Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Fancies

The postie had a couple of parcels all for me this morning. A perfect way to brighten yet another grey wet day in July. I found myself on Amazon this week because we'd started getting snotty letters from the library. Miss Rosey took out a book ages ago and then lost it. In the end I had to go and find a cheap replacement, which in turn meant I couldn't resist having a look for a couple of books I'd wanted for a while now.

A friend of mine showed me some of the wonderful kitties she's made from Wee Wonderfuls and that was that I was sold on getting the book. I'm so glad I was tempted as there are a whole host of characters in it that I want to make and already have requests for. I love Melvin and Marian, but then there's also Bjorn Bjornsen and well all of them really.

Miss Rosey wants Evelyn the Inchworm which will have me singing along hearing Danny Kaye in my head (if you're old enough to have seen the film of him as Hans Christian Andersen you'll know what I'm on about).

Little Bun has her heart set on an elephant bag. If they stand a chance of getting any of these critters made then I'll have to get them learning how to do this stitchy business themselves.

My other parcel was even more exciting as I didn't know what would be in it. I'd been lucky enough to be the winner of Kazzy's Summer Giveaway. Well she's been beyond generous with all the lovely bits and bobs she put in a package for me.

I've already dotted the bits and bobs here and there, made plans for the fabric and Little Bun and Miss Rosey have chosen a few things for themselves. Little Bun was off school today, but she was well enough to help share the Wispa with me.

I dragged her from the sofa later in the afternoon when we needed to hunt down some straw and henfood. Somehow we ended up in QD buying a random selection of stuff. Among other things, we had a bag of straw, mugs that I want to crochet cosy warmers for teacher presents and I grabbed a cheery blue laundry bucket for the grand sum of £1.

After that we ended up in the sweetie shop and just had to go into Vintage Mischief. I'm so glad I did as I got the softest piece of pink flannelette which will be perfect to back the quilt I've started. 

Flanelette always makes me think of crimpelene nighties too. All part of the same bit of time I guess. I had a nightie once when I was wee that I think  was crimpelene. It scared the bejesus out of me as it was so full of static electricity and had a lovely care label that told you how highly flammable this thing you were about to sleep in was. Carefree days the 1970's. With all the three and four day weeks and strikes our house was full of candles which upped the chances of me lighting up the night. I only think I wore it once.

Now we're in a house without heating I'm busy making lots of blankets and quilts, just in case we don't get it sorted soon. I'm hoping to finally decorate our bedroom next week as I've got a few weeks off. After five years here, it's the only room to have escaped my paintbrush. I plan to have my Granny Patches crochet blanket to mix and match with the Floral Quilt I'm making to finish off our room. Alfie Blue will most definately be banned from sleeping on my handiwork.


  1. I've been eyeing up the Wee Wonderfuls book for a while on Amazon - think I might just splurge -oh and the nighties, I remember the flashes of static electricity too! I used to hate wearing them! Bee :-)

  2. So many happy creations and pretty plannings going on in your neck of the woods. Such a delightful post!

  3. I LOVE your granny square blanket. All those delicous colours mixed up, just gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  4. So many beautiful creations and goodies!! Love your granny blanket! So colorful!! xo Heather

  5. My god,I was only telling my elderly neighbour today how both me and my sis had highly flammable nighties. We heated ourselves in front of a two bar electric if the coal fire fir wasn't lit.
    I had many years of hand washing clothes and then trying to dry on fire guards, then resorting to ironing dry, then still jumping in kecks damp, just to get out.

  6. Loving your crochet Lisa! Really lovely mix of colours, looks very vintage!
    Victoria xx

  7. Looks like they are lovely books full of inspiration , the inch worm is my favourite. I love a parcel from amazon. And so lucky to win the giveaway lots of lovely things to play with x x

  8. Glad I'm not the only library offender around - thank goodness they don't fine childrens' books here - we'd be bankrupt!

    Love that delivious looking blanket Lisa, gorgeous colours.

    And well done on winning Kazzy's giveaway, what lovely treats!

    oh and thanks for the nightie memories too - you took me right back with talk of static!! Hilarious!

    Have a smashing painty weekend - can I set you onto my house next?
    Take care

  9. Hey Lisa,

    That book wee wonderfuls looks very tempting. Love making a little fabric friend or two!

    Congratulations on winning Kazzy's lovely giveaway, I am lucky enough to have won one of her beautiful illustrations before. They are just gorgeous. And what other lovely treats you have there too!

    Sounds like you and littlest bun had the best day together. Despite the poorly circumstances!

    I feel your pain with broken expensive household things. We have a bad leak in our attic and its coming through Lala's room which is creating no end of problems. *sigh* We will have to see how much it will cost before we can get it fixed. *shaking fist at the grotty weather gods! saying Why?*

    It sounds like your bedroom will be gorgeous when you have finished with all your lovely handiwork scattered around.

    Thanks for asking about my gardening adventures the other day. Needless to say it has been a battle and although I have a few pretty things with all this rain and bugs and slugs it really is not easy! I have new found hatred to all things slimy this year! It is now war! lol.

    P x

  10. Another nice day to be had in the Bun household! I love parcels in the post! Mr Postman is fascinated by the stuff that finds its way to my letterbox! He smiles at me but secretly I think he thinks I am a little potty! I even opened one of my vintage wallpaper parcels the other day ( I am always on the quest to open the eyes of the vintage uninitiated ) alas he was not convinced! Good job he doesn't see what I bring home from the charity shops and car boots! Have a lovely weekend Lisa, Ada :)

  11. Hi Lisa, what a fabby parcel to open! Bet there are all sorts of ideas buzzing trhough your head as you look at the contents.

    Was only discussing crimplene with my daughter-in-law the other day, part of a conversation about how 'vintage ' is being used to cover a lot of things which ain't! I wondered whether crimplene would ever be considered cool enough to make a come-back...somehow I doubt it! But flannelette....oh scrummy, and just brill for backing quilts.

  12. Hello Lisa...I too had a crimpolene nightie...I remember distinly mum bathing me and putting me next to the open fire to get dry!!! we had no heating and it was flipping freezing in winter...anyway I lived to tell the tale. I really love flannelette though.
    What a lovely parcel, and I always love you vintage fabrics so bright and cheerful :-)

    Have a good weekend
    Love Sophie xx

  13. A lovely posting Lisa, thank you for your lovely email- i will respond ;0)x
    so glad the giftys arrived and you and the girlies enjoyed them- There would have been more choc's if i could have made room in the box hehe ;0)
    glad the drawing wasnt too crumpled ;0)
    Love the crochet and the hand made teddies- i love the vintage fabrics ;0)x

  14. I remember crimplene - it was supposed to be easy to sew because it didn't fray and was kind of stiff. Do you remember bri-nylon or brused nylon - my Dad could not stand cuddling us if we had a nighty made of that because it stuck to his hand that were rough from being a carpenter! Also I remember sliding around in nylon sheets - yuk!

  15. They look lovely books, lots of cute creatures to make.
    I remember crimplene, awful fabric and brushed and bri-nylon were another couple of horrors.
    Those are beautiful granny squares, it will be a beautiful blanket.
    Carol xx


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