Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Busy do Nothing

This morning we all decided on a plan and that was to make no plans for today. We needed to just go with the flow and do whatever we felt like doing. The best thing about the holidays is chucking out routine when the clock decides every minute of the day. The Bun's wanted a jammies day and I wanted a no routine, no sense of guilt that there were a million things I should be doing rather than what I wanted to be doing kind of a day.

This kind of day meant I slowed up. I took time staring out of the window. Watched the hens race around pooing and eating for a while.

I took pleasure in just looking around. I had to remind myself it was ok to switch off and just amble around in my slobby clothes. There was no work I needed to plan (except for the pile of paperwork that I'd decided I was going to ignore) and no cleaning was going to be done today. I did have to feed everyone mind you as they kept moaning they were hungry.

When the Walrus of Love belted out You are my Everything on the radio, I turned him up loud and we had a whirling disco dancing session. I imagine a lot of families do their best dancing in the kitchen, it's definately where ours seems to happen. I doubt I'm teaching the Bun's any cool moves though, but we all seriously enjoy a twirl and a shimmy.

Dancing over and I went off in search of a crafty book. Among all of my favourite things in our home, these wee fella's are among my most happy making. They sit and prop up a pile of my making stuff books.

I got an urge to start a bit of sewing, but couldn't really settle to anything.

I was more in a wandering around looking mood. I was enjoying looking properly at our home and seeing some of the things that make me happy and so glad that I live here.

Before lunch I had a wander around the garden with the hens. My favourite thing is to hang up washing early on a summers morning with just the hens clucking around me for company. This simple thing always makes me feel so peaceful and good to be alive. This morning I took my time over it. I cuddled Pixie our rabbit and had a good look around. 

Then that sewing urge came over me again. I want to make some more patchy cushions for the market I'll be at next week. I fancy making them as a smaller version of the jolly one we have on our bed.

The Buns sat at one end of the table drawing while I chose fabrics, cut them out and pinned. Then we decided it would be much more fun to watch a film and eat popcorn.

We hadn't seen my last charity shop video buys, so the choice was between Titanic and Death on the Nile. Both boating disasters, but Titanic won the vote with the Bun's. I'd have liked to have seen Peter Ustinov sleuthing again. I'd liked Titanic the one time I saw it when it first came out, but thought it would have been a heap better and less cringey without Leonardo.

The bonus with Titanic was that it's a long film so we grabbed popcorn and choc and snuggled up for a cosy afternoon. 

I feel I've got my head into this time off lark properly now. I had fun playing with the new thingies on Picassa as there were no lessons to be planning tonight. Tommorow night I want to have a good read and catch up with all the blogs I love reading and try to pop over to say hello to the new readers who have left a lovely message here lately. Basically we're going to slow down, enjoy time together and do whatever we feel like.


  1. Hello sweet Lisa! I enjoyed all of your beautiful photos! I am happy to hear your holiday is off to such a wonderful beginning! It sounds like you and the girls had a happy and fun day! I love your beautiful home and all of your sweet vignettes! So many things to make you smile! Dancing in the kitchen is a fun thing to do! Those little animals are so cute. I have two poodles, like the little lamb on the end. :) Your patchwork is so pretty! Love all the fabrics! Enjoy the holiday and your happy times together! xo~ Paula

  2. Oh, I do love a PJ day can't wait till thursday when holidays start.

  3. Ahhhhh, that's a lovely post. I feel chilled after reading that. We're hoping for full on nothing this week, just pottering and pleasing ourselves :) Hope your day is as delightful today :D

    Jo x

  4. I too am in that happy place with no lesson planning to be done! It's feels great , like a weight lifted and suddenly lots more brain space! Is that a pink fridge I can see in one of your photos? I would love a pink fridge!!!!
    I would also love to see a picture of pixie the rabbit?! I have four rabbits and yesterday made up for cuddles that I have missed during term time!
    Becky x

  5. Love the gorgeous colours in your new patchwork, just so happy and sunny.

    Your day sounded lovely, hope you continue to enjoy your hols.

  6. Those days are needed sometimes and it seems to me you did a good job.
    Oh my, how i looooove your patchwork, it always brighten up my day!

    xx happy Tuesday

  7. Mmm that patching's looking good!
    Love days like that just house mooching.

  8. Sounds absolute bliss...I don't have time off till next week..am ticking off the days. Nothing better than a bit of crafting, a bit of film watching and a bit of chocolate. Dev x

  9. Thanks for that moment in your life, it's so easy to take your home for granted. I need those fabrics for my hexagon project!!!
    Happy days!

  10. What a lovely day,just mooching.It is so good to slow down and not be rushing here ,there and everywhere.

  11. Hi,
    I have been reading your blog for a while and i feel bad i don't comment more often. I love days like the one you described. I also think I have a piece of that bright green with flowers material i saw in your stash and the big pillow.

  12. I love days like these. I think that its this sort of things our children will always remember; more so perhaps than the big days out. Little Son and I call them our 'Cuddles Days'. Sometimes we don't even open the curtains! On those days I try and get a takeaway so I don't even have to cook. Lily. xxx

  13. Now there's a woman with a plan! Firmly in your moochy boat with you Losa - only not the Titanic if that's ok!

    We had two pyjama daya in a row on Fri & Sta. Jsut what we needed!

    And what a cheery tour around your home and garden. Thanks, I loved it.

    Have a lovely week.

  14. Enjoy your Easter holidays together.
    We're in full Titanic mode over here at the minute!
    Vivienne x

  15. Sounds like proper downtime, and that's something we all need :D

  16. Sounds like a prefect day, we all need to switch off sometimes. :) x

  17. Hi Lisa, I like the sound of your day, we had a similar one with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and then baking..have a lovely easter weekend..x x x x x x x x

  18. Hello love your blog! I'm new to bloggin and i'm finding some blogs and I ABSOLUTELY LOOVVEE your blog.


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