Wednesday, 14 March 2012


In the middle of the night last week, thieves dug up a mile of the phone cables to our village. The phones been dead since, which I'm ok with, but there's been no internet either which none of us are ok with.

Hopefully - fingers crossed - we'll be back in the C21st century soon. For now I've dragged my laptop to work and am catching up on the world in my breaks. 

I'm missing my blogging fix, but I'm definately getting more making done.  With Little Bun's birthday makes, easter and then a market coming up that's not a bad thing at all. 

Oh and if you're interested - the cottage in the pic is a smoking one I got for Mother's day last year. You put a fag in the back door and smoke blows out of the chimney. I gave up when I was pregnant with Miss Rosey so none of that smoking malarkey is left to see if it works. 

Hopefully I'll be back in blogging world properly again soon.


  1. Crikey! It can't be easy to fence a mile of ex-underground cable...

  2. People steal the oddest things. I had a call once from the police to say someone had stolen my front path!! Even though it was my path I had a job to keep a straight face when talking to the insurance.

  3. hello lovely! internet dongle (plug in internet thingy with a sim card like a phone)...keeps having a dodgy i know the feeling, i cant surf in the evenings at the moment- it will turn of and on like it having a fit!- its lasted 4 years guess thats good going for modern techno!...i dont have a home phone.
    I cant believe theifs steal things like that! but guess there thinking its worth something to someone...i hope they fix/replace soon!!...I love the smokey cottage - how sweet!
    have lovely mothers my sweet with your girlies ;0)xx

  4. You stick a fag in the back! Priceless! What about getting your hands on some of those incense cones? That would be a safe and fragrant way of testing it out.

    Bloody thieves.


  5. Oh I have missed you lisa!!! What a thing for people to do gosh I wish we could all start a blogging village where only friendly crafty folk lived!!!! He he, I love ur little cottage, take care, fliss xxxxxxxxxx

  6. I forgot to say theives stole my mums plants pots, they took the bay trees out and left them by the house and just stole the pots, funny thing was they were only cheap plastic pots!

  7. Smoking cottage - strange, but nice to look at (with or without smoke)!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. oh my goodness i love that little smoking cottage....i sooooooo want one:)

  9. Blimey - the lengths they go to, but I can't understand why they would want to pinch that.

    Hope you're back up and running soon.

    Nina xxx

  10. How odd and yet no one noticed.
    Hope you're soon back connected.
    Henny x

  11. Jeepers what will people steal next? I wonder if the wires were copper?Maybe they are worth something? I know thia used to happen a lot in South Africa at one time. It's amazing how much we do get done without internet access...:0) The story of the fag and chimney made me chuckle! look forward to having you back on line and I wonder what this mother's day will bring! xox

  12. It really makes the mind boggle what people will steal they don't think about the consequences for others. Sorry you have been without the internet but like you so its given you more time to sew which is a positive ;-) That little cottage is sweet could you use it for incense sticks instead? dee x

  13. It just gets worse, cables, church leading, street signs, drain covers..........
    Incense cones would be perfect for your lovely cottage.
    Carol xx

  14. oooh, I think these days I'd fall apart without the internet. Isn't that pathetic? It's horrendous what people will steal, and the inconvenience it causes for all us law abiding lot! I hope they get it sorted soon and you are back with us in bloggyland!

    Penny x
    PS The cottage is amazing!

  15. Years ago as local radio in Bath reported a spate of thefts of garden gnomes from houses all in the same close, someone phoned in to say the gnomes were queuing at a bus stop around the corner. And they were! People do the craziest things, sadly some are more benign than others, I just hope that you get your internet back soon.


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