Monday, 18 June 2012

Finding the Joy of the Yarn

Sometime last week a friend of mine plonked a book in front of me. They thought it might get me hooking again. I'd looked at this book and liked it before, but not enough to buy it. This time it was from a bookclub and it was only £4 so I paid up and it was mine. My friend was right in her thinking because Nicki Trench's Cute & Easy Crochet did inspire me to get going again.

It turns out I have a few other Nicki Trench books alongside this one that are waiting to be dipped into aswell. Colourful fabrics and yarny thoughts are starting to fill my head once more.

I added to my Amy Butler stash to have a go at the large Granny Bag in the book. My work bag has completely fallen to pieces as I have to lug far too much paperwork around. Making a joyful one to take into work might even inspire a new generation of happy hookers.

As always though, once I get going I start flitting from one thing to another. That work bag might have to wait for the Autumn term to get finished (even though it seems like we're in the autumn term). I needed lots of colour fixes so I grabbed a load of my acrylic stash and fiddled about with a few Granny squares. I'm determined that one day I'll have a Granny blankie of my own.

Then I picked up the cotton and set to on another garland. Something simple that should or will be finished before everything else I've started?

Then there are the things that I started a while back. There's the hexie plates quilt, the jumper and dress for Miss Rosey and the Japanese Flower Wrap I intended for my mum's birthday (which has been and gone). I chose the softest silk mix yarn in a range of neutral and blue shades. I had sea glass in my head when I was choosing these colours.

On my trolley of joy there's even more new fabric to tempt me to make a new thing or two.  Hidden away at the back is a small pile of vintage towelling I bought from Maartje a few weeks back. A bobble trim is all they need and I have a few more gorgeous handtowels.

Then there's the everlasting question of what to do with the feedsack patchwork I stitched up one morning a while back. Seems like I've a few odds and sods to get me started on my crafty way doesn't it. I've made no plans for Friday when I have a whole long day free to me with the Bun's at drama after school. I've been sociable for the last few weeks, now I fancy getting my head down to some making and singing along to the radio.

See you later in the week when I just might have something finished to show you, you never know.


  1. I've made that bag from the Nicky Trench book! It's been sitting in a cupboard for months waiting to be lined and the handles sewn on. Crocheting I can do but sewing... not so hot! Love your squares for your granny blankie, very pretty colours.
    Hope you have a good day Friday and enjoy doing whatever takes your fancy.

  2. happily busy!!!! so good!
    love your cotton grannies!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  3. Well, I don't know, but you sure inspired me to get off my bum...

  4. I just bought the book, and love it! I adore her creations and the fabrics she uses! Love your crocheted goodies! Such prettiness today! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Heather

  5. Glad to hear you're back on the crafty path, look forward to seeing you makes at the weekend :) x

  6. Yes, bought that little book and love it, but it's just sitting there on my xhelf. Ah well. My most favourite photo is, unsurprisingly, your feedsack patchwork and suffolk puffs. I'm almost drooling over it and want to go and start messing about with fabric bits....but must nip into town to do my mega-shop before my Kiwis arrive to overfill the cottage and tug at my heartstrings.

    Good to hear you are getting into the swing of everyday life.

  7. My head is often full of the things I want to make and I don't know which to start first. I am trying to have a long project like a blanket on the go with smaller things that can give me the rush of joy at finishing. Lily. xxx

  8. What a beautiful book! i would love to have that on
    my bookshelf!
    Your crafty projects all look so perfect and nice, i just
    love the patchwork piece on the last picture, the fabrics
    you used for that are gorgeous
    I'm so lucky my vintage fabrics are on top of your pile my
    dear Lisa, enjoy it!

    Hope you're doing ok! xxMaartje

  9. Oh, you do make my inability to finish ne thing before starting another seem less extreme. I definatly have less projects on the go than you!

    Thanks for the inspiring blog as always.

    Eleanor x

  10. Doing a little of this and a little of that is just the right path to take, no pressure just prettiness.

  11. I love that crochet book too, such pretty things inside!
    Victoria xx

  12. Hi, when I was a little girl my mum made me a lovely towelling dress, the fabric was bright orange, yellow and lime green flowers. I loved that dress, it was so comfy to wear ( nothing like the pink dress she knitted me with silver thread woven in it, very scratchy!). I would love to find some of that fabric, not sure my daughters would appreciate dresses made out of it though!! :)

  13. Lovely colourful post! Always had lots of projects on the go & always felt bad about it but now convinced myself that "variety is the spice of life!" Ha! Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  14. i love all the colours and fabrics it brings me so much joy your blog, the book looks perfecto for you- all the patterns together look fabby xx

  15. Just catching up with your blog. So very sorry to hear about your sad times. Big vintage styleeee crafty hug to you. Hope to see you if you're at LVLF, Mummy Butterfly will be desperate to swap ideas with clever you. I hope the crafting helps to ease the pain a little. Thinking of you. Claire xxxxx

    1. Definately at LVLF Claire. Must post up something. Be great to catch up with you all. X

  16. You have lots of gorgeous projects to get your teeth into! Hope you have a fantatic crafty time of it on Friday.

    P x

  17. You've got some lovely projects on the go. What you need is a couple of weeks with nothing to do but make stuff with someone else to do all the chores etc. ha ha! I have the Nicky Trench book but can only look as my crochet skills are very basic. Karen X

  18. Looking forward to seeing what you make and I'm glad you are feeling a bit better..take it easy xxxxxxx

  19. funny how making serves so well as therapy for the soul. And glad you're reinspired. Looking forward to a finished project...not that it matter really!
    I'm with Jane...take it easy x
    fee x

  20. I could do with that patchwork'll see why...!

  21. Sweet Lisa, I am so pleased that you are getting back some yarn joy and the desire to use your hands in making which is so therapeutic in itself. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to just be when you need to. Friday sounds rather blissful to me, enjoy each and every moment of it, you certainly deserve it. Love and hugs xox Penelope

  22. I have just discovered your lovely blog and I look forward to reading more of it! It is lovely to have a whole free day stretched out before you! I hope you have a relaxing and creative day on Friday! Looking forward to seeing what you make. Rachel x


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