Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Muddy May

Three lovely days have whizzed by in a blink. Bank holiday weekends are definitely the best sort of weekends. Just enough days to do everything we want. Saturday was a home, relaxing and doing what we all wanted kind of a day. I spent my time stitching a thing or two and to Miss Rosey's delight I finished her Ruffle Skirt.

On Sunday we left the frills behind and headed off to the woods. Alfie Blue went to cosy up with the grandparents in his new Cone of Shame. Poor boy keeps chewing his hip until it bleeds so he needed a lampshade to sort him out. He seems fine with it on and best of all it means he can't lick his feet which he does literally ALL DAY (it drives me insane that gulpy wet lickety spit noise).

We headed off and explored Foxley Woods which is an ancient woodland and known for the wonderful Bluebells

It all looked very blue and lovely. Little Bun loved searching out trees and places where fairies might live, Miss Rosey had a grand old time sloshing through the mud.

Every muddy puddle had to be properly jumped in and explored before we could move on.

On Sunday we went exploring and ended up at a Georgian Hall. It was a thoroughly English affair.


A brass band played while we shivered and licked our ice creams waiting for Waggytails to entertain us. Our favourite dog was Daisy the terrier who whizzed round the course.


There were dogs off all sizes and speeds from Collies and Labradors to Terriers. The slowest dog all was Dan the Lurcher who once he had done his stuff had just enough energy to saunter in a chilled manner around the course.

They were wonderful and were far more fun to watch when they did the opposite of what they were meant to do.

Now I know I did promise to announce my Craft it Forward in my next post, but I want to let you know about it in a post all of it's own. As I'll have my teacher head on for the next three days nothing else will be happening in my Bobo Bun world so I'll be back by Thursday I think it's safe to say.


  1. Oh I know where you are coming from with that licking noise. I HATE dogs licking, licking, licking. It drives me up the wall too!
    That looks like such a gorgeous walk you went on. We don't have anything like that here. I must visit the UK sometime to do lots of gorgeous walks.
    xXx Helen

  2. Looks like great fun!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. what a great weekend!!! xxx

  4. Hi Lisa!

    Looking at your last post and this one I think we must both be slightly on the same wave length! Although my addiction seems to be pretty cake cases at the mo, but can totally see why those pretty pins would become an addiction too!

    And then of course the visit to a local bluebell wood. Just magical places aren't they. I too looked for fairies, only found two little pixies though ;0) It certainly looked like your buns had some real fun there.

    Aww cute a dog assault course can quite imagine the fun and games they have. My youngest would be in heaven watching all those dogs. Speaking of which poor Alfie blue! Hope he sorts his chewing out soon. Ewww constant licking of feet! lol.

    P x

  5. Goodness your girls have style!!! Am so completely in awe of you making their clothes.
    What a perfect walk you had, I love bluebells x
    Nattie x

  6. Looks like a gorgeous family weekend Lisa. Miss Rosey's skirt is very impressive and such beautiful choice of girly fabric too! I feel inspired to get sewing again now that I spent most of my bank holiday sorting out our loft space where I sew in the Summer! Hope Alfie Blue is soon on the mend and I like the idea of your craft it forward. I shall wait with bated breath! xox Enjoy your teaching days x Penelope

  7. Love that ruffle skirt!!

    I hope Alfie Blue is better and out of the cone of shame :( Poor Pup


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