Monday, 16 July 2012

Swap Shop

We definately need more quilts and blankets if we're going to be making indoor tents and trying to keep warm this summer. The Bun's found a few to hide under and I've started another quilt to add to the patchy quilt pile.

I wanted to make the new quilt as quick and easy as possible even though I'm feeling tempted by all sorts of new shapes I've not tried out yet. 

I gathered together all of my favourite sunny day fabrics and chopped a pile of 8" x 10" rectangles. I randomly measured the size by making it as long as me and and wide enough to have a generous overhang over my body. Basically I just jumped in and hoped for the best with the measurements.

In the middle of choosing where I wanted to put all the pieces I found an old bag I'd made years ago. I'd lined the bag with the lovely apple green and blue fabric which I wanted much more than I wanted the bag so I chopped into it for more blocks for my quilt.

Instead of worrying about trying to get all my pieces lined up in orderly and neat rows, I decided to lay them side by side like a brickwall

Once I'd made sure all the top bits were straight I needed to add a few bits to the spaces left at the bottom,

Last night I quickly whizzed a few rows together on my machine. Then later on I realised I'd got the numbers the wrong way round. What a div hey. So I had tons of fun watching telly and unpicking all the rows I'd stitched.

Today was far more fun than last nights unpicking. I went to see a friend this morning who's very creative, talented and has oodles of style, plus tons of things I naughtily covet. Alongside a lovely chat and a tour of the new sewing room (which I wouldn't leave if it was mine) we did a wee fabric swap. I'd taken over a couple of bits I knew she wanted and I ooohed and aaahed at loads I liked.

For my two pieces I had a barkcloth curtain panel and a piece of blue sheeting in return.

The floral curtain is divine. Soft and oh so pretty. The sheeting is exactly how I like it with intense colours that haven't faded away over the years.  Before I find a use for them I'll just add them to the pile and watch them. As soon as I know they're right for something they'll get off that pile as quick as you like.

While the Bun's tea cooked itself, I managed to stitch all the rows of the Sunny Days Quilt together in the right order this time. 

That's the top done. Now I just need to get some batting and then I can get on with the slow, but worth it job of handquilting the top with a rainbow of coloured floss.

Tommorow will be a juggle between an all day school sports day and a pot of paint I bought to sort out our bedroom. So the quilt will have to wait patiently as once I start painting there's no stopping me. It's my first few days off in a row with no kids around since way before christmas so I'm determined to get loads done. 

See you very soon. Hello also to new followers who have jumped on board.


  1. so floral and beautiful!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. Such a beautiful new quilt!! Can't wait to see it finished with your hand quilting!! Happy sewing! xo Heather

  3. Hah! Stitching up the wrong order, rows back-to-front/upside down - yep, been there, done that and it is SO annoying! Love how all those disparate patterns and colours jiust work so well together.

    The 'indoor tents' brings back so many memories, both of my boys when they were little and even my own tent-making days a s a little girl. So pleased the game continues on!

  4. What a quick worker you are! I'm enjoying reading your post and seeing your beautiful quilt- trying to muster up enthusiasm to tackle the dark and dusty corners of our home!

  5. Oh my, i'm in loooove with that blanket...really, really beautiful!!


  6. fab blanket (and I haven't heard anyone use the word 'div' for ages - made me chuckle!)
    I love a fabric swap - I'm off to my favourite hideout tomorrow (Jane's shed) and I have nothing to swap so may need to simply distract her and STEAL!!
    I love that new photo of you on the sidebar Lisa - I need to update mine (before I am unrecognisable!)
    fee xx

  7. Oh my! That quilt is going to be so gorgeous, Dribble! ..haha..xx

  8. The quilt is going to look great! I know what you mean about corners, I turned my quilt into cushions, I was disappointed it wasn't as neat as I wanted. You see, in my head I'm a Molly Flanders, the reality is some what different! Bricks it is from now on! Ada :)

  9. I love your quilts Lisa, they are so happy and inspiring, I desperately want to make one too. Also am very impressed with the brick effect rather than faffing with matching up or square seams, looks great! Your quilt has made me want to drop everything and getting sewing! lots of love, Penelope xox

  10. Looking lovely, all those fabulous bright colours!
    Victoria xx

  11. Beautiful fabrics, the colours are so cheerful. I love quilts and really admire the work that goes into them.

  12. The quilt is looking so so gorgeous. I love the combination of colours. Love your sitting room too! Fiona x

  13. The quilt is looking lovely - sometimes its best just to jump in. I think way to much and get creatively constipated if I'm not careful. Can't wait to see the coloured quilting. xxx

  14. Your quilt is looking so pretty - nice to have some time to sit and sew before the busyness of the holidays is upon us. Hope the sports day went well. Karen X

  15. Loving the look of that quilt, really homely. Looking forward to the ta-dah!

  16. I popped over from Cats, Dogs and Eiderdowns, when I saw your little Alfie on her side bar, I had to come take a look! Although my photo is of a fawn pug, we now have a black one we call Staxie. She looks a lot like your Alfie. Great blog. :)


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