Sunday, 13 May 2012

Weekend Mischief

On the way back home on Friday I bumped into a friend, who told me about another friend who had a friend who was opening a new vintage shop on Saturday. Are you with me so far? Now this friend and my other friend have an eye for the good stuff so I knew it was worth swapping our planned lazy Saturday morning to a treasure hunting one.

We all bundled into the car and headed off over the border into Suffolk to Beccles. When we moved up from Brighton we stumbled on this market town and knew it was perfect for us. We stayed for seven years and then got the countryside itch so off we went a bit further down the road. We still love it here and it seems it's getting even better with Vintage Mischief opening up.

There was so much to ooohhh and aaahhh over. Not just the fabulous vintage goodies laid out on the different floors of the old dairy, but also the pared down styling which meant the building became as much part of the experience as the vintage treasure. 

I was good and only picked up a few goodies as I wandered about. I saw one lady with this fabulous poodle apron in her hands and then luckily for me she put it back.

How could I resist adding these florals to my stash? The cheeky imp with his washing flapping in the breeze was spotted by Miss Rosey and quickly added to the pile.

There were fabulous aprons, barkcloth curtains, pyrex, china, an old typewriter, chairs and so much more that we could have popped in my basket, all just too tempting. The thing with vintage treasure hunting is that most things you find are one offs. If it's something I've been after for an age and the price is good I find it really hard to resist.

Danielle and Simon, the owners of Vintage Mischief, have got it spot on with their new shop. They also plan to hold vintage markets here in the future too, so lots to come back for again and again.

While we searched upstairs Mr Bun got cosy in an armchair. My friend Amanda, who was also having a rummage, found a stunning blanket (see her foot peeking out) to add to her pile of goodies. 

In the room across the way Miss Rosey was going about her own search. Both girls have found their own style in a mix of hand-me-down, vintage and homemade and now love looking for stuff on their own. The 1960's dress Miss Rosey is wearing is a real favourite of hers. Little Bun is hoping she'll outgrow it very soon so it'll be her turn to wear it.

Once we'd finished our treasure hunt we headed off for a wander around the town and to find some cake before heading home to start that home day we'd planned. 

Can you believe there was no rain this weekend, the sun was actually shining, that was all it took for life to feel perfect. We had a bit of time playing in the garden and doing some animal cuddling. All of our animals were heady with joy. Two of the ladies hung out in their favourite spot while the other sunbathed. They've looked genuinely miserable with soggy feathers day after day.


Pixie had a lot of overgrown grass to chomp through. She was so bouncy and thrilled to be out of her hutch, lets hope we get a bit more of this stuff.

On Sunday Mr Bun came to his first ever car boot. He has kind of been before, but he wouldn't get out of the car. He really loves all the stuff I bring back and I swear he could bring back even more stuff than me if he got the bootin' bug. He just couldn't face all the people and the tons of junk you have to wade through to find the goodies. Now he's admitted to liking it even though we only came back with some potatoes, Big Ears, but no Noddy and ate four 99's (that's an icecream by the way if you're not from the UK).  

After that we headed off for a walk around the old Roman town and chatted with the sheep there for a while. Life's so much better without the constant wet stuff.

Don't forget my Craft it Forward is open until this weekend if you haven't entered. Thanks to everyone who's already joined in and added the button to their blogs. A few of you asked how you add it. Hopefully I've got this right - first off you right click on the image, then click on save image and save it in whichever folder you want. In Layout on your blog design you go into add gadget and I think it's add html link. Then you can upload the image and the link which always starts http:// (put the blog name or whatever here) and ends with a /. Think that's it from memory.


  1. All looks so wonderful!! A lot of great treasures!! So glad you had a beautiful sunny weekend! xo Heather

  2. Wow, Vintage Mischief looks fabulous! What a lot of lovely treasure ... and you've had sun! Please send some up North ... love Claire xxx

  3. Vintage Mischief looks like an amazing place - wish there was a shop like that near me - or better still - I would love to have a shop like that!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. What a wonderful shop, vintage heaven! You found some lovely treasures.
    Glad you had a lovely weekend - and you got sun!
    Carol xx

  5. Ooh that looks a fabulous shop - would love to have a good ol rummage there :0) fab finds too!
    Victoria xx

  6. What a lovely weekend you had. I like the little imp and his washing. Lily. xxx

  7. The sunshine made all the difference! I think you may be going back to theta shop...


  8. Is Beccles anywhere near Southwold as this is where we are heading for out summer holidays this year (via Norfolk of course!)
    It looks like the perfect place to stop by. Love the poodle apron
    : )

  9. What a perfect shop! I love the fabics you bought and look forward to seeing what you make with them.

  10. Thank you, will be pestering you again nearer the time to see if there are any vintage/craft fairs I can visit during our stay.
    ; )

  11. Lovely name for a vintage shop and lovely stuff inside by the look of it. Will have to go and stay with my cousin who lives at Aldham in Suffolk and wander off to Beccles one day! Glad you had a lovely sunny weekend. Karen X

  12. Vintage Mischief looks fab - I love Beccles too so might have to head that way soon!

  13. Thanks for the instructions you included about how to add buttons to a blog. They were exactly what I needed. Good luck with the Craft it Forward project!

  14. Hey Lisa, Loving the purchases ! I have just noticed my friend lois in your picture who has the cake stall called something to savour I hope you tried her scrummy cakes as they are out of this world!. Anyway lets meet soon for a little catch up. Ill be at the Woodbridge Jumpin jubilee sunday 3rs june - hope to see you there as they have over 50 stalls! x

  15. helloooo lovely!!!! im catching up...such lovely crafty, creative and lovely friends you have. I love the places you explore to find vintage treasures! so delightful thanks for sharing! i love the material, fabrics.


  16. How very strange - I just found your blog via Amanda and although I live in Beccles I was unaware of this shop. Where is it? I am very excited about the thought of going to have a nosey! Love the blog by the way xx

  17. Dear Lisa
    Firstly I have to say that your poodle apron is making me very happy indeed! I'm so glad you brought that one home :-)
    What a great shop - and what a wonderful weekend you had, with all that thrifting and exploring and sunshine too - it doesn't get much better does it?
    Thank you so much for your visit today and your SO lovely comment. I didn't know - and now I'm so happy to hear that you are still celebrating the most precious of days, even now you're a big grown up! Fantastic! I shall tell our little people about your day, they'll love to hear about your celebrations.
    Sending you a big hug :-)

  18. I popped into Vintage Mischief this weekend and found a gorgeous dress, I think I will be going in there every time I have to just pop to town!!


  19. oh!!!! the toadstool hanging is too cute! x


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