Thursday, 26 April 2012

On my own Cloud

Part of organising the Pick 'n' Mix Makers Markets is that I get to meet incredibly talented people.  Some have become friends who I love to catch up with now and then. A couple of them have arranged a get together next week for a few of us, plus a few more creative women I've not met before so I'm really looking foward to that. 

This week I popped in to see a friend who always comes along to Pick 'n' Mix as I'd asked her to save one of her new designs for me. I love visting her home as much as seeing her to be honest. I don't have any pictures to show you, but try to imagine the most magical place, stuffed to the gills with the most stunning thrifted treasures, fabrics and makes. I could just wander staring at it all and probably nicking one or two things if I was a naughty person.

A while back I'd seen her Happy Cloud hanging from a shelf and asked her to make sure she kept one for me. I even bumped into a textile designer who loves Sasha's work. She thought I was lucky to be getting a cloud of my very own.

I hadn't had the time to visit for a while so kept thinking of my lovely cloud and wondering where I'd hang it. Now finally it's home with us and I love it. I had the choice of a few and I couldn't resist the sparkly green sequins.

Across the room from the cloud is my snowman, who hangs there all year round. I love him too much to take him down with all the other christmas decorations.

Little Bun has quite a few of Sasha's creatures too as she's a real fan of her work. There's quite a few creatures to choose from to be honest, all dressed in recycled and vintage knitwear, trims and fabrics, I always want them all.

At the moment she only sells through markets and word of mouth, maybe one day she'll sell online so more people can have one of her gorgeous toys.

Sasha rarely does emails either, instead she sends me the most lovely vintage cards and pictures she's jazzed up herself. I think there's something to be said for this as there's nothing quite like getting a card or a note in the post. 

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post and hello to new followers. I really enjoy writing this here thing, but it makes it even better when I know other people enjoy it too so I appreciate you telling me.


  1. What a beautiful and fun cloud!! I love it, especially the face!! So cute!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a lovely day!! xo Heather

  2. That happy cloud is gorgeous. I wish Sasha did sell online as I would love one and one of those black cats too. Enjoy your get together. Karen X

  3. I love your friends toys, its a shame that she doesn't sell on line. I especially like the big bunny in the high chair but then again I love all things rabbity.
    When I reached the bottom of your post I recognised the bunny on the card as one I have knitted myself many years ago from one of my Mum's old patterns though I did the dress and shoes in turquoise. Now I'm itching to rummage through my old patterns.

  4. hellooo my lovely!...wowza! im sitting her swooooning and squeeeling!!! hehehe...I love, adore this post! what creative , lovely people you know...
    That cloud is superly wonderful!-looks so at home in your wonderful home!
    colourful joy it must bring daughter made a rainbow cloud at school on paper...and you have one in textiles- lovely!!...I miss my degree in london while at university as i was on the Printed pattern and surface decoration course...we shared the top floor department with the fashion and fine art- it was so lovely to be surrounded by such lovely talented folk that made me so much more creative and having wonderfully creative chums too- shame i couldnt pack them all in a suitcase so they could be my inspiration in devon...Enjoy your meet up with your lovely friends xx

  5. Sasha's creations are so wonderfully imaginative. With so many clouds around at the moment it's lovely to have a happy one all of your own!
    P x

  6. gorgeous post Mrs BB - need to make mine look a bit prettier this weekend! Enough hospital talk (thanks for your lovely comments)
    It's only the flamin' weekend....hoooray!
    fee x

  7. What a cute cloud! I can see why you would want one so much. A very clever lady.

    A cute vintage card in the post sounds like a lovely thing to receive too.

    P x

  8. What a lovely cloud! Also love the card, what a clever lady!
    Victoria xx

  9. Oooh I love the Angelina! My youngest daughter is 15 now but adored Angelina (named her first goldfish Angelina Ballerina) and I still have all the books and annuals. I'm a secret fan myself and won't let her get rid of them!
    I love the expression on that Angelina's face!

  10. Hello dear Lisa, I love the cloud your talented friend made for you! It is so sweet and beautiful! I love the snowman too and all of her happy creations! I would want them all as well! The card she sent you is darling! There is nothing like getting a card, especially a handmade one in the post! Have a lovely day and enjoy your pretty cloud! xo~Paula

  11. you can't beat a bit of snail mail.,,especially when its that cute :) I love your happy cloud, I have seen far too many dark grey ones this week so am very pleased to see such a lovely one x
    have a fab weekend x x x x x x

  12. Much more cheery than the clouds I've seen this week. And why don't they rain like that, it would be much more fun?

  13. Love the cloud and snowman! When and where is the next Pick N Mix please? x
    Victoria x

  14. the cloud looks super cute :)
    I loved the idea!!

  15. just WOW....i popped ivia bunny mummy and i really love your blog!!


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