Sunday, 8 July 2012


This week has been full of festivities. On Wednesday evening we waited ever so patiently on the streets of our city to see a flash of the Olympic Torch whizz by. Don't get me wrong, I'm no sports fan, but we thought the Bun's should see what all the fuss was about. A warm summer's evening going out after school, followed by pizza was also a pretty darned good reason for being there.

On Saturday the festivities continued for the Lord Mayor's celebrations. We planned to see the procession that evening and then try out another restaurant. Before we went, I made sure I had a play with a few fabric piles and then I bossily sent my lovelies off to see if there were any roadside sweetpeas for sale.

I couldn't resist chopping into a few bits of my stash with the thought that I'd be able to make a bed quilt another day. My plan's to cut larger oblongs and then hopefully it won't take too long to stitch together.

After a busy chopping session, it was time to head off and find a good roadside viewing spot. A band of pipes and drummers opened the procession, followed by Snap the Dragon, the Town Crier and a few other gaily dressed odds and sods.

Little Bun managed to get covered in stickers as she threw money into collection buckets. We waved to and sang along with all the different floats and groups that went past us.

One of my favourite's were the Sumo Synchronised Swimmers. Might be because they have the same hairstyle as me, but they really did shimmy and shake well.

Today there was a choice of quite a few things to do. We fancied a country fair in one direction and the Norwich Lanes Fair in the other, or we could just cosy up and watch films. As always I fancied doing it all. The rain helped us make our decision, we decided we'd get wetter in a field than we would hiding in shop doorways and then we could have our snuggle up at home later on. So off we went in search of vintage markets and to see street entertainers.

First stop was St Gregory's Church where regular vintage markets are held. I've long fancied one of Sugar and Hatter's floral mini hair fascinators and luckily for me they had a stall there today.

Dreadful picture of me follows where I look partly sozzled, but it's a good shot of the floral thing happening on my head.

Then as if by magic I've sobered up a treat.

Miss Rosey also spied a sparkly piece of Sugar and Hatter hair jewellry that caught her fancy and so after a wee think about it we rushed back to buy that for her too. It's the school disco this week so I think it'll be having its first outing then.

One of the highlights for me was going into the Kier Hardie Hall for Bunty's Bazaar. I'd been asked to have a stall, but I fancied being a customer this week instead. I didn't take any photos as I was just caught up in the atmosphere of the place and completely forgot. I'll just have to describe it to you. 1960's wallpaper covers the entrance hall with a short flight of stairs in front, with a handrail down the centre. From the room at the top of the stairs came magical dance music. When we stepped in the disco ball was spinning and casting flickering touches of light all around a hall filled with a wonderful selection of vintage stalls. I felt as if I'd stepped back in time and it all felt so calm and just so. When I talked to Bunty she told me about Swing dance classes that are held here every Monday. I can't think of anywhere more perfect to start learning how to swing my hips.

Once I'd stopped soaking in the magic of the hall (which apparently was stinky of old fags and yucky dirty first thing) I pulled myself together enough to grab a couple of treats. Two 1950's picnic pots with screw lids and a 50's water carafe all for £6. Mr Bun wanted the Teasmaid, but I just couldn't get excited about it. Mind you he's been on and on about going to see the kitsch bar and now with all your encouragement on my last post he'll probably be dragging it home tommorow.

When we got home I managed a bit of my own magic - look I made the picture in the book come to life.

If you have Apples for Jam then I really do suggest you try out the Hazlenut Meringue because it's so delicious that we just about ate all of it tonight. 


  1. What lovely finds - the water carafe and hair fascinator are gorgeous! You have really tempted me with that beautiful meringue :-) Bee

  2. Looks like everyone had a grand time! That strawberry masterpiece looks heavenly!

  3. Love the beautiful flowers in your cute hair!! What a beautiful blouse, too!! Your week sounds like it was fun!! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

  4. Looks like you had another great weekend lLisa! When the torch came to us it rained rather heavily but it didn't 'dampen' the atmosphere! ( sorry bad joke I know!). We had a great time, the girls loved it I was a bit worried I had built it up too much and there were expecting a 'Disney' type parade! It was as good really and the atmosphere was brill!
    This weekend has been good, getting some sunshine with family and friends and I have made a sweet little bag which I will post about today, hope your week goes well too! Ada :)

  5. Ooh I have the Apples for Jam book, will have to take a look! Looks like a lovely weekend was had by all ... xxx

  6. Hello Lisa,
    Good to be able to place a face to the name and looking particulary nice with that fascinator
    I am smiling as I view the photos on this post.....definitely like the Sumo swimmers too. I am so lucky I'm getting to see the olympic torch's journey all around the UK practically and I don't have to spend a thing on transport for it. This virtual travel has its advantages.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  7. What a lovely time you have all had. Love the idea of Buntys Bazaar - we don't have anything like that down here. We do have the Olympic torch coming on the 17th so looking forward to seeing that coming along the seafront. Had to smile at the huge pile of strawberries - will have to try that it looks gorgeous. Karen X

  8. What a beautiful fascinator! Gorgeous colour. Love meringue and that one looks divine Lisa!
    Victoria xx

  9. I love those sumos and sozzled 'nah!' you look lovely - so does your flowery thing.

    Nina x

  10. What a lovely, packed weekend. Good job you don't habe the Sumo's body shape!! Another peek at your new table is making really jealous - I love the pattern. Lily. xxx

  11. I just love your posts! so inspiring and fun!

    Kate xxx

  12. Thank you mentioning us in your blog. The flower looks beautiful in your hair, the colour really suits you. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of Miss Rosey wearing the sparkly swirl.

    Sugar & Hatter

  13. that first picture of you is wonderful Lisa!
    and I've finally got my new laptop up and running (with help from a bossy #1!) and have decided I would like one of your crochet brooches for my winnings please. I don't mind what colours - something bright and cheerful to remind me of where it came from!
    I will definitely sort out a pay it forward doo daaah...and tie it in with a '300 followers' celebration!!
    Thank you again, what a treat.
    love fee x

  14. Wow the festivities look great how random were the sumo wrestlers but fun. I am very envious of your pile of amazing fabrics.

  15. It was my first time in Keir Hardie Hall, wasn't it brilliant? I had ended up in the city by mistake (I mean I had forgotten the Summer Fayre was on) so what a treat! And do you know I picked up and had a play with your little picnic pots before 'being good' and putting them down again! I managed to restrict myself to paying a pound for a little 1950s (?) booklet, 'Your Dog - His Training, Health and Happiness'. So sweet!

  16. OOoh all those fabrics are gorgeous so bright and cheery, looking forward to seeing the end quilt all stitched sweetpeas are total pants this year , too much rain.
    All the festivities look great fun xx

  17. Looks like you had a lovely few days. Like you I'm not sports fan but I braved the rain with my little one yesterday to see the torch not far from us. Just wanted to say in years to come that I'd seen it. Little one won't remember being only 21 months but I can show him the pictures when he's older. Love the look of that meringue! Fiona x

  18. Loving the fabrics cant wait to see it finished ,sounds like you have had lots of fun xx

  19. Hello lovely Lisa
    Gosh it is nice to catch up with your blog and all the lovely colours, pretty crochet and fabric things and your lovely face with that gorgeous fascinator. It's very you and I am a tad bit jealous as I too like to put flowers in my hair :o)

    You have been busy with all your Summer time frolics and I popped into your etsy shop thinking I might just darn well treat myself to some of that delicious fabric. I especially love the bark cloth. Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for all your colourful inspiration xox Penelope

  20. love all those fabrics you're going to make into a bed quilt...and actually i really love some of your vintage finds in earlier posts.

  21. Missed this. Sumo synchronised swimmers?! You know how to live it up in your part of the world!!

    Most impressed with the strawberry crowned confection ... I feel a book purchase coming on :D

  22. Just found you...I love your blog!!! That pile of vintage sheets/fabrics piled high on your table with the yellow chair is what got me...pure joy!

  23. Thank you for your lovely words Lisa, I know you too are still experiencing the lost. I'm not sure which is worse, glad your Mum has you for support, take care of each other, Ada :)

  24. Hi there! I have just stumbled upon your blog and found myself getting lost in your gorgeous fabric stash...and then onto the lord mayors procession pics...and I thought, hang on, I recognise that...I live in the fine city of Norwich too! The procession comes right passed the end of our road! It's lovely isn't it...and the sun always seems to shine for it too! XXXX


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