Monday, 2 April 2012

Mad Hatter's

The run down to the end of term and Little Bun's birthday and party have certainly made for a mad, fun and busy week. Now my littlest girl is 10 and I'm wondering how we got here so fast. 

Our Millie is an unbelievably wise, fully paid up eccentric girl with a brilliant sense of humour that just makes you feel so good. She has a real empathy for others, hates nastiness and always befriends the kid who's getting a rough deal. Alongside this she has an innocence that means she's in no rush to grow up. She's getting every last drop out of her childhood and that makes us very happy parents indeed.

Today was the day of Little Bun's Mad Hatters Tea Party.  Late last night I bagged up sweeties for Little Bun's guests to take home.

Then I spent all morning baking. Yesterday had passed in a blur of removing about a years worth of bottles from our garage (I tried to have that "I don't have a problem" look on my face at the bottle bank), filling the skip at last and doing other yucky jobs.

Aswell as the cake I whipped up some chick and egg cakes, plus choccy dipped marshmallows. Little Bun's friends loved looking at them as much as munching them.

While I was baking and doing I got the Bun's to help out printing labels for the sweetie bags and jugs.

They also made a fabulous card garland to hang with the butterflies.  It all felt a bit last minute panic at times, but we pulled off a great party and had a blast.

We started the party with mask decorating and lathering glue everywhere. Then Mr Bun whizzed the girls outside for Alice's treasure hunt, egg hurling and an egg and spoon race while I raced around like a loon clearing up and turning the table from a crafty thing into a tea table of fineness.

Once the candles were blown out on the birthday cake, they all paraded in the garden in their beautiful masks (except Miss Rosey as I was wearing hers).

After helping out with a few bits of sticking on the masks I think I could really get into this decoupage thing. I might be covering a few things around here with sticky bits of paper when no one's looking.

It was such a lovely way to start a holiday we've been desperate to get to. It's been a tiring term this one with some major stresses behind the scenes. Now we're off to enjoy some good times.


  1. I bet you're exhausted! What have we all been saying about our lives this year - all of us seem to be feeling swamped with too much.......everything! We cut back, yet still manage to fill our days and more. I hope you take time to relax over the holidays and re-charge the old batteries!
    Mind you, judging by the lovely photos everyone had a brilliant time, and so all the hard work has been worth it. Happy Easter holidays to you and yours!

  2. What a fabulous party your daughter has had. Wonderful activities, decorations and yummy food. Looks like the weather was generous to you. Rest up this week.
    Anne xx

  3. What a lovely party, the food looks yummy! :) x

  4. Your party is just lovely, I'm so glad the sun shone for you. I love the masks, what a great idea, I bet the girls had so much fun. We've recently celebrated my oldest boys ninth birthday which was fun, but less pink!

  5. Wow looks like she had a wonderful party. I just love the butterfly masks they wore. Oh and the weather held out too which was nice

  6. What a great party, it looks like so much fun, and great to see kids acting like kids. I hope my girls still want proper parties for years to come.

  7. What a wonderful colourful birthday party, it's looked such fun. I could do with one of those masks when I'm having a 'down' day! It's quite a shock when the youngest goes into double figure, (although I'm not going to tell you how old my youngest turns on Wednesday)!! Have a wonderful Easter xxx

  8. Beautiful!! Lovely blog ~ I'm now following! So nice to "meet" you!
    Anne ♥♥

  9. What a lovely day, and lovely memories for the future ... I too have a Millie, she's 14 and has those qualities that your lovely girl has! Doesn't it make you proud to have an eccentric child who knows her own mind and doesn't have to follow the herd? Must be the name xxx

  10. What a lovely party - I am glad it all worked out. I always have a panic and worry that they won't enjoy it. Have a great Easter. Lily. xxx

  11. The eccentric ones are always the best!
    The cakes look fab and so nice to be able to get outside.
    Those Buns are growing up to be such beautiful tall girls!

  12. Ohhh wow what a super duper party. Cakes look mighty deeeeeeeeeelicious too. Happy birthday to your wee bun. Loves Ionwen

  13. Your daughter is so lucky to have a wonderful mummy who does all this for her. I miss having little children.

  14. You had wonderful weather too. Looks like they all had great fun. Have a fabulous Easter hols with lots of making and chilling out. Karen X

  15. Oh goodness, that looks like a lot of hectic fun! Happy Birthday happy Little Bun x

  16. Hello dear Lisa! I am so happy Little Bun had such a wonderful birthday! They do grow up so fast! My sweet son will be 17 in July! Millie sounds so precious! I love that she has a real empathy for others, hates nastiness and befriends others that are treated badly! She is a treasure!!! You are a wonderful mum and both your girls are blessed to have you! I love the Mad Hatters birthday tea party! I enjoyed the photos! It made me happy looking at each one! Oh, the cakes all look so yummy and so cheerful!!! Pure sweetness! I can see why her friends loved looking at them! The garland is lovely and the masks are beautiful! Such happy, sweet girls!
    I am glad the major stresses are behind and I hope there will be nothing but happy time ahead! xo~ Paula

  17. A belated Happy Birthday to Millie! What a great party and that cake looks delicious!!! I notice the white rabbit night light there ... we gave our little peeps those for Easter gifts. They've been playing with them all day!
    I hope you're having a lovely bank holiday monday - maybe you've got some sunshine? xx


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