Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Brownies Make Things

The Bun's had a rummage around at my folks house and came back with my old Brownie Guide Handbook. I always loved the book far more than I ever enjoyed being a Brownie. The best bit of Brownies for me was the tuckshop. I'd buy jelly worms, gobstoppers and bubblegum all for 5p.

Looking through my handbook it seems Brownies are pretty much crafty bloggers in the making.

I made my Brownie promise all those years ago and then the Bun's joined in too and became Brownies for a wee while. It never seemed as much fun to me as modern Health & Safety had done away with the tuckshop.

I've added my Brownie Handbook to my pile of books to inspire me from the library. I've grabbed some gardening books, one about paper folding and one for Little Bun who wants to learn about watercolour painting alongside finding out more about her new interest myths and legend. We grabbed Brewers Dictionary of Myths & Legends of our bookshelf and sent her to bed with stories of Sirens and thwarted lovers. Her favourite so far is the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. I think we have another hopeless romantic in our family.

Alongside all the new books are the flowers mum gave me. I asked to have freesias at dad's wake as he loved flowers and they're mum's favourite so they were dotted around the room and then came home with me.

Now a few weeks back I set up a Craft it Forward and then understandably it was all forgotten about. I want to get that up and running again so when I next post I'll remind you about it all once more.  I'll set it up with a new end date and a chance for those of you who didn't enter to have a go if you want.


  1. I found all my Guiding handbooks a few months ago while having a 'uck out. And do so agree about the reading and planning being better than the actual 'thing' - I wonder what that says about us?
    Love fresias too, those and sweet peas are probably my favourite flowery smells. And now that Cathy at Potter Jotter has shown me how to get an image on my blog I will be able to have another bash at the Craft it Forward, phew!

  2. Lovely colourful post ... love the Mandy comic on the music stand! (I loved Twinkle, Bunty, Mandy and of course Jackie!) Hope you're all ok, Claire xxx

  3. Wow Lisa, you have just transported me back to the 10 year old me! thanks, just what I needed- now I have my own children to get ready for school! Where does the time go!!! :)

  4. I am just catching up in Blogland as weeks have passed and I haven't posted or read a word. So, so sorry to hear your sad news. Words I know can't help but my thoughts are with you. x

  5. Your kitchen is so cheerful, and freesias are also a favourite of mine. Sending you big love and best wishes, sorry for your sad news x

  6. beautiful photos, your home is just so lovely!!!!...i could re-read your post a thousand times and get lost in your photos- blissful ;0)
    love all the old books, kazzy xx

  7. I read your title in my sidebar as
    'brownies make things better'
    I was obviously presuming you meant the chocolate variety!!
    Anyway, that book looks very familiar and brought back lots of memories.
    I still know my brownie guide promise and can remember having 2p in my little pocket (for the phone!!!)
    fee x

  8. Lovely colours in those freesias they are my Mums favourite flowers too. Happy days in the Brownies I remember them well. Didn't like the Guides as much though. My sons only liked the cubs when they were outside hated the indoor meetings so didn't stick at it. Hope you've had some sun today. Karen X

  9. Dear Lisa
    I'm catching up on your recent posts, and I am so sad to hear about your Dad. There is nothing we can do or say to make it all better for you, but please know that I'm sending you a big virtual hug and thinking of you and all your family. Take good care. I know that it's hard for you to see the beautiful little things in life at the moment - but one day you will notice them again, and then you'll smile quietly to yourself. It all takes time.
    Thinking of you,

  10. That's my fave too, that Orpheus and Eurydice. Probably because one of my besties was Eurydice in a school play and she was so beautiful and played the part so well. She brought the audience to tears.

    The freesias are gorgeous. I hope the scent comforts you


  11. It is heartwarming to travel through the small things that are big parts of our memories. The freesias look beautiful, as does your home.
    Carol xx

  12. oh yes I`ve still got my Brownie book as well, it's great isn't it. And also the girl guides. They're fun to read now and again. Hope your managing to wrap yourself up in nice things, Heather x

  13. there is a award on my blog for you

  14. I remember the Brownie handbook being in my school library and I picked this book due to the endearing pictures plus my hankering to join the brownies. After choosing my book, we were then told to write a review. Now to a 8/9yr old writing a review of a handbook of an organization which I am no part of, is pretty hard going. I think I managed to write one to my teachers satisfaction after about 3 weeks.
    I love the photos of the illustrations in the book.
    When was the book published? It always seemed old to me when I was a kid.


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