Monday, 2 July 2012

A Thoroughly Vintage Weekend

One of our favourite summer fetes was on this Saturday. It's an amazing fete arranged by a really small village school (41 children only) in an idyllic village in Suffolk. The village is part of the Somerleyton estate and has a real Midsummer Murders feel to it. Each year the fete has a different theme, this year it was the 1940's. The fete is held on the village green with stunning cottages and post office all surrounding it. Guess which idiot forgot their camera? I took some great pics on my phone, but I still can't work out how to get them from there onto here.

We listened to the most amazing band while we ate our ices, Mr Bun won a coconut at the coconut shy, we won wine and sweeties on the tombolas, had a rummage at the bric-a-brac and then my clever man spotted a huge pile of annuals hidden at the side of a stall. At £1 each we grabbed quite a few. The Bun's have roared through all of mine and it's getting really difficult to find any more for them.

Alongside pretty embroidered tablecloths I also grabbed this mini pyrex dish which was perfect to hold my business cards the next day.

After the fun of the fete we rushed home to pack my car up for Little Vintage Love Fair on Sunday. We had a good plan to send the Bun's for tea with grandma, then Mr and I could unload all my stuff at the village hall and have a refreshing drink at the village pub. That way I wouldn't have to get up so ridiculously early the next day and we had a mini date for just the two of us.

Heydon is another idyllic village which is part of another large estate. It's unusual in that there's only one road in which leads down to the big house.

Whilst the cottages are lovely and there's a great pub, tearooms, bakery and beauty parlour we decided we'd find it a bit creepy living there.

I did fall in love with the rambling and slightly messy gardens mind you.

Just opposite the village hall, which was built just after the First World War, is this cottage with it's grand gate.

After a shandy and leisurely stroll, just the two of us, holding hands and being able to talk without being endlessly talked over, we headed back to get the Bun's. We found all three of them playing badminton in the garden just as I did on summers evenings with mum and dad.

Early the next morning I headed off to market to sell my wares with a new member of staff in tow. Little Bun had decided she wanted to have a go at being a shopkeeper this time. She was an absolute star and loved every minute of it. She did a lot of the selling and money handling. When friends turned up she went off for a spot of vintage shopping of her own too. I paid her with a brooch of mine that she chose and a hairslide she wanted from a stall outside. I always wimp out and go indoors as I've had things ruined by being caught out in the rain.

We had a fabulous day. I always love Zoe's events, they are spot on with a great selection of stalls to buy from and lovely people to meet up with. I came home with quite a buys which I guessed you might like to have a peek at. I even bought a small wicker basket to put all my goodies in which wasn't a bad idea was it.

Little Bun found Good Golly for her daddy who adores them and has quite a huge collection now. He's now in our bed along with John the Golly that Miss Rosey bought for him.

Plastic kitsch fruit baskets were added to my pile as I strolled around the stalls outside the hall.

I found some fabulous fabric along with a small piece of vintage patchwork which I might line the basket with. I also spied the most stunning Horrocks day dress which was long enough and looked big enough. I wanted it badly, but it just wouldn't fit across my bazooma's which was most unfair, but saved a penny or two to be sure.

I've been searching for a tray like this one for a while now and I absolutely love it. The 1970's fabric and tray go together perfectly for me.

I also found this wee kiddies dish to match a mug Mr Bun was given a while back. It was the wee Golly asleep in bed that caught my eye first.

When I went back to pay for my basket at the end of the day, I saw another basket filled with gorgeous handmade felt brooches all made from original 1940's designs. I adore anenomes and as they were my wedding boquet, I chose these to have as a permanent boquet.

One last buy is a secret for now. I saw this fabulous linen military waiters jacket and fell for it. I tried it on and it just looked great. It would be perfect with jeans and looked just as good over my floral dress yesterday. I decided to buy it for Miss Rosey's 12th birthday which is at the end of the summer, mind you it might be better to have it before then to get some wear out of it. Hopefully she'll let me share it sometimes.

After a lovely time buying and selling we packed up and headed off home to our lovelies. A jug of Pimms was waiting along with some sweet smelling Roses which Mr Bun had cut and put in the bedroom for me. The perfect end to a lovely vintage weekend.

Just to remind you I'll be closing the Craft it Forward today. So if you fancy your chance at winning either a brooch, Whoopie Doo Pincushion or Jolly Good Egg Cosy then please add your name to this post. Don't forget to say what you would like from the three choices. There'll be two winners who will get a few buttons and fabric snippets along with their make. All the winners have to do it post about it once they receive their parcel and then hold the same Craft it Forward on their blog to share the making around.


  1. Looks like you had a really lovely weekend. Love all your lovely buys, especially the flowery tray and that stunning jacket. Fiona

  2. What a great weekend...the sort I just love packed with markets,lots of finds and pretty villages. I'd grab that wicker basket like a shot and the fabric...big flower designs lovely. Yepp I can say I have enjoyed my days with you at the market even if it has been virtual days and just looking on through visuals thanks for this :-).
    Oh! I forgot I used to read and read and read my Mandy albums and I loved Rupert the Bear. Sweet memories

    Good post!

    Amanda :-)

  3. Excellent weekend and such goodies too! I have the same little Pyrex dish too, I swear it makes strawberries taste even better! Ada :)

  4. Looks like a wonderful Weekend, and so nice to have your daughter there to help and spend the day with, I do love all the Vintage Goodies you came home with too. Happy Summer, from Diane in California

  5. A fabulously vintage weekend Lisa. Beautiful pictures, the village looks stunning, just my kind of place!
    Victoria xx

  6. My kind of weekend ... lots of lovely family time, with loads of vintage thrown in ... perfect! Love your little finds, and your daughter really looks the part on your stall, and what a good idea, the children arranging their own themed fair. Teaching them about the 40s, but loads of lovely finds for you too ... excellent! xxx

  7. What a fabulous weekend, and so picturesque - both the location and the haul, I can see why it would be a perfect setting to feel as if you'd stepped back in time.

    Oh and if your phone can do apps and you use Flickr the Flickr app lets you upload directly from your phone - that's how I transfer some of mine anyway!

  8. Looks like a jolly lovely weekend all round. The jacket is fab!

  9. If you get to come home with a basket filled with goodies like yours I'm travelling down for the next one :)
    Glad you had a lovely weekend, the place looks beautiful xxxxxxxx

  10. Oh, what wonderful and pretty vintage treasures you brought home!! So fun! What a pretty place, too! Wishing you a happy new week! xo Heather

  11. Oh, I feel as though I just had a lovely, refreshing weekend right along with you! That cottage with the grand gate looks charming, and your basket of goodies is delightful. The very best part, however, was reading about the roses your sweetie put in the bedroom for you. What a loving, thoughtful man, and I'm so glad you two have each other.

  12. What an exciting weekend! I loved the Little Vintage Lover Fair when I went a while ago, and agree Heydon, although lovely, might feel a little claustrophobic to live in? Inspector Barnaby would definitely feel right at home! Love all your buys, and can you really bear to part with that jacket? It looks so you! x

  13. What a lovely post ,it really cheered me up on a very grey drizzly morning.
    I thought your wares looked lovely as well as your glamorous assistant and I wish I lived nearer to this little vintage fair, although I would probably spend all my money there...

  14. Oh Lisa - now this is how I picture our beautiful countryside in the Summer. Such fabulous pictures.

    Nina x

  15. Hello petal... lovely to catch up with you! I remember playing badminton in our garden way back when... and ping pong on the dining table in the winter, good times. Gorgeous treasure and GONKS! I LOVED Gonks! jusx

  16. What an idylic looking fair.I love your purchases,particularly the cheerful baskets and lovely anenome brooch. Your stall looked fab too.

  17. What a lovely weekend. My Dad absolutely loves gollies too and has a fair few of the Robinson's brooches. Lily. xxx

  18. What a lovely fair!Your stall looks fantastic! Heydon looks lovely but I know what you mean about places looking creepy, Ifeel like that about Salthouse. It's a beatiful place but somehow a bit other worldly. Love the jacket!

  19. Looks wonderful. Buns and Bunting .... Salthouse in Norfolk? That's where my great grandmother came from xx

    1. I think it's the light, its so sharp and clear. It's got a touch of the Brigadoons,still what do I know?!x

  20. So pleased to have stumbled across your lovely blog. I was at Heydon too and it was my stall that your basket came from and I made that corsage. It looks wonderful being worn - pleased you like it :o)

  21. Helloooo. Lisa I've been wondering if you were okay as you seemed a long time coming back to blogging, and here you've been, blogging away for the last month. Turns out you'd only disappeared from my blog reader - along I suspect with a handful of other folk - and not from blogland at all, thank goodness. I've been catching up with all your posts - so much vintagey loveliness, and I adore the plate with the ducks and tiny golly all tucked up in bed, and Miss Rosie's frock - and I've firmly reinstated Bobobun on Bloglines so I can't miss you again.
    Have a lovely weekend :D

  22. What a fabulous weekend and you found some wonderful treasure. Especially love the 70's fabric and your beautiful anenome brooch (they were my Nan's favourite flowers).
    Carol xx

  23. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that you found me so that I could then find you! What a wonder it is over here and I might never have found out (every cloud had a silver lining!). I am going to have set some time aside to read through it all properly - how lovely and thank you for all your kind words

    I will be back (said in a non-threatening way!)


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