)
    I'd liked to have seen the madwoman in the fox fur. :)
    Jess x x

  10. I love the plantation gardens too - we didn't make this fair as we were living it up in Yarmouth, I looks like it was wonderful!

  11. Thanks so much for posting pics of the plantation gardens - I haven't been there for at least 18 years and its amazing how much they have done. I really must visit again

  12. Don't stress Lisa, it's always difficult to squeeze everything in during the holidays, time with the family is the most important! Ada :)

  13. i'm a big fan or iron on labels. Speeds things up no end!
    Eleanor x

  14. Looks a great mini break, bargains, gardens, chips and a show…fab x

  15. That toy quilt is the sweetest thing i've seen this week! also love the chips and pier photo. don't feel you have to get back to everyone, if you love the blogging, focus on the blogging. everyone understands. Heather x

  16. I know exactly what you mean with blogging i love it too but feel terribly guilty sometimes when I just don't get time to reply to people...i think everyone understands, that its just like that sometimes....I hope!! the little cot is very cute and love love love your fabric find so pretty. The gardens look lovely, we had quite a quiet weekend in the end xx


  17. The blue dress your daughter is wearing is just simply 'adorable', actually I adore how you all dress!! such nostalgic bliss every time i visit your blog ;0)x...your beautiful makes too are always so inspiring. looks like a lovely summer holiday you have all had ;0)x

  18. You've just described my problem to a tee, I've so little time to catch up with everyone, /i can't believe how many of your posts I've missed! I must get to the Plantation Garden sometime, it looks beautiful. Cromer's End of the Pier Show is always a treat, isn't it? Enjoy the end of the holidays...x

  19. I have also had a problem finding time both for blogging and commenting on all the lovely blogs I have been reading. I have literally forced myself to complete some tasks this year so I can move early next. At last I'm done! The Plantation Garden looks really pretty. Lily. xxx


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