Sunday, 12 August 2012

Long Weekends

It was back to work this week. Two and a half days in the middle of the week trying to engage and inspire ten teens that have been written off by the educational system. It's really hard being at work when my lovelies are off on holiday, but luckily as the days are so intense I don't really have any time to think about it.

On Thursday afternoon I started getting excited about the lovely weather and the promise of a wonderful Friday adventure with the Bun's. I got up extra extra early on Friday so I could stitch up something that's been tumbling about in my head this week before we set off.

I wanted to see if a garland would work in a mix of crochet, fabric and paper. Mr Bun couldn't believe I was about to chop up a book, but I gritted my teeth and off I went.

I chopped a mix of small wordy circles, chose some larger images I liked best, hooked a few circles and then chopped some fabric to match. After that, all I needed to do was to stitch a line through the whole lot and then hang it up. My Mr Bun is under the cushion in the mirror. I yelled I can see you and so he hid. His desire to play a starring role on here is non-existent.

My other boy loves being on here though. Mr Alfie Blue gets in when he can. He's got very itchy skin so I thought a new clean bed might help. I've also ordered something called Resist and Billy No Mates for him to try after Annie told me about it.

I actually made it for him this afternoon, but I thought I'd show you my makes first.  

Just in case Alfie didn't know it was his, I added a big red A. It's all stuffed with his old bean bag so it has some familiar smells, but apart from sitting on it for this photo, he's not been near it since.

Now back to Friday. Our first job was to pop into town and collect some fabric I'd bought at the weekend. It was being used as a tablecloth at the time, so it was pretty impossible to take it there and then. As I happened to be at Vintage Mischief again I bought another couple of pieces of fabric to make me less unhappy about losing out on some I loved on ebay.

After that we hopped in the car and headed in the direction of the coast. No picnic packed for a change so only a bucket, spade and a couple of towels to carry. We parked behind the boating lake and cut through the back of it to the prom. There was a carousel just in front so I promised Little Bun a ride on the way back. First stop was the beach hut cafe for cheese toasties and then we set up camp on the sand.

Miss Rosey felt a bit yucky so she read her book for a time while Little Bun and I did a spot of sand art.

First we made a mermaid, which looks a bit creepy now.

My favourite was the starfish we made next.

Then we made a cheeky fish, but gave up with the crab as I couldn't remember how many legs it should have.

After an ice cold paddle we climbed up on the prom again and sat on the steps to eat our 99's.

On the way back to the car we made sure we had that spin on the carousel after a stroll on the pier.

It was the perfect summer holiday day I'd been looking forward to with my girls all week. Next week their daddy will be off work with them, while I go to work. I wonder what mischief they'll get up to?


  1. Love your garland! I am sure your pup will learn to love his new bed. It looks nice and comfy. Ice cream and the beach - a perfect combination - so glad you enjoyed your day :)

  2. Isn't it great now the sun has arrived? Such a shame it wasn't here for our visitors, but we are enjoying the warmth and cheerfulness.
    You certainly need a load of commitment and grit for your job, Lisa, I well remeber the sometimes thankless task I had when working with very young mums, similarly thrown on the scrap heap. But when you make a tiny breakthrough, ah, that's what makes it worthwhile going to work!

    I do hope Alfie becomes reconciled to his new bed!

  3. The garland is really beautiful and I love your sand sculptures!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  4. Hello Lisa
    What a blissful, English sea side day you had with your girlies, I long for sand like that, we are all pebbled out and have to wait for low tide before we get to muck about in the sand.
    Alfie is adorable and his little tongue made me smile, I hope he makes his way back to the comfy new bed you made for him, I guess he will need to sniff it out a little more....
    As for having ideas rolling about in your head and needing them to materialise, well I am there with you 100%, the only difference is that I am a night owl and the idea of getting up early is something I long for but simply cannot, my clock works the other way :o) Take care and look forward to seeing what Mr.Bun gets up to with the girls xox Penelope

  5. Ooh Lisa, I LoVe your mixed media bunting! It looks fabulously vintage! What a wonderful Friday, those 99ers look scrummy!
    And the sand shapes are super!
    Victoria xx

  6. I love your new garland - so pretty ... the little illustrations are too cute .... and I love the sand art ... the starfish is my favourite ... glad you had a lovely day at the beach ...Bee x

  7. We share the same taste in cafes! I hope they don't 'over' develop it, do you know what I mean?
    I brought a lovely old Cinderella book yesterday with the purpose of making into a garland, that's when I can prise it away from little Bea! Better not let her know I intend to cut it up! Ada:)

  8. Yum - 99's and carousels two of the treats we always have when we go to Brighton. What a perfect day you three had and I love your sand art. Tell Mr Bun to take plenty of photo's so we can all see what they get up to. Karen xx

  9. Oh I would like to live beside the seaside, Oh I would like to live beside the sea ...

    Mind you I'm more an isolated cove in the depths of winter with the waves crashing in kinda' gal. But sun and sand and 99s would be just fine too :D

    Finger's crossed the CSJ stuff works for Alfie :D

  10. Wow I love that garland. It would look great in a Christmas theme instead of tinsel on a tree. X

  11. I was here yesterday, I only realised when I looked up and saw the boating lake cafe sign. We are going back again tomorrow to have a proper explore, then hopefully off to Beccles in next few days.
    I love your garland by the way. X

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