Monday, 23 April 2012

Stitching for You & Me

Righty O - before I say another word I'll let you know what the wonder pink stuff is called that bypasses horrible sanding. Sorry I forgot to mention it before, I should have known there'd be loads more like me out there who just want to get on with the lovely painting bit and not faff with the boring stuff. It's made by International and it's got a really easy name to remember - Easy Sand. Look for a tall square tin and you'll be in business.

Today, in-between meeting Mr Mortgage and waiting for my plumbing mate to turn up I chose one of my favourite day off things to do. I plopped a few fabrics, paper and pens on the table and got busy making patterns, cutting out shapes and managed to stitch a shopping bag.

I've a few projects I want to make from The Liberty Book of Sewing, today I fancied the easy shopper. Pretty much all the patterns in the book are straightforward and I could make them without the book, but sometimes it's good to just sit back, be lazy and be guided by the hand through the whole making thing.  I did have to work out all the measurements and make my own pattern first off so it wasn't all hand-holding to start with.  I used a metre of a 1930's playtime repro print that I'd bought last week. I fancy making a dress or a blouse in this fabric too if I manage to get hold of anymore.

As I was in the mood for chopping up fabric I traced the pattern for the Lila blouse that Little Bun has chosen next. Pale blue birdies from Tanya Whelan's latest collection to go with a pattern designed by her. The only problem so far is that the pattern told me to buy far more fabric than I actually needed so if you use this book I'd say measure your child and ignore the book.

The other bit of cutting going on was Miss Rosey's Ruffle Skirt (from the same book). We're moving out of her black clothes only phase thank goodness and now she wants all sorts of colour and print. I had strict instructions that it had to be large roses for this skirt and I think I did ok with what I found for her. I didn't get a chance to start sewing either of these today, but at least I've done the worst bit (the sewing equivalent of sanding for me).

After all the cutting out I got on with stitching up my bag. I guess as it's in a patriotic red, white and blue it'll be my Jubilee shopper.

It was such a quick and easy pattern to whip up and I really enjoyed making it.

When we road-tested the bag after school, I was amazed with how much stuff we could fit in it. It's so light and floppy that I can chuck it in my bag and use whenever I need more bags. I'll definately whip up a few more of these as it's been really handy already.

The day ended perfectly as after school my clever friend fitted the shower pump and then took the taps off, did stuff and finally solved our lack of bath problem. I never thought I'd get so excited about having a bath as I did tonight.

Have a lovely week.


  1. I love your fabrics choices and how your shopper came out!! So lovely!
    xxx Alessandra

  2. Oh the cutting out part of making - not my favourite thing either - hence the dresses I've just blogged about took a while - not to sew but just that initial cutting bit!!

    Love the jubilee bag - can't beat a bit of red/white/blue :)

  3. That bag is lovely!
    It would be perfect for a Dutch-Queensday-red-white-blue-easy-shopper...
    could you send it over here please? ;-)

    have a nice day xx

  4. You are SO clever (wish I could sew!)
    Really excited to hear about your garden party - not long now.
    green patent you say? off for a look!
    fee x

  5. Love the retro fabric in the bag - looks great! Thanks for name of pink stuff - wondered what it was - sounds really useful! Invite sounds really exciting!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. You're very clever, absolutely love the bag ... and wow! what a fabulous invitation, that will be something to muchly look forward to! xx

  7. wowza exciting!!!! yes new dress, new shoes - a hat??!!!! could make the most fabulous dress out of your wonderful fabrics- i can see you now like 'my fair lady' tooowitttooowoooo's! the bag! i want one! xx

  8. Such gorgeous fabrics! The ruffle skirt will be really pretty when finished, just loving the fabric for it.

    That shopper looks lovely and love the red and blue combination too.

    Hooray for the clever friend, you will live in your bath now! lol.

    P x

  9. Oh lovely bag! I wish I had your sewing skills.
    Thanks for the tip about the paint.I have a few bits I want to makeover but all the prep puts me off.The Annie Sloan paint is good to slap straight on,but it's expensive.
    Have a happy week. :0)

  10. Really wish I could sew! Such lovely fabrics!
    Victoria xx

  11. Love that bag Lisa, you sure are one very talented lady and your girlies are so lucky to have such a great mum! (ps. we haven't entered the "black" only phase yet, hope it stays away for a while!) xox Oooh and I have that Liberty Book of sewing on my "wanties" list :0)

  12. Fabby bag! Going to have to have a look at those books I think.
    Glad you've at least got a bath in action. I think I'd go to pieces if I couldn't have a good soak.

  13. So talented I wish I could watch you sew I need some inspiration - have a fab time at your party x

  14. That bag is fantastic! I love it and would adore one of my own. I really like the photo of it next to your little wooden scooter - is that ready for you to whizz off to the shops on? :)

    I love your blog, it's so colourful. You are usually my late night read because you often post quite late and I find a new instalment just as I'm meant to be switching lights out!

    Nicki x

  15. Lovely fabric Little Bun - it will look gorgeous on you. What a clever mummy you have!
    thank you for sharing the easy Sand tip - I have so many pieces of furniture waiting for a lick of paint xx

  16. I love the so pretty. Just like your lovely to take a peek at some of the posts I missed. xoxo

  17. Hope you had a lovely hot bath with lots of bubbles. Your always have such lovely fabric. I love the bag - are you going to make any for your etsy store? Karen X

  18. I love the fabric!! I have the same fabric, but in a couple different colors!! Love your sweet and inspiring blog!! Have a great day!! xo Heather

  19. Oooh, all those gorgeous fabrics and colours and paints....I'm completely overcome! Love the idea of wipe on wipe off pink stuff, I have a little chest of drawers just begging for a paint job when it all goes quiet on Planet Penny, about the middle of June I think!
    The Jubilee shopper is great, and again really pretty fabric.
    Enjoy that hot bath!
    Penny xxx

  20. Hello! I've just found your lovely blog and become a follower! What beautiful fabrics! I just adore the bag! Have a lovely day, Marina xx

  21. Hi, the bag is lovely, the fabric you choose really makes a difference to how good the finished article looks doesn't it? And your fabrics are lovely. I keep fancying trying something with sheering elastic but keep putting it off so would be interested to hear how tricky it is when you have done the Lila blouse, if you can? Love the blog, Karen x

  22. Your blog is so warm and inviting. Thank you for taking the time to share such wonderful photos. *-*

  23. It has been fun to see you getting such milage out of that little sewing book! Great patterns and great fabrics.

  24. Lovely bag - and i am going to check out tanya Whelan's book as those patterns look perfect for M. Thank you.

  25. Hello sweet Lisa, I enjoyed all of your beautiful photos and the color and your finds on your previous post too! I love seeing and reading about your lovely sewing projects! The fabrics you used are gorgeous! I love the bag you made! It is beautiful and the fabric is so cheerful! I am glad your day ended perfectly and your friend could help you with repairing the shower! Have a lovely day and weekend! xo~Paula

  26. ooohh what lovely sewing adventures you have had! I really must sit and work out how to sew up a an item that uses a pattern and get over my fear of it :-) x


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