Monday, 26 March 2012

Springing Forward

Somehow life is overwhelming me at the moment. So many many things to do and so very very little time. Thank the Easter Bunny that as of next Monday we have two glorious weeks off to do pretty much as we please.

I'm busy putting last minute stitches into a dress for Little Bun and one for her dolly Kitty. Finally, collecting two of her presents after work tommorow, before an evening of cake baking, present wrapping and balloon blowing.

Then on Wednesday our gorgeous Little Bun will be the grand age of 10. She was born at home and arrived, sucking her thumb, as chilled out as could be. I remember hearing birdsong and children playing outside which helped me feel as calm as her.

Miss Rosey wasn't thrilled with the new arrival for a long while. Now they are the best of friends, sisters with only a year and a half between them. I told Miss Rosey tonight that if I had a big sister I'd like one just like her. 

Alongside birthday preparations, Easter is under way too. I was less of a control freak this year and actually let the Bun's decorate the easter tree on Saturday without one hint of inteference.

In the afternoon we headed off for the school easter egg hunt. One of the families at school live in this amazing hall with their parents and they really kindly let us use the grounds. We drive past here every morning on our way to school and always fancied a good look round.

Coloured turkey eggs were hidden everywhere, as well as a golden egg. Three eggs won you a choccy egg. After lots of cake and lazing in the sun we gambled our pennies on a spot of egg rolling. Closest to the chocolate rabbit won.

We've still an Easter Bonnet to make for the morning parade at school on Thursday and then the school Easter service before the weekends party planning can get going.

Spring's definately my favourite season.


  1. What a fab spring post! The blue skies for your Easter Egg Hunt, gorgeous Easter tree and love love love the hand embroidered label! Perfect for this gorgeous weather!
    Sally xox

  2. You are so busy! My Christmas season is like this as Little Son was born on 30th December and it all rolls into one huge 'thing'. i get overwhelmed then! I love the label on the back of the dress. Have a lovely time. Lily. xxx

  3. Must get the easter decs out this weekend, can't believe how quickly it has crept up on me. Have hung a garland or two and that's about it. Love the label in the dress. Dev x

  4. Spring is my favourite season too!!
    Rabbit and chocolate, doesn't get any better than that! :)

  5. I love easter decorations, so spring like and sunny! This grand old hall looks like an amazing place to live. I too would have been intrigued to have a look around!
    Jess xx

  6. Gorgeous post sweet Lisa! The dress you are making for Little Bun is beautiful! I love the "made with love" tag! So sweet! I hope her birthday is a very happy one! How wonderful she was born at home and you both were so calm too! What a blessing! Miss Rosey sounds like a wonderful big sister! The both did a lovely job decorating the Easter tree! It is so cheerful! The hall is amazing! What a fun time you all had there! Spring is my favourite season too! xo~ Paula

  7. Happy birthday for tomorrow to your baby girl - march 28th always seems to be a day filled with sunshine and bird song. It is one of my strongest memories (apart from giving birth) twelve years ago.

    I've just spent the morning wrapping presents!

    Have fun tomorrow - shame it's a school day :(

    Nina xxxxx

  8. What a clever mummy you are,and what a lucky girl you have. I love the Easter egg tree. I had to do a double take a the photo of the hall, as it looks so similar to my secondary school'Shaw House' Beautiful pictures and inspiration as usual, and I love the 'Made with love' detail.

  9. Lovely spring feel over here...I am looking at your tree with envy...flock bunnies :) I love your story of #2's arrival ..I think she will LOVE that dress x
    Have a lovely week xxxxxxxx

  10. Lovely Lisa
    My heart skipped a happy beat when I read your words about 2nd bun being born, how very beautiful the experience must of been. I am a second girl and I think I can relate to the calmness in amongst my sister's bewilderment of me being born. It's fab to hear that Rosey is a super sister, unfortunately it's taken many years for me and my big sis to be real friends, but we are now, something i feel blessed about:0)

    Spring just gives the best energetic feeling of new life and love to be had, I wish you all a wonderful Easter break and many happy returns to littlest bun xox

  11. Hope Little Bun has a wonderful day tomorrow and hope you got all your makes finished in time. I'm a March baby too and so's my eldest it's a lovely month for being born in.
    Have a fabulous Easter holidays too. Karen X

  12. Goodness what a beautiful place. Sounds lots of fun.

    Gosh this growing up lark goes fast doesn't it. Sure you'll all have a smahsing day.

    Your tree is so pretty - must get ours organised!
    Enjoy yourslef Lisa
    Take care

  13. such a delightful post ;0)
    Your makes always inspire me ;0) i love all your fabrics and details in your makes that make it personal from mrs bobo bun. Your easter decorations are beautiful- i want a second look ;0)x!
    your home is such a colour and delight! x


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