Thursday, 5 April 2012

Ra Ra Ra

Mixed up with a couple of mornings roller skating and bowling we've thrown in enough crafty time to keep me and the Buns happy. Paint, glue, stickers and fancy paper came out this afternoon to decorate polystyrene eggs and keep us all quiet and happy. They look great and stupidly I forgot to take a photo of them.

While Mr Bun and the Buns glued away I drew some letters freehand. I'd seen an easter banner in a magazine and couldn't let the idea out of my head until I'd made one for our wall.

Other snatched crafty moments have found me trying to whip up enough bits and bobs to sell next Saturday. I keep finding myself looking at colour combinations more often than I'm actually turning them into something.

Yesterday though I managed to stay with it and finish what I'd started. It rained all day like you've never seen, so after roller skating we cosied up at home. The Bun's made a lego village and I got out my sewing machine. I'd found a fabulous book the week before full of home and clothes patterns and had been itching to get started with the projects in it. The best thing about the clothes patterns are they're all ones we like. There's a good mix of Little Bun age clothes, pre-teen ones for Miss Rosey and ones for me.

I'd seriously reccomend a look at this book as there's tons of great stuff in it to get your teeth into. Both Buns wanted the Ruffle-Mania skirt. Miss Rosey keeps looking at clothes from shops like Superdry, Hollister and Jack Wills. They all do the short frilly skirt, but I don't fancy the prices so I think an original from my hands will be dandy. In my day (old persons type of talk here) it was called the Ra Ra Skirt. My mum made me wear trousers, instead of my Ra Ra Skirt, when we visited Venice (aged 12 and already 6ft). I thought she was a real spoilsport. Now I've got a 6ft leggy blonde who's nearly 12 I fully get her over-protective point of view.

Anyways, back to the making. Yesterday I managed to start and finish a Ruffle Skirt for Little Bun. We chose the fabric together, not that I'm sure who it's by, in case you're wondering. The beauty of this skirt is that there's no pattern, it fits anyone. Basically it's made up of lots of strips and as long as you get your measurements right (which being mathmatically challenged I struggled with for a while) then you'll have a Ruffly Ra Ra skirt.

I did get the measurements a wee bit wrong on the bands under the ruffles so I had to add in an inch or two of extra fabric. That explains the sticky up ruffle at the back. I've learnt to really concentrate on my measuring for next time. 

Really though, if I didn't point it out then you'd be the none the wiser that I cocked up and it wasn't 100% perfect would you. And does it matter? Not at all. Little Bun loves it and has worn it all day and plans to wear it tommorow too. I think she looks gorgeous in it and now I can't wait to get going on Miss Rosey's skirt.

After that we've a few more things lined up for me to make to add to our spring time wardrobes. 

When I was in my teens and early twenties I made loads of my clothes and altered vintage stuff. I had to really as at 6ft 1" most clothes in the 80's were far too short in the legs and arms so I looked a complete idiot in them. There's far more choice these days if you're tall, but it's so much more fun to make stuff in the fabric you really fancy at half the price.

I definately think I've got the dressmaking bug again. I even thought I might search about for a mannequin to help me get my sizing right then there might be a few less cock-ups.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter weekend.


  1. Looks like a lovely book. Little Bun looks fab in the skirt and I love the colour of her leggings. I am 5ft 8ins and I thought that was tall! Hope you all have a lovely Easter. Karen X

  2. Love the skirt - well done!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I think the pretty skirt looks lovely on your gorgeous girl. I admire anyone who can make clothes. I would love to make some things for my two but I have to say I am shocking when it comes to anything mathematical! lol.

    I am only a little shortie at about 5ft 3inch but my Mr is tall at 6ft 4in. Our eldest girl has seemed to be going in the direction of her dad but has slowed down a little. Youngest has always seemed small for her age until recently and she has shot up! It will be interesting to see how tall they will become when they are older.

    Hope you are getting some good gardening in too! Glad you are just going for it, it most fun that way.

    Hope you all have a fantastic easter.

    MBB x

  4. Far better to have several original skirts than be a sheep and pay almost £60 for one from those shops!

    Are you not doing the markets in Woodbridge anymore??

  5. Ohhhhh - ra ra skirts. That takes me back to being about eight years old again.

    Happy days, happy 80's

    Nina xxx

  6. Fabby looking book Lisa! Like the idea of making clothes without patterns - they always scare me to death.
    Happy Easter Buns.

  7. Another thing on my wish list - be able to make my clothes! I can't believe you can produce such wonderful clothes in less than a day!! JW is soo expensive for things like this - have you discovered their online outlet store? Look forward to seeing more of your designs soon. Lorraine xx

  8. Love the skirt and I think I might have to treat myself to the book - for Easter of course.

  9. I love the Ra-ra skirt.what a talented mum your girls have got.

  10. Hello sweet Lisa! I love your Easter banner! You did a lovely job! It sounds like you and the girls have been having a lot of fun times! Thank you for recommending the book. It looks wonderful! I love the ruffle skirt you made for Little Bun! She is so pretty and the skirt looks beautiful on her! You are so talented and creative! I hope you and your dear ones have a very Happy Easter! xo~ Paula

  11. what a lovely skirt :) clever you! xx

  12. I love your Easter banner (happy Easter to you and your family), so bright and cheery.
    That sewing book looks fantastic and little bun's skirt adorable. Leggings are such a wonderful piece of clothing for girls to where under skirts, especially if they have legs, legs, legs. :) Doesn't matter so much if the wind blows the skirt up.
    Making clothing is so much fun, I just made a pair of P.J. pants for myself. There was a bit of stuff up but I managed to fix it and they look fab.
    Anne xx

  13. The Easter banner is so cute. I wish I had time tonight to make one. That ruffled skirt is just wonderful too. you always have great pictures on your blog.

    Happy Easter!

  14. Hi! Lovely skirt! I wish you a happy Easter!

  15. i have lots to catch up on- lovely Easter posts! going to sit with my coffee and have a good read ;0)x

    happy easter xx

  16. Hi Lisa
    Thanks for popping by and your lovely comment. Lots of beautiful things in this post. The Easter banner looks fab - so jolly and bright. Much needed today as it is peeing with rain non-stop... I love the clothes too - what a great book that is. Yes, back in the day we called them Ra Ra skirts didn't we? I guess these new milennium folk need to lay claim to such designs with new names, eh? And I love that photo of a gipsy top - I've always liked those.
    Like you I've rediscovered my dressmaking bug and have so many projects lined up. Can't wait for little peeps to be otherwise occupied so I can get sewing!
    Happy days to you! Happy Easter!
    Josie x


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