Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hooray, hooray it's a holi-holiday...

The major sort out and clear up continues. I seem to have spring fever a wee bit late this year. I've put finishing our bedroom on hold and moved on to tidying and garden sorting. My desk is looking finer than it has for a long while. I gave up waiting to find the right size frame for the map poster and got out the blu-tac instead. Little Bun has been busy tracing the journey to our holiday home. We're beyond excited as it's the first holiday we'll have had all together for three years now.

The last week of term was a whirling dervish of sports day, friends for tea, dance classes, The Disco and leavers ceremony. Miss Rosey told me not to cry in church on Friday. She forgot to tell her dad though. Needless to say we both welled up when our girl gave her speech about her primary school days. When she was in year 3 we moved her and Little Bun from our village's school to the one they're at now. Over the last three years they've achieved so much and given tons back to the school. Next year we'll be in church again welling up with pride as Little Bun gives her speech. Luckily Miss Rosey will be able to be there to hear her too as her new high school break up earlier.

All this holiday time seems to have been a long time coming and now it's here the rain's finally gone away - hurrah, hurrah, hurrah. Miss Rosey had a long weekend celebrating with her school mates and then it was just us three ladies once more.

After a busy morning weed pulling and skin burning in the sun (me both times), we headed off to our favourite place to start the holiday. Nestled in the middle of nowhere is a gem of a nursery. It has vague signs dotted about everywhere, masses of white doves that sleep on the house roof and tons of bantam cocks, hens and their chicks which strut down all the poly tunnels and into the fields.

Once we've picked and eaten a ton of fruit, we always head off to the farm shop for some ice cream. It's lovely to rest after all that hard work in the afternoon sun and watch the hens busy about.

When we got back I picked up where I'd left off with my stitching. On Friday a couple of delicious bits of fabric arrived. The blue is from Pomme de Jour's etsy store, which I adore, but have resisted buying from until now.

The pink sheet underneath I won on ebay. I lost out on the same print the day before which made me all the more determined to win the bids the next day.

I've only got a small piece of the same print in blue, but I absolutely love it so I search high and low hoping to find some more. Enough to make a dress would be the icing on the cake.

I'm running up a few new outfits for our Brighton trip. A 50's inspired dress is what I'm hoping the rose print will become. I'm not sure if it'll fit me yet as I'm made up of three different dress sizes so I find it really hard getting dresses to fit properly.

That's why I seem to live in jeans and have lots of different tops. Loving my new pink fabric and having made lots of tunics from a trusy pattern I thought one more tunic wouldn't hurt at all.

Then to match my tunic I'm making a baby Happy Shopper for Little Bun to pack all her car stuff in. When I was taking pics of old clothes for ebay she refused to let me sell her favourite gingham top. Once I said I'd make it into something she was happy again. What better thing than a bag that she can use loads.

I'll also be running one up for Miss Rosey in the spirit of absolute fairness everyone must be treated the same and no favouritism here at all please.

Anyways todays fresh air has made me all sleepy. We made sure we had an extra dose and dashed to the coast for fish and chips tonight when Mr Bun got home. Scoffing tea, by the edge of the sea with a can of shandy (us) and ribena (Bun's) was a perfect start the week and the holidays.


  1. Loving all the fabulous colous here Lisa! So cheery to match the beautiful weather!
    Victoria xx

  2. Gorgeous fabrics! Looking forward to seeing your dress.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Love your little desk space, I've been looking for ages for a map, it will turn up eventually! The fabrics are fab, I have a pillow case in the pink flowery one, will have to use it sparingly! Gosh our children grow up so quick don't they!
    I have nominated you for A Lovely Blog Award, your blog has helped me through a couple of very difficult years, thank you Lisa, Ada :)

  4. More lovely fabrics - I love that you made a bag from her old top for Little Bun - I can remember being so very attached to certain items of clothing it was a real wrench when I grew out of them...shame my mum wasn't into 're-purposing'!

    Have a lovely holiday. Lisa and let's hope the good weather continues a bit longer!!

  5. Love your new blue fabric ... in fact .. why stop at the blue, they are all gorgeous! Love the map too ... it looks cute tacked to the wall! Hope you have a lovely holiday and much fun and sunshine! Bee x

    PS I have decided to try Little Miss Storybook from Wee Wonderfuls .... I think she would make a lovely Christmas gift for my little girl :-)

  6. That blue!!! What a heavenly color!! I'll keep my eyes pealed for more of that as I am always looking!!

  7. Loving your new fabrics so pretty, will make a lovely dress. Making a dress or skirt is something on my crafty wish list. Maybe something for Boo first start off small! lol.

    Sounds like you have had a cracking start to the holidays, long may the fun and sun continue i say...

    P x

  8. Lovely bright cheery pics...a little pile of fabric always makes me smile, I have a little bit of that blue too...just used a bit today,my hand was trembling as I cut he he...daft eh xxxx have a fab jolly holiday dear Lisa xxxxx

  9. All your clearing out and rearranging has inspired me to do the same. Now, where to start...?

  10. We're keeping our fingers crossed this weather lasts for your trip - its absolutely sweltering down here today. Hope your dress turns out well. Love those fabrics. Karen Xx

  11. A delightful mix of colours - when I see those photographs of white rooms in fancy mags I think 'ooooo' I wish I could do that....but colour draws me in. Is it because it reminds of sweets! I admire your dressmaking skills - I keep meaning to run up a dress from tablecloths but worried that I will end up looking like an old woman dressed in a tablecloth!
    I remember those school leaver assemblies so well - extra vintage hankies needed on those days!
    Let us hope that the weather lasts and lasts and have a lovely time
    Best wishes

  12. Fabulous: a jolly good clear-out, sunny weather, and a beautiful dress in the making! A lovely blend of all things inspiring. Isn't that start-to-the-long-holidays feeling the best? It has to be celebrated and savoured. Here in France the summer hols started almost a month ago. We are really in the swing of things now ;-)

    Wishing you well. (This is my first comment on your blog ;-) )


  13. what a busy, lovely old time you're having. We had leavers service too (Barney is moving on to middle school) talk about emotional!

    Feels more like the holidays now the sun's out at last.

    And great minds think alike - I've bought that lovley poster too (paid a bomb for postage but it was so cheap I couldn't resist) Can't find a flippin frame either, thanks for the blu tack idea.
    Have a lovely week.


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