Monday, 23 April 2012


I have all sorts of fabrics in my stash that I really love, but at the moment I have two absolute favourites. I love the intensity of the colours and the simple bold prints. I've tons of the greeny, pink, yellow fabric which means all sorts of stuff can be made from it, but I've only a wee bit of the blue floral. I fancy making pillowslips from it, patchy cushions and tons more, but unless I can hunt more down I'll have to be sparing with it and use just a dash here and there.

This afternoon was yet another rainy one, so after helping Little bun bake a cake and sow seeds for an indoor fairy garden I finished stitching the bunting I'd cut up a few days ago. I wanted to see my favourite prints every day, so it seemed the perfect thing to change the bunting hanging above the table. We eat here, make stuff here, play games here and just sit around and talk here so it's a fairly busy spot.

For the first time ever I made proper neat and tidy flags. I normally use pinking shears on the edges and quickly sew both sides together. This time I sewed my triangles inside out and then turned them and marvelled at the neat edges. I'm pleased with them, but I still prefer rough and ready bunting.

All the gorgeous colours in my fabric have been inspiring me. Our dining room's been needing a new lick of paint for a while now. I was going to re-paint the walls the same colour as I still like the pale blue, but then I got my new to me fabrics and my head went off in a whole new direction. I want white walls, but this room just looks cold and miserable with pure white (I tried it when we moved in so that's how I know). Then I saw a lovely cream shade of wall on Yvestown and thought bingo. With my new gingham oilcloth and my fabrics I had the colours sorted for the furniture aswell. It'll be a few weeks before I get a chance to start on the walls, but I can still get going on the chairs and whatnot.

I got some paints mixed up on Friday morning as I was itching to start painting the tea-trolley that came home with me on Wednesday. 

I love painting, but I really hate all the boring preparation stuff. Luckily I still had the miracle liquid that does the same as sanding without the effort. It's weird stuff that looks like pink windolene, you just rub it on and then off and that's it - ready to paint.

By the end of the day I'd slapped three coats of blue on. Luckily the trolley looked just as it had in my head when I saw it on a cold morning in a rainy field. For now I'm storing a few of my making and gardening books along with a few other bits and bobs on it while the rest of the room slowly sorts itself out.

This weekend, amongst all the rainyness, I tried out another one of my new paints. A while back I'd seen a lovely sharp limey yellow from Farrow & Ball which I knew was just the yellow for me. I managed to get a fairly similar shade mixed from Dulux.

I'd decided to paint the chairs a mix of pink and yellow, but the pink I chose is far too bubblegummy and I'd pictured flamingo. So instead I've painted one eggy yellow and the other blue and I'm pleased with it all so far. The rest will have to wait a few days to get their own lick of colour as tommorow morning I have mortgage man coming over. In the afternoon my friend, who knows about practical stuff, is coming to fit the exciting shower pump I bought on Saturday. Fingers crossed it works so I can have the hottest deepest bath ever.

I realised this post sounds like Mr Bun has left the house. Well he did for a while on Saturday as he took another group to a football match. After one of his players smashed heads with another one, Mr Bun ended up spending the rest of the day in Stevenage A & E. For the rest, he just doesn't do DIY stuff, he hates it pathalogically so I do it. It seems a fair trade to me though to have a man who loves my taste, makes me laugh and laugh, puts up with me (which must be tough at times), believes in following dreams but can't fix a washer on a tap.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    As I was having trouble sleeping I thought I would tip toe downstairs and read some of my favourite blogs. Yours was the first one I read, how lovely! those colours and fabrics! Now I will have no trouble sleeping, I will dream of beautiful things, thank you!
    Your dining room will look amazing and I love your trolley too! :)

  2. looks amazing, and like so much fun! I am still keeping my eyes out for a tea trolly xo

  3. Love the bunting, love the colours, and can't wait to see it finished, will look amazing xx

  4. ah, now you see, Ada (Vintage Sheet Addict), we could have waved to each other in the wee small hours this morning! I was another sleepless blogger. However instead of doing something lovely like reading Lisa's gorgeously colourful post, I was searching youTube for videos telling me how to change the post title colour on Blogger - and getting nowhere!

    I love how the trolley has turned out and I have a serious case of the wanties, but no, there really is not another inch of space to squeeze anything else into. {{sigh}} never mind, I shall content myself with r-painting our chairs. I do like that turquoisey-blue, Lisa, and I would totally agree about trying to find the right pink. Still, the hunt is part of the fun, isn't it? (I'dlove to know what the pinkey, windolene stuff is - sounds JUST my kinda product!)

  5. Oooh I love that tea trolley! And it fits that space perfectly. If I found one I would have to shoe horn it in somewhere. My old man is also not a DIY person. He can do it (sort of) but hates it with a passion and if he does anything the accompanying swearing and puffing a blowing makes it a miserable experience all round, so I do it. I'm also better at it, painting anyway. And I enjoy it!
    Have a good day!

  6. Oh! those fabrics!...i have teeny tiny pieces of each of the two fabrics
    in the first picture, love them!
    The white fabric with the mossgreen leaves and brightpink roses which you
    used for your bunting flags is one of my favorites! i made a
    pillow cover with this (see my blog!)

    I love to paint.
    There is a tin of vintage lightblue paint waiting here to be used...
    We finally moved the heavy closet to the kitchen last weekend which gonna
    be my victim, can't wait to start painting!
    Your lovely trolley makes me wanna start painting even more :-)

    have a good week, xx Maartje

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  8. Greetings to you Lisa!! Your Colour's are Sew pretty on this April showery morning....hehexx Thanks for brightening my day..... xxx

  9. Love all your colour choices! That green has got me in particular, can just imagine a lovely unit or something wearing that colour proudly!

    I love colour and have my dinningroom chairs array of colours and like yours our dinningroom is the hub of the house it all goes on in here! lol.

    Hope you get your pump working and can realise your bath tub dreams.

    Thank you also for your thoughtful comment on my blog too. It good to get others perspectives!

    P x

  10. Gorgeous post, full of lovely bright, cheery things! Bunting is superb and I love the colours you have painted the chairs and little trolly!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. What make is the stripper stuff? I hate the prep of painting too. It puts me off renovating / recycling furniture. The paint colours are lovely - like 1950s icecream parlours. I need to do something with my kitchen chairs but true to IKEA although the frame is solid ash, the rounded seat and back are MDF and its started to break down. Not really sure what I can do with them. Good luck with the rest of your project. Lily. xxx

  12. Ooh the tea trolley looks GoRgEoUs! Am loving those paint colours so bright and happy!
    Victoria xx

  13. Lovely things going on over here, I love the trolley...can't imagine how I managed without mine now :)
    And I'm with you on the bunting...rough and ready is my preference too :)... Have a lovely week full of painting and hot baths xxxxx the perfect combination x

  14. Wow what a transformation! I just love the new look tea-trolley. I think you'll have to share the secret pink windolene stuff with us all ;)

  15. wowza colour me beautifully happy- such a gorgeously brght, cheery post ;0~)
    lovely bunting creatings- i adore your vintage fabrics ;0)...painting more colours- delightful, happy week bright bun ;0)xx

  16. I love the colours in your post today - just what I needed to see on a dull, dreary Monday. I'm with you on the pinking shears, double sided, 'rough' looking bunting (my favourite too). Please do share the secret of the pink windolene stuff - it sounds like it will be the answer to my prayers!! xx

  17. Ahhh such pretty things and colours Lisa. I wish I could paint some of my bits and bobs but hubby prefers to see the wood! I do love the eggy yellow of your chair and the beautiful blue of your trolley. Your dining room is really starting to come together and no doubt will become a very cheery sight all bleary eyed first thing in the mornings :0)Have a great week xox

  18. Hello Lisa - I painted a chair yellow at the bizarre - great minds and all that. I've still to finish mine off though as I ran out of paint - teach me to trust a tester pot!

    I hope all is ok with you guys and the rain isn't getting you down too much - drought in the funny.

    Take care an big hugs

    Nina x

  19. The trolley is just the perfect shade of blue and what a lovely poster above it! Poor Mr Bun must have hated A&E hope the boy is ok now though. I was once told that DIY means Don't Involve Yourself. Karen X


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