Thursday, 10 May 2012

CIF Time

As promised, here I am with news of the Craft it Forward I mentioned. 

I fancied something was needed to mark my three and a half years of blogging and to say thankyou for stopping by and reading what I waffle on about.

There's two chances to win a Craft it Forward gift made by me for you. All you have to do is leave a comment letting me know why you love making things or love handmade stuff and then what you would like me to make for you if you win. Do you fancy a Spring Posy Brooch, Whoopie Doo Pincushion or a Jolly Good Egg Cosy?

After you've said hello and made your choice all you'll need to do is paste the Bobo Bun Craft it Forward badge onto your sidebar to be entered into the draw. That way we can spread the crafting goodness around. I'm hoping that once the winners get their crafty parcel from me they'll hold their own Craft it Forward to keep on spreading the making and sharing around.

Aswell as making one gift for each of the two winners I'll also pop in a small selection of fabrics and buttons to give a little something to your making stash too. Don't worry if the colours I've shown here aren't your favourites. If you have a peek into my etsy shop you'll see there's quite a choice of colours for you to choose from.

I'll leave the Craft it Forward open until Saturday 19th May and announce the winners on Sunday 20th May. I think that's everything you need to know.  I'll look forward to hearing a bit more about what you love best about this making lark.


  1. Such a fabulous idea Lisa, your creativity never ceases to amaze me! I love making things for a multitude of reasons. It's purely a cathartic experience for me and helps me to unwind from my stressful job. I love the feel, sight, smell and touch of yarn, fabric and paper, it somehow gives me such a sense of joy and the thrill of planning and plotting what to make is part of it too! I think my creative side remained dormant for a few years and then like some amazing miracle resurrected itself a few years ago and the the rest is history :o) Blogging has also been an immense inspiration too!
    If my name was drawn, I would love one of your cherry crochet brooches, I've always admired them xox Penelope

  2. Hello Lisa..... I'm already a follower on your blog although quite new and this is really a good idea!
    Crochet is my forte and I can't imagine my life without a crochet project underway,so I must love doing it. It's to do with creativity too, and I have to echo Penelope as it also helps me relax and distracts me from my over abundant whirl of thoughts. I also like cross stitch and embroidery. Satisfaction is my reward when I have completed a project and if people admire it I'm just .....happy.
    If I should be lucky to win I would very much like one of your Jolly Good Egg Cosys...they are unique!
    I'm off now to paste your badge on my blog so other people can enjoy this opportunity.
    Amanda :-)
    at Crafty in the Med

  3. Me and my daughter love having a day where we make things, she loves decoupage, I love crochet, painting and distressing furniture, and basic embroidery. Wish I could sew but didn't inherit my Mam's amazing skills! Anyone can buy things from a shop but a handmade item is made with love and imagination ... I love all your things, but especially the Spring Posy Brooch. Have a lovely day, Claire xxx

  4. OOOhh love this idea Lisa (natch!)
    I would love anything you've made...but if I have to pick it would be a brooch! off to sort out the button....quick before the shutters come down....fee x

  5. Hello Lisa, lovely idea. Not sure how I'll get on with the pasting as I'm a bit of a technophobe but will give it a go! I'd love a crocheted brooch if picked!

    Why do I love to 'make'? because I love fabric and stitich. I love colour and texture, and how little bits of pattern added to plain fabric just lift it, how one colour next to another make the whole thing sing. I love how three layers of fabric/wadding slowly become a quilt, changing their 'hand' in my hands as I stitch. if I couldn't 'make' I would be bereft!

    Right, offto try and do the thingy........

  6. Ah, what did I tell you? I managed to transfer your URL to my sidebar but can't get the button pasted, have tried several different ways - adding a gadget etc b ut am getting no-where. The 'events' button just pastes your URL, not your make it forward badge. Hmph! never mind, my reasons for crafting remain! Good luck, everyone!

  7. Lovely craft it forward, I love making things and seeing them grow and change!!! I love all your work too!!!! I will paste your button on my blog later on when the boys are tucked up asleep!!!! Fliss xxxxx

  8. Oh wow where do I start - I love your blog and since finding you have followed all your posts - I have recently fallen in love with crochet and am trying to master the art - can do the basics but am currently looking at getting some tuition.
    Your blog makes me smile, feel happy but I am also envious of your crafting skills - I would love a colourful brooch so that I could carry some sunshine around with me.
    Not sure I will manage the button on my side bar!

  9. The reason I love to craft is getting that feeling when you pick something up in a shop, look at the price tag and think, 'no problem, I can make one instead!' I also love to give handmade gifts, its not often now that I don't consider a gift made by me when someones birthday comes up, and in my mind what could be better than knowing that someone cares about you so much they made you something (even if in my case its a little squonky!)

    If I were lucky enough to be drawn out of the hat, I would love to win one of your pincushions....they are fab.

    I will try and sticky your button now.....wish me luck.....

  10. Ok, so what am I...and a few others....doing wrong, button-wise?

  11. Hi Lisa
    Sorry, it's only me again... I have mentioned your CIF badge in my latest post today as it looks like I may well have to find myself buying some more blogger space to allow for more photo's in my side bar etc. Oh and did I forget to mention that crafting fills my soul and gives me great pleasure being able to make and give handmade, sometimes recycled and unique gifts to special people. The power of making must never be underestimated, it reminds me of the human element of my physical self xox Ok, I'm ranting on now and must stop being a hippy with all my blabbing !! :0)

  12. Hi, Just come back to blogging after a spell away to recharge my batteries and whilst revisting some of my old blogs l found a link to you, so although l am fairly new to following you 'l like what l see':) and you have inspired me to get crafting again.

  13. Thanks for this great giveaway. I love making things because it gives me great satisfaction that I did it myself
    There are no limits if you have an idea no doubt you can find a way of making it. I like the fact you can reuse and recycle my favourite idea is making a blanket out of a child's old and favourite clothes that they can keep forever. I love your spring posy brooch if I win.

  14. Well I love crafting, but would love it if I actually finished anything!

    You are amazing I love your blog and all the things you make, but if I get lucky can I have the brooch please

  15. What a great idea! I really enjoy your bright and cheerful blog, and love your crochet work. I create work because I can't -not- make things and I'm not much good at anything else anyway! I checked out your Etsy shop which looks fantastic. When you get a chance come by my blog and say hello to our tiny baby bun(one of six!)

  16. Fabulous idea! Love love love your springtime brooches! Have added you CIF picture to my blog.
    Victoria xx

  17. I love to make because it makes me feel good - I did that! My latest 'make' is a tentative forray into the blogging world. No idea how to do the button thing but we'll see how it goes...

    I'd love a pin cushion.

    E xx

  18. What a great idea for a giveaway.

    Why do I make stuff? It's essential, like breathing. And knittinhgg is wonderfully meditative.

    Right, I'm off to post your button :D

  19. Eek, what's knittinghh?! I think my laptop has gremlins!

  20. Just arrived while blog hopping, what a lovely time I had looking round. I especially enjoyed the post about the agility competition and Dan the lurcher. I have 2 lurchers and I can confirm that they see no need to hurry unless they are chasing something LOL

  21. love this idea and love your blog. Making stuff is in my blood and I have been doing it for as long as I can remember, I can't imagine not having some kind of project on the go!
    If I am lucky enough to win I would love a brooch pretty please : )
    thank you for getting me hooked on this blogging malarkey!
    Off now to add your CIF button to my blog.
    : )

  22. don't seem to be able to add your badge but I already have you on my blog list on my blog does that count? : /

  23. nope still can't do it and I'm normally pretty good with this sort of thing! : (

  24. Fabby idea. would definitely like to give it a go. If I had to pick it would be a pincushion then I'd have to get some smart new pins to adourn it!
    For me the making bug came from college where all my artwork seemed to be produced in the night. Now I make at night as an escape from my day job. I love my job but it can be a bit overwhelming at times, crafting is the perfect escape.
    Off to master the button... I may be some time.

  25. YAY! managed the button : )

  26. PS I love to craft because I love watching new things emerge from my hands - however it happens. I adore trying to up-cycle things and adapt them so that they cost little. I would adore one of your pin cushions xx


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