Friday, 29 June 2012

Gonk Services

Yesterday the sun shone and I had a whole day off work with the Buns. I've got to make the time up next week, but it might be raining again by then mightn't it. As it was the County Show the school's in Norfolk get closed and then we can all visit. Shame it's so darned expensive as we used to love going along to see all the wonderful animals. Instead we headed off with grandma to a beautiful wood that has the broads running through it. Lots of bridge crossing and pooh sticks competitions before we had our picnic and then a boat ride round the broad.

The Bun's chose pencils and rubbers from the shop and I got the head spinning, ball swizzling sea lion just for me. Mr Bun was meant to join us, but he ended up at the Norfolk Show for two days promoting his project instead. He's got a lot to shout about mind you as his educational business, Blue Cat Initiative, won the LSIS Provider of the Year last week for Adult work based learning at an awards ceremony in London.  

This morning when I got back from the dropping the Bun's off at school I found a few Gonks watching me. It's taken me most of the day to remember what they were called. If you were a child of the 70's I bet you stuck a few of these here and there. Mr Bun came home from the show with these and a ton of cheese, but he couldn't smuggle the donkey he fell in love with out.

Now I've been a busy bee today. I've been cutting, ironing and taking pictures of tons of fabric to list in my etsy shop as I've had a few requests for bits and bobs. I always take some along to sell on my market stalls, but this is the first time I've added some to etsy to share further around.

I've even added one or two pieces of my most favourite ever ever fabric.

Now that I've sorted all of this out it's really time to get stitching and finishing things ready for Little Vintage Lover on Sunday in Heydon. I have been rather distracted by crochet again though as I got a great book in the week which has really inspired me.

I'm having a go at tiny crochet pieces using embroidery threads to make a necklace full of flowers, buttons and bits.

After fiddling with other colours, I've finally settled on my favourite blue and yellows once more.

Then last night I started on a selection of shapes to make a new garland. I lost badly playing swingball so I settled down with my basket and hook instead. We all stayed outside until 8 o'clock. This June that's a rare thing indeed. It's been heavenly the last few evenings to be out there playing ball and relaxing with a fine drink or two. While Little Bun had her bath I hooked a few more shapes which I'd taken from much larger pieces of a cardigan pattern.

Now I've got about another hours stitching left so I'll be off. Here's to a lovely sun filled weekend to you all.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the sweet peas.Your fabric looks great, lovely photos and combinations.Some sold already I see!

  2. You have been so busy, I think you need to put your feet up this weekend :) gorgeous crochet flowers.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Lots of lovely pictures, the fabrics look cheery, do like that orange one, a few down. The crochet flowers are sweet, I can see why you migrate to the same colours, they are sunny and pretty together....we're having a little too much rain for my liking, let's hope your sunshine spreads a little!

  4. Time outside this year has really seemed so much more special. I am liking your crochet flowers really pretty. Look forward to seeing your necklace when you have finished it. It sounds really pretty.

    P x

  5. Thank you for the sunny wishes, here's hoping it reaches a little further North soon.

    Eleanor x

  6. Hi, the little flowers are great, I'm determined to learn to crochet this year! I have tried in the past but it's so hard!! Did you find it hard to start with? My friend has just asked me to make up some vintage sheet patchwork packs to sell on at a craft fair next month. I've really enjoyed cutting, ironing and putting the packs together, and of course, the best bit will be having to 'replace' the fabric! Another excuse to spend! :)

  7. Now you have me thinking do I need some of that daisy fabric!! Enjoy your weekend lovely Lisa x x x

  8. After being away in Europe for two months travelling, it is lovely to come home and catch up on all my favourite blogs. I do so enjoy your posts, so colourful and full of crafty goodness.
    Anne xx

  9. Well done Mr Bun - bet you are all proud of him. Hope you have a lovely time on Sunday and sell loads of goodies. Karen xx

  10. oOOOOOOoOOOoo. I love those little flowers! Me and my sister are going to watch the olympics (hockey) and were planning cressing up in lots of red white and blue. I said I would crochet us some acessories. Definatly inspired by these flower necklaces!

    Kate xxx

  11. oh' i do loooooovvvvveeeee the fabrics...your crochet flowers are so sweet, im rubbish at crochet i find it too fiddly...but admire those that can ;0)
    your sweet corners of your home always cheer my soul x


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