Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Four Days

Mid-week I suddenly remembered it was our wedding anniversary. On the radio I heard the words anniversary and I thought to myself, ours is at the beginning of April. Having my head in switched off holiday mode I hadn't got a clue what the date was, so for all I knew we'd missed it. When I checked on the calendar I realised all was fine as our anniversary was on Good Friday. Even though I'd remembered in the nick of time, there was the problem of the lack of one man to celebrate it with. On Friday he was going to be heading off in the wee hours on a mini-bus to take a team to play and watch football. One of the projects Mr Bun set up and runs is an educational soccer programme for homeless and vulnerable adults which has been going for years now. The project has rightly won many awards for all the support it's given to so many people, so I couldn't really moan could I. He did remind me that I'd forgotten anyways - ha!

Good Friday was spent having a lovely lunch with my folks and then having friends over for a sozzled pizza supper. My sweet mum bought the anenomes for me as I'd had these for my wedding bouquet. Plans were to take the Buns out for lunch with us on Saturday, then a friend invited them to come and play for the day as they had a new horse to show them.

In the end it was just the two of us walking along holding hands and doing just what we wanted. We stopped off at the Arts Centre to see an exhibition of Blitz photos of Norwich (which was included in the Baedeker Raids); warmed up with some hot mocha coffee and then I had a quick dash around the Jumble Sale going on in there and picked up the pretty blue apron. Next up we headed off to try out the new Vegetarian restaurant. It was such bliss to look at a menu with a choice of more than two things. The food was delicious and the company was pretty fine too.

Inspired by Jane's, lovely makes I decided to make the Buns some creatures like hers as Easter presents. I managed to finish off these wee bunnies before the real life Buns returned and get them hidden away for the next day.

Luckily the Easter Bunny turned up again this year. Very early on Sunday the Buns searched high and low filling their baskets with eggs before scoffing one or two.

Little Bun proudly gave us all a present she'd made at school. I'm so glad the teachers still make sure the children have time to make these gifts to bring home.

We had a family lunch planned, but we were all uncertain if my dad would be able to come. My dad is 85 and has declined really quickly with his health lately. He struggles to breathe and can hardly walk alongside tons of other difficulties, but he's not old in his head. He has always been a highly active man - sailing, racing cars, playing golf and running his own garage and then a boatyard. My mum is so much younger than dad so it's really not easy for her as she cares for him and can't share life as they used to. Their strong friendship gets them through though. Thankfully mum managed to get dad here and then we could spoil her and give her a day away knowing dad was safe and looked after too.

We had a great lunch with tons of laughter and ended with the choice of a pavlova and my first ever effort at a fruit cake. I really fancied making a Simnel cake, but I forgot it was in the oven and singed a few of the apostles. All the same they taste good.

Today was so cold and rainy so it was an easy choice to decide to just snuggle up at home. Horrible Histories were on, I sat happily making a few more things for Saturday's market and we all munched a bit more choc. A perfect way to end a lovely long weekend.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter too.


  1. What a lovely Easter you've had with your family, happy anniversary, Lucey x

  2. Those pictures looks lovely as ever...and a happy anniversary to you and mr Bun...have a nice week xx

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Aren't those anemones stunning. And I love the colours of those crochet button flowers you've made at the bottom. Glad you got such a perfect day on Saturday x

  5. Sounds like a perfect time! Happy belated anniversary. Loved the little creatures you made for the buns so cute!

    MBB x

  6. What a lovely weekend - happy anniversary! Tha apron you bought is so pretty. It's lovely to spend time together as a family. I'm pleased your mum was able to relax too. Hope you have a lovely week x

  7. Sounds like your anniversary turned out grand!
    Lovely bunnies and pincushions.

  8. What a lovely Easter you had. My bouquet was anemones as well. I think they are beautiful; a bit like soft paper. I find it really hard to find anywhere that sells them. Are you all vegetarian? We are trying to reduce our meat intake to almost zero and I am gradually getting together a repertoire of veggie meals we like.

  9. Eeeek, what beautiful pictures and I love how dedicated your hubby is to run such a worthwhile outlet for people less fortunate.
    I am completely in love with those darling little pin cushions- what a creative babe you are.

  10. Happy Anniversary (we clock up 25 later this month) Great photos, wonderful cake and what lovely pincushions.
    I have the same cute rabbit light.
    Carol xx

  11. Hooray for April anniversaries! My honey and I celebrated our 27th on April Fool's Day, the perfect day for us. (I'd been married and divorced, swore I'd never marry again; he bet a friend when they were teenagers that he'd never marry at all - so the joke's on us.) Happiest of Anniversaries to you and Mr. Bun, and many, many more to follow.

    What darling treats you made for your girls' Easter baskets. And I agree about the gift Little Bun made at school. Wonderful memories.

  12. I love those cute bunnies you have made. Happy Anniversary...


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