Friday, 20 July 2012

Lickety Spit

It's been just me and Mr Blue this week. The rest of our gang have been at work and school while we've been at home. I've had the week off work doing stuff, Alfie's just done more of what he normally does. I've been throwing paint about and having a major chuck out of hoarded junk. Alfie's licked his paws endlessly and scratched and scratched until his hip bled. We've had a few trips to the vets and used sprays and stuff, but we can't find a cure for the itch so today there was nothing for it but the hood of shame. Poor little devil still itches and it's miserable for him.

To be honest I've only really had the last two days to get stuff done, but it's a start. After five years of ignoring our bedroom I decided enough was enough. I've had a long time to think about the right colour and as it's a room that has a real problem with damp I settled on a silvery grey.

It's a long way off being finished as I've only done half of it. Half the ceiling and half the walls. Then there's all the woodwork that needs doing yet again. I've also painted lots of spots on the carpet too as I didn't bother with a dustsheet. Wish I had now.

I'm still dithering about whether to paint the fireplace all matt black or re-do it as it is.

Just to show you there's yet more wall left to do. Also a quilt and a blanket to finish, plus some furniture to sort out.

When I was sorting out the porch this week I dragged out the two small chairs I had from the nursery school the Bun's went to. They were really lucky and went to an idyllic nursery in the grounds of a convent that had donkeys and a goat to visit on their magical nature walks. It was a precious time and these wee chairs were not only good for memories, but handy too for little ones to sit on to put on their shoes. Now they're not so wee it's time for a move about.

I've settled on one chair in here for us and one for them on the landing for toys to rest on.

I really must make myself finish the quilt and blanket as it just looks right in here. I also fancy a crochet garland or two strung along the walls, but first I've got a few orders to finish up and a teacher gift to make-up before tommorow. I've made two mug covers, just one more to go and we're there. Plus the bun's to ice for the year 6 lunch treat. 

Miss Rosey has her last day at primary school tommorow so we're off to the leavers service at church in the morning and then the leavers assembly in the afternoon.


  1. Love your room colour and the "pops" of colour against the soft grey. But I will admit at first glance I wondered what was in the "colander" , berries probably...i WAS very surprised when it was a puppy dog in a collar!!! LOL, it did make me laugh...xx

  2. Love the beautiful color of your room!! Looking forward to seeing your quilt and blanket finished!! Enjoy the rest of the week! xo Heather

  3. Your home looks lovely ... love the grey you've chosen. Enjoy your weekend, Claire xx

  4. Love the colour in the bedroom. It's very restful. We've just painted our bedroom a lovely soft sage green but like you I have a lot of finishing to do. All the woodwork for one! A job for the summer holidays while Hubbie is off I think. Hope the last day of Primary School goes well for your little girl. Fiona x

  5. Your gorgeous bedroom has made me realise that instead of moaning about the size of our house I need to just chuck out the junk and get some pretties in there :-) Off to find bin bags and crochet wool!

  6. Beautiful bedroom..that colour is so peaceful. I'm also loving your quilt and crochet combo..yummy. We have almost exactly the same fireplace as you and when we moved in we realised how utterly caked in old white paint it was. I spent weeks stripping the paint off and then bought just simple blackboard paint and re-painted the fireplace in black. It came out so beautiful, the blackboard paint gave it a nice chalky matt finish and it made the entire room perk up! I say give the black a go, if you don't like it you can always paint over it! xx

  7. What agorgeous, restful sanctuary! Love the quilt and blankets that are in progress, such fab, bright colours.
    Victoria xx

  8. Poor Alfie! Your bedroom is looking great, in our old home we had a sweet little fireplace which I stripped and blacked with some sort of polish, it looked great ( or should that be grate-sorry, bad joke!). We have to do our bedroom this year, not been done for 10 years! Not relishing it! I have 2 large pine wardrobes which I plan to paint, must be a sucker for punishment! Ada :) sorry my English is appalling, should be blackened!!! :)

  9. Loving the new wall colour :D

    Poor Alfie. But have you tried this, it works wonders. CSJ Resist.

    I use CSJ herbs for all my dogs and have done for years and can highly recommend Resist. It sorted out Tyg whippet's itches. Another thing that can help is to use CSJ Billy No Mates rather than products like Spot On for flea control. Again I've always used Billy No Mates for all the dogs and we've never had a problem with any unwanted passengers. The dog rescue I helped to found a few years ago also used CSJ products. (I'm not on commission, honest, just feeling sorry for your poor itchy hound, bless his paws.)

  10. I am glad someone else paints without a dust sheet! I felt a bit reckless on the weekend sloshing about lilac on a huge roller with a cream carpet beneath. I am doing mine in bits to. I was hoping to avoid the gloss work but now the new emulsion is on the gloss looks very much in need. Hope Alfie stops scratching; Monty has gone through phases of this and we think he seems to get it when walking or laying in field with long grass. It may be the grass or insects in it, but we can't work out what. My vet gave us a kind of bleach solution which you wash him in, leave a few mins and rinse off. Eventually it did work.

  11. I love your new bedroom colour .... although i may be biased, our bedroom walls are similiar ... it feels like waking up in a cloud! Loving the blankets ... really need to get my posterior in gear and finish our bedroom, oh and all the rest. Bee x

  12. Bedroom's looking great. Glad to see you decorate just like me and don't bother moving stuff out of the room or putting down sheets!!
    Lucky teachers with handmade prezzies. I've blubbed my way through the day which was slightly embarassing as I was leading the assembly but we had some very special staff leaving.
    Now I'm in need of a drink before the leaving do...

  13. Loving the new colour! There's not enough hours in the day is there? Poor Alfie..... hope he gets better soon x

  14. Just changed our fireplace to mat black and am loving it, Have to say your quilt and blanket are really much further on than mine. Looking good x

  15. Poor Alfie!
    Just showed my daughter his picture and well 'she is in love' as she loVes pugs... (bless him)
    Lovely colour for the bed room as soo calming and then I feel it shows off those pretty colours in the crochet blanket.
    Wishing you a week full of inspiration Lisa!
    Love Mariax

  16. Poor Alfie! Looks so cute with his little tongue hanging out. Loved meeting him & of course your hubby the back end of last year at the makers market in Holt. Love pugs & had a long chat with your hubby about what a great doggie they are.
    Just love that colour in your bedroom.....looks very relaxing! Your patchwork quilt is inspiring me to make one of my own. I've some lovely material in my ever growing stash that I should really use to make things to sell BUT love the designs so much that I've decided to make a quilt I can keep them.
    Are you enjoying the Norfolk sunshine we are finally having? It's great isn't it......long may it last.
    have a good week

  17. Awwww - maybe you could work your magic on the hood of shame.

    I'm loving the colour of your bedroom - silver grey, now there's a would match my hair these days.

    Happy holidays,

    Nina x


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