Sunday, 29 April 2012

Little Red Rooster

One of my favourite vintage fairs came to town this weekend to Dragon Hall. Little Vintage Lover tours all over Norfolk and has recently shown up in Stockholm too. I've been lucky enough to have a pitch at the fairs ever since they started a few years back now. The atmosphere is always great, lovely sellers, with a mix of vintage goodies, including a DJ, barber and pop-up library.  This time we went along as visitors in search of treasure and to catch up with a few friends. 

Lovely Zoe, who's behind Little Vintage Lover, moves between Norfolk and Sweden where Little Majorette, the band she's part of is based. When I googled their music a while back I came across a review in The New York Times and followed the leads to this video of Overflow which I loved immediately. It's the first time I've tried putting videos on here so fingers crossed it works as I'd love to share it with you.

Right if your toes are still tapping I'll show you the things I found. First off I found my friend Emmie, who was having a bit of a house clearout, which was good as her house is full of wonderful stuff (lots of gnomes). Little Bun picked a small china cat and I spied the jolly cock. I got all round agreement from Mr Bun and the Bun's that we should take him home. Apparently his name is Mr Roos so I'll be polite from now on. I'm not sure if Emmie really wanted to part with him, so I might just be rooster-sitting.

Then when we were catching up with some other friends, one pointed out this gorgeous fabric - which I'd stupidly missed. See I wasn't looking properly or just too much chatting. A bargain of 2 3/4m of lushness. I'm not sure what the fabric is, it's a barkcloth type print, but not barkcloth as it's too heavy a weave.

After a bit more shopping, cake and chat we headed off for food and then home. The Bun's went off to pick up where their game had been left, Mr Bun did more thinking up great ideas and I got to work on a garland inspired by the colours in my new fabric find.

Today I managed to sneak in a bit of sewing time as it rained in a really stupid way today so home stuff was best all round. I started a couple of bags, one in my new fabric and got going on Little Bun's Lila top. When it came to sewing with the elastic thread I gave up in the end. I just couldn't get the right tension and decided that the nice lady in the sewing shop might know what to do.

As I offered to cover some sessions at work last Friday and I'm doing a half day tommorow, there's not nearly enough making time at the moment. I need to get my days off back and I'll be happy - I shouldn't be married to the man whose projects they are should I and I wouldn't say yes so easily.

See you sometime in the week I hope.


  1. Woweeee what a wonderful weekend, filled with gorgeousness. I love love the fabric Lisa and Mr.Roos is just so proud and heavenly. I feel the need to get rummaging in vintage goodness like this too. We have had a wet weekend of indoor stuff too,lets hope for sunny-shine this coming week! xox Penelope

  2. That fabric is lovely. There seems a shortage of nice old fabric around here at the moment so a trip to Lewes is needed. Love Mr Roos too. Hope you get some time for yourself ths week. Karen X

  3. Parabéns !Que lindos croché,amo passa lá no meu blog.

  4. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! Love the beautiful fabric, and crocheted garland!! So pretty!! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather

    1. Mr Roos looks very at home with you - However he is partial to a little jolly ride on his back with whoever fancys it ! Great seeing you too much love emmie xxx

  5. Those fabric colours are so pretty and look lovely with the matching yarns. I have NEVER mastered the art of shirring elastic, using it always resulted with much stamping and throwing at the wall!
    Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the week x

  6. I so want that cockerel, he is absolutely gorgeous. I live in Kent and we don't seem to get vintage fairs anywhere nearby...shame really. Dev x

  7. "it rained in a really stupid way"

    That will have me smiling and repeating you for sometime. It tickles me that there could be clever rain as opposed to stupid rain. Though I know what you mean as rain can be happy (Summer shower) and moody (winter storm) and fiesty (summer storm) and grumpy (drizzle).

    I've just written drizzle and now I'm thinking of baking a lemon cake.

    I apologise for not saying hi much lately. I've been reading but not commenting. It's a bad habit really as I should let people know how much I enjoy their musings.

    Hope you get a good makey stint around your work hours this week.


  8. Hi lisa,wow loving that song,will be humming the chorus all day now,went to the dragon hall myself saturday and picked up the same fabric,only wish i had bought a piece of it now,love everything you do,such a happy house hold,enjoy todays sunshine,regards amanda.

  9. I am liking Mr Roo's very much and think he looks marvellously at home! It definately has been a weekend of stupid rain quite frankly. Still sometimes its nice to stay indoors and get things done!

    Loving the colourful crochet too I think those garlands are going to look yum!

    P x

  10. what a joyful post, the fair must have been really lovely with all the pretty fabrics and vintage wares. Mr roo's looks quite colourful and at home ;0)
    your crochet and home look so heavenly and as always the colours really stand out...wonderful creations! x

  11. What a fun weekend. Your friend's music is really good. I would like to hear more! Lily. xxx

  12. Mr Roo's is completely fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your finished Garland. Claire

  13. Absolutely, that's what ladies in sewing shops are for! I have a brilliant Bernina machine but must confess many of the add-on gadgets remain a complete mystery to me; I think I'd rather do the elsatic by hand! Hope you got it sorted, anyway.

    Rain over our side of Norfolk has been pretty stupid too - the torrential variety though today has been sunny and! My poor other half was at the East Anglian Coutryside Show and got rained out both days! But when it pours like that there really is nothing else to do but settle down and do something you really love - read a book, sit and sew, or get going with the crochet hook, or whip up something great in the kitchen. Of course, this doesn't work if you simply HAVE to go out.

  14. Hya, I just love that cockerel, he is fantastic, if ever he needs a new home....... Love the fabric and crochet colours too. I know just what you mean about the sheering elastic, its scary stuff, please write about it if the fabric shop lady has tips. Love Karen x

  15. Hello sweetpea... what gorgeous fabric! xx


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