Saturday, 23 June 2012

Naughtiness & Stuff

There's a lot of words to choose from that make me feel happy, make me feel good and really just say it perfectly when no other word will do. Stuff is one of them. It covers a vast amount of things and actions. Buying stuff, making stuff and doing stuff. Great if I feel vague or just want to sum it all up in one word. Another word I love is naughty. It smacks of childish British humour to me that just makes you giggle about nothing in particular. You can be slightly naughty or very naughty which adds to its appeal. To me being naughty is really the opposite of what it means because really it's the act of doing something perfectly harmless or fantastic. It's something we just can't stop ourselves from doing. Today I've been slightly naughty and bought lots of stuff. Then there are the two generous bloggers who have joined me in the act of being slightly naughty and sent me surprise stuff too.

When I got home from my shopping expedition today, I dumped my bags down for a mo. Alfie knew there were sweeties hiding in one of the bags so he turned his begging face on me.

Jane had warned me to look out for Mr Postie and Cuckoo had asked for my address so I knew something was afoot and then all that goodness from them turned up together.

Jane had wrapped up a bundle of fabric loveliness which she said was sure to get my crafty cogs going again.

How could they not? Towelling, fabric and scraps and some kiddywinks. I think these were called Holly Hobby (if my brain is working right) and they're the same as the stickers I used to collect when I was Little Bun's age to put my sticker book. Little Bun loves this fabric and has asked so nicely is she can have something made from it.

Just look at what Cuckoo made for me from scraps from Jane. We seem to be in our own very wonderful crafty universe supporting one another in more ways than I could ever have imagined when I started writing Bobo Bun.

Such a pretty patchy wee doll that tells me to do the most important things in life - Live Laugh Love. Think I can do that you know. There was one more gift in that parcel, but that was for the Bun's so I had to wait patiently to find out what was in there. Apart from just how exciting it is to come home to presents when it's not my birthday, it's beyond words to know what wonderful people there are out there who I really hope I do get to meet one of these days.

Well now it's time to show you my naughtiness. After chatting about charity shops and then mentioning Vintage Mischief which opened up in the nearest market town, I had no choice, but to go over there for a rootle around. On a stand I found the most gorgeous vintage wrapping paper. I got it in purple too. I'll be buying some Mod Podge (if that's what it's called, I know what I mean) soon and I have ideas for it.

Underneath there's a butter coloured snowflake pyrex dish.  I preferred the aqua, but was sold on the divider bit. Can feel a veggie roast coming on with tons of crispy potatoes and buttery veg. The real naughtiness came in my total inability to stop grabbing loads of fabric. How ever could I have resisted to be honest. 

A tin I'd spied before was still waiting to be re-homed so I grabbed that too. I must say in my defence I was strong and didn't look around the rest of the place as I knew I was in a weak and easily tempted mood. After that I headed off to the market to pick up sweets for the Bun's and weekend fruit.

Once I'd got home and opened parcels I curled up for a wee while to eat my lunch and read a bit more of my latest book. I'm showing it to you as I'm absolutely loving it. I always try to alternate between proper deep, learning something books and then light and fun books. My absolute favourites are historical family saga's where a secret from the past gets discovered. This one is a bit like that, with such well drawn convincing and funny characters alongside descriptions of sweets and an old fashioned sweetshop into the bargain too. I'll be looking out for more of this authors books once I've finished this one.

Mind you there we have my next more sensible read lined up, although it does sound good (the problem with being an ex-literature lecturer is that I get strict with myself if I only read bubblegum stuff).  What do you think of the roses? As they were all drooping in the silly heavy rain, I rescued them so they could be appreciated as I can't see us sitting in the garden anytime soon. The pale one at the back smells of sherbet and is from Miss Rosey's rose bush planted at her birth. It's moved from Brighton to Beccles and then to here. Dug up again and again and still thriving like her.

Aswell as the delicious home grown roses, I filled another pot with some pinks I got from the market for a healthy £1. The least naughty part of my spendies today.

Weekend plans, apart from the dull and need to do stuff is a bout of much needed stitching. I want to turn some of that lovely new fabric into a dress for Miss Rosey which she's already drawn up plans for.

I also have a cushion to make and some bags to stitch for next Sundays Little Vintage Lover in Heydon. I'll be selling indoors if you're about those parts. Be good to see you.

I'm off now, so I'll see you sometimes soon.


  1. If you want to read more Jenny Colgan, i'd recommend 'Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe', 'Diamonds are a girls best friend', 'Talking to Addison', and 'Looking for Andrew McCarthy'

  2. I really enjoyed reading this Lisa. It's wonderful to see you've been splashing out, brightening your world ( and ours )again. How lovely that you've had surprise presents from other bloggers too. Rosey's dress looks potentially gorgeous.. look forward to seeing it materialise. And I will look out for that book - sounds right up my street. Although it is probably in Norwich. I hope you get lots of making done for your show in Heydon. Love Gabs x

  3. How funny that mine and Jane's gifts arrived at the same time. Even odder (if that's a word) is that my gift was made from Janes fabrics!

    Have to say I am laughing. My first attempt at patchwork was quite crap and I glued the ribbon on wonky. I didn't notice when I had her in my mitts but it is obvious on the pics. Too funny! Glad she is welcome and looks happy in your home.

    Right better go, Knit Club today. So happy I could cartwheel.


  4. helloo lovely! your home is such a treasure and all those wonderful vintage fabrics! just perfect! ;0)x

  5. A great post full of lovely cheery things! Just what I needed to start my day off!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. What I love about the blogging community is how much support is offered to each other. You are going through a very difficult time at the moment Lisa but look how your 'bloggy' friends rally around! The purchases look great too, just wished I lived closer so I could buy some of my own 'stuff' and join in with the naughtiness! Enjoy your 'stuff' Lisa! :)

  7. I love your blog! Lovely, lovely gifts, and things in your home that I recognise in mine, I've even just finished that book, it's fab, you'll love it! Am now going to have a look at your friend's blogs. Have a lovely weekend, Claire xxx

  8. what wonderful gifts!!

    i love looking at all your wonderful bits and bobs around your home. Have a happy weekend xxx

  9. What lovely finds! I love the pyrex dish and the doggy poodle fabric!

  10. Really lovely post Lisa, that book looks right up my street! Really MUST get back into reading :)
    Victoria xx

  11. I have loads of "stuff",masses of it!I love it.My OH doesn't do "stuff".Is it a female thing?Heaven help anyone who has to sort my stuff when i pop my clogs(me being a bit older than most of you bloggers but i love being part of this world and am sure you don't mind a grandma making the occasional comment!)

  12. What lovely parcels from Jane and Cuckoo! How exciting to receive them! I love your purchases as well. Rachel x

  13. Lovely post, and I love all your beautiful fabrics! Your gifts are so sweet, and the poodle fabric is the cutest! Have a wonderful weekend. xo Heather

  14. What an absolutely lovely and wonderful suprise! I just adore getting suprises in the mail, especially when they are unexpected (though I am guilty of ordering things online just to be 'suprised' by the 'gift' in the mail)! We all have to be a little naughty every now and when I go out shopping and return home with a new batch of yarn for the stash...:)

  15. Buying stuff is a wonderful way to spend time (close your ears hubby!)
    I love the little tin you bought, and seeing your lovely bright interior too!

  16. Oh what happiness! Good books, good finds, and happy plans before you. The best kind of day!

  17. OoOOh, I love treats arriving by post, makes me feel like a 5 year old on Xmas day! What a fabulous haul you have there, spoilt rotten, just as it should be :)

  18. Meet me at the Cup Cake Cafe was one of our favourite books alst autumn, highly recommend it. I must have a look out for that shop Lisa, haven't found anywhere which sells vintage fabric NOT on-line here in Norfolk so will look forward to that.So - a very busy stitching summer ahead for you!

  19. Wow what a lot of thrifted goodness you have found! and lovely parcels too. Exciting possibilities. Enjoy x

  20. oooh what a lovely post - my two gorgeous friends and YOU all in a oner...I feel like I've just had a cup of tea with you all!
    And I love how your little added 'maybe earlier' on her request! How could you not!!!
    Hope you're mamaging to stay chipper, I know how special packages in the post can lift ones spirits!
    fee x

  21. ps I too love the word naughty! and cheeky, and shennanigans....fee


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