Thursday, 12 April 2012

Queenie's Waving

On the way home from our favourite farm on Tuesday we stopped off for a wander around a small town. In a shop window were a row of Queenie's, all slowly waving with glazed expressions. Being suckers for plastic stuff that does nothing more than make us laugh meant we needed one so we rushed in to bag our own Queenie. Now she sits on our windowsill watching and waving while we do kitchen stuff. Our favourite plastic friend was a chubby grinning chinese boy who sat astride a pink dolphin and spun from the ceiling playing plinky music. He fell to pieces a long while back now and I still miss him.

The day after Queenie came to visit, our heating packed up. We've an old knackered Rayburn that heats the house and water, well used to. After it flooded the kitchen with water and then we had an man over who knows about this stuff, it turns out a big thing broke in the Rayburn. Now we've no heating until we magic £3,000 up. I've been busy searching through old coat pockets for a few pennies today, but nothing's turned up as yet. Thank goodness for the woodburner, hot water bottles and the fact it's not the middle of winter.

We'd planned a tramp up to London to visit the V & A today, but had to hang around for another heating man instead. It meant I could sneak a spot more making time in. The Bun's played with Mr Bun and then we all popped out for pizza as I've been pretty rubbish at filling the cupboards with food this week.

This morning Mr Postie delivered a parcel with some fabric I've been searching for high and low. At the moment I'm just loving looking at it and seeing it side by side with some of my other fabrics. I think it'll be finding its way into some bunting and maybe some patchy pillowslips. 

Most of my favourite fabrics for patching have left the shelves and ended up in this basket. There's no room left in here so I've started another bag to keep it company.

Now, as I'll be at the Norwich Makers Market on Saturday (St Thomas' Church, Earlham Road 11 - 4 if you're around these here parts) I've been trying to get a few more new pieces made.

I've patched together a couple of Patchy Cushion covers, stitched and ric-rac'd them and now they just need their backs sorting out. No night-time sewing for me though as it's bloody freezing in the dining room where my machine lives.

I really, really love, the mustard, blue and purple mix. I don't think I'll be too sad if I end up bringing this one home again.

I've still got to stitch leaves to cherry stalks and add flowers to the tops of covered hangers and egg cosies. Alongside that we've school uniform to get and I did promise a bike ride tommorow?  Better get stitching again or I'll have a bare stall won't I.

Thank you once again for stopping by to say hello and hello to new followers. I love reading the comments you leave and really appreciate you taking the time to stop by and say hello. I always like it when there's an easy reply straight back thing on the email as I can speak back. I really like the chat and the sharing of ideas. Lisa from Knitty, Vintage and Rosy stopped by and gave me a really good idea of hers. She suggested I made cushion sized Whoopie Doo cushions instead of just leaving them pincushion sized. Already I'm planning colour combinations in my head.

What I'd really like to find out is how I get the words reply to appear underneath each comment I get left. I've tried to work it out and I just can't, if anyone has the magic know how I'd love it if you wouldn't mind letting me in on the knowledge.

See you soon.


  1. Loving Queenie! She's fantastic. I hadn't heard of the Norwich Makers Market but it's just around the corner from me so it will be rude not to go!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog and love all the patchwork loveliness!! Sorry to hear about your lack of heat and the expensive repair. YIKES!

  3. Where did you get the pattern for the croched flowers from? They are identical to ones my sister has been making for a very long time, and she's had problems with people copying her designs and ideas.

  4. Sorry to hear about your heating. Love the queen figure. I tried to get the reply thingy under comments, but just couldn't get it, so if you have any success, please let me know how you did it!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Love Queenie - she's so kitsch!

    Absolutely gorgeous fabrics and patchwork - I'll be surprised if you return home from the market with very much at all!

    Re replying to comments, I think you have to change your comments settings to 'embedded' and ensure your site feed is on 'full'. Both of these are changed via the 'settings' option on your dashboard. Hope helps!

    Heather x

  6. Loving queenie, she is so fun! Also loving your blog, you create some wonderful things and the fabrics you use are gorgeous. Have a fab weekend and hope you're not too chilly.
    Victoria xx

  7. I've replied to Nicola as I found her implication that I had copied her sister's flower design both offensive and ridiculous. I'm mentioning it here as this is my blog and I would like others to see that I wasn't happy with these accusations.
    One - if I copy anything I reveal my source and anything copied is not for selling on as my own work. All designs to sell are my own, Two - I'd never heard of Nicola until today and don't have a clue who her sister is. Three - flowers are a simple shape to make up and as a creative person I managed to work out how to make one, Nicola obviously feels her sister has come up with an original idea in creating a flower shape.


  8. Hello, good luck with the fair...your patchy cushions would be coming home in my bag if we were nearer x
    And love the fab bunnies you made for the buns Easter gifts......which you you always do :)
    X x x x x x x

  9. Hi - to get the 'reply' at end of comments you need to do two things :

    Firstly go into Settings/Site Feed and make sure 'Allow Blog Feeds' is set to 'Full'.

    Next go into Settings/Comments and set 'Comment Form Placement' to 'Embedded Below Post'

    Hope this works. Lily. xxx

  10. Hiya.

    Just to follow on from Heathers/Lily's comments, if that doesn't work - it should, but hey this is Blogger we're talking about - you'll need to ensure that you have post pages enabled (under the Archiving heading in Settings).

    And re. the copyright issue, sadly there seem to be far too many people at the moment who assume that it is possible to copyright something that is generic. You can of course copyright the text of a pattern, but there are only so many possibilities when crocheting a flower and people are bound to be independently designing similar things. Don't let it get to you Lisa ... anyone who hangs out here regularly knows how genuine you are :D

    PS Hope you'll excuse the blatant plug but I have a Queenie related giveaway going on over at knitsofacto just now, with prizes of Jubilee babyshoes and an Emma Bridgewater Union Jack tin :D

  11. Your stall will be beautiful, for sure!! No worries, then!
    xxx Alessandra

  12. Thanks for the mention, how sweet you are!

    Good Luck this weekend, and for heaven's sake, post a pic of a finished full sized cushion, waiting with bated breath! :)

    Lisa xo

  13. Good luck, Lisa, was hoping to be there as I want to talk to you about craft fairs, but unfortunately my old mum comes first at the moment!

    I too have problems with the technicalities of blogging but you learn something almost every day, and people are so kind - as seen in these comments.

    There are so many of us producung craft items at the moment, and some are even seen in magazines as 'originals' when we know people have been doing them for years. You can only continue to give credit where it is due, and hold onto your innate integrity.
    Good luck! I'll try and catch you at the next Pick and Mix in Holt!

  14. Good lord, Lisa! You, a copycat? You have so many original ideas rattling 'round in your head, when would you *possibly* have the time to search out and copy anyone else's? Sheesh!

    As for your fabric collection, it makes me sooo happy just looking at it, at the colors and patterns and the patchy things you make. You and your makes are such a splash of bright loveliness.

  15. Very entertaining blog Mrs. Shocked for you about your Rayburn though. Ouch!! Thank goodness it didn't happen in the Winter. Good question too about the blog commenting. Haven't a clue but am grateful to the commenters/ors/tators above - will try that myself. x Good luck on Saturday

  16. What a nightmare regarding the heating! :o( I'm a newcomer to your blog but just love it. I'm so envious of your fabric stash, it is just gorgeous! I received a Versatile Bloggers Award this week and am pleased to nominate you to receive it too - have a look here for more details:

  17. I am sad I will miss the Jubilee this year but then again your blog is giving me a taste of it,have a lovely time.

  18. sorry I can't help with the technical stuff (it's a bloody miracle I can blog at all!) and hope the fair went well. I would be jumping in the car (with Jane) if we just lived a little closer!
    Grrrrr to the heating - ours did the same last year - and HOW expensive is it??!! I couldn't believe it. I guess it's because it's totally necessary and not something you can do yourself.
    Anyway - at least it's summer.
    Have a good new week...with plenty of sunshine
    fee x

  19. goshy!! 3,000 that is a hell of a lot!- not easy to magic up!!. sorry to hear this- wishing for warm weather!!... ;0)
    On a beautiful bright note your fabrics are just so eye catching and pretty and look heavenly all stacked in your basket- beautiful ;0)x

    I'm looking forward to looking around the market on tues- havent been to my favourite one for weeks!
    And im in need of some local veggies ;0)x

    happy week to you all lovely buns xx


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