Sunday, 15 July 2012

A bit of a Change

We've been having a bit of a clearout today. Well I have actually, the Bun's played hospitals, made the sitting room into a land of tents and generally had a lovely time of it. Mr Bun tackled the jungle outside and I attacked the jungle inside.

I moved stuff about, changed cloths and threw random useless stuff that we've kept for an age away.

Every now and then I left the piles of stuff I was sorting and went off to cut out more oblongs for my quilt. By the end of the day I had enough and then the fun of juggling them about until they were in the right order started. I'll show you how it's getting on next time.

I blew away the cobwebs from our china and glass cabinet and had a change about of things. Some stuff got put away and some came out again.

I dumped a lot of stuff in the back hall where our bookcase bends under the weight of it all. Tommorow's plan is to get a load of stuff onto ebay for some holiday pennies. Then we'll be off to add some flowers and food to mum's house as she gets back from a trip to Italy late on Sunday night. She'll have tales to tell us of Assisi, Florence and Rome and we'll just be glad to have her back.

Later on today the Bun's and I made some junk jewellery. At the Street market last week we picked a few bits and bobs from the small bead shop we found.

I did the glueing as we were using superglue. Glad I did as I managed to glue the hamburger ring to the table in a jiffy.

They're thrilled with their new rings all chosen and made by us. With the end of year school disco looming bright jewells are a must.

Little Bun chose the duck and strawberry. Miss Rosey has the hamburger and cherries.

I even made one for me too. Glad the Bun's love plastic tat as much as me.


  1. Everything looks delightful! And the rings are just darling sounds like a nice family weekend~ Happy Summer~

  2. Such wonderful treasures!! Love the cute new rings!! The cherries are so sweet!! Have a lovely rest of the weekend! xo Heather

  3. the rings are absolutely lovely!!!
    I wish your mum a good time in Italy (where I am at the moment!) and remind her that is really hot at the moment!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  4. Good morning! You have some lovely little 'Knicks knacks' Lisa, I am just off to a car boot so my bring back some of my own! The only trouble is where do we Magpies put it all! It's good to rotate it round, I had a really good clear out last year but it's creeping back! The rings are lovely, glad your children are keeping the creativity going! Ada :)

  5. Wow! What a busy and creative day. Every time I read your posts I wish I could climb in and take a sneaky peak around your house. It is like my dream house, filled with every fabric, fun thing and colour I could ever dream of. What a sweet and lovely life.. I am quite envious xx

    1. What a lovely thing to say Nelly. Thank you.

  6. Hope your mum had a great time in Italy - how good is it that she felt she could go.

    I fear my great Tidy Up will take me longer than a day, and I shan't be stopping off to cut fabric, more's the pity! However that won't be happening just yet, I'm just pleased I can take the time to catch up on all my favourite blogs! Have to get your priorities right!

    1. I only showed the nice bits Lynne. Really I only scratched the surface maybe I'll show the realities of how much mess and toot we have one day soon.

  7. Everybody needs a hamburger ring so sweet.

  8. Such a lovely posting, the colours in your home are sooo beautiful and nostalgic - heavenly home ;0)...its always good to have a good sort out/clear helps my mind be at peace wardrobe and under the stairs cuboard keep looking at me with 'avalanche' written on them hehe ;0)x

  9. Oh, these rings look lovely!
    I have been busy with rings and fabric buttons this whole weekend,
    the weather is awfull and we are doing crafty things instead of
    playing outside...
    You did a great job cleaning up...

    I hope your mother had a lovely time in Italy, have a nice Sunday!

  10. Love your display cabinet and also how great that The Buns love doing crafty things.
    Also so glad your mum has had a holiday somewhere lovely, probably just what she needed.
    Happy Sunday!

  11. Loving your homemade jewellery, very bright and cheery!
    Victoria xx

  12. Cleaning, sorting, purging, organizing -- all on my list of things to do, just can't seem to get started. It's always so nice when it happens though.

    Cute rings.When my youngest son was an infant, his older brother (who was 3 at the time) wanted to help when he heard his baby brother crying. He had seen me cleaning out Zack's nose with one of those nasal syringes ... well, he got a tube of super glue and proceeded to squeeze it up his brother's nose. Yikes! I was scared witless, but a call to the pediatrician calmed me down. I cleaned his nose with a warm cloth and his sinus passages did the rest. Thank goodness.

    Have a great day! Tammy

  13. Hehe! I'd forget about selling on ebay. I bet the little bun's could make some fortune taking those rings into school!

    Kate xxx

  14. Just catching up with your last couple of posts. So much happy colour and jolly bits and bobs. You've brightened a grey Sunday afternoon :D

  15. I intended to have a bit of our sort out myself today.............but then the sun showed its face, so decided to do some deadheading instead......before it disappeared again!!
    Those rings are fab!!

  16. Hope your Mum got back safely and had a wonderful time. I love all the things in your cupboards - its lovely to have a good sort out as you find things you had forgotten you had. Hope you had some sun today. Karen X

  17. Oooh, you've got me all inspired! there is NOTHING like a good clear out x


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