Friday, 2 March 2012

Searching, Sometimes it's Stinky

I'm so glad I held on to the annuals and books that I loved when I was the Buns age. I lost myself for hours in books. The annual that came in my christmas stocking was read and finished by christmas afternoon. After christmas my dad would bring home a reduced annual which was even more of a treat.

The Bun's have now whizzed through all my old copies of Judy, Bunty, Tammy, Mandy and June. Misty has been saved for daytime reading as it's a bit spooky. 

I've now started searching in charity shops for more to feed their habit. The car boot starts up again this weekend and there'll definately be a few more there. Failing that there's always ebay, but they're pricey on there. 

Mind you, ebay is pretty good at solving the search for many a dreamed of thing. Of the several bits of gorgeous fabric I've had from Jane, there's one that is my absolute favourite. I love it so much, so I've stopped using it. That way it'll never be all used up. Then last weekend I stumbled across a large sheet and pillowcase of the adored fabric on ebay. I bid big bucks to bash everyone else out of the way as I wanted it bad.

When my parcel arrived this week I ripped it open and the most stinky fusty smell filled the room. I've washed and washed it, now it's getting the overnight air treatment. I'll have a major sulk if the stink doesn't go and I can't use it. There's lots planned for this sheet - Miss Rosey fancies a dress from it which is pretty brave I think. Smell or no smell.

Alongside my sheet daydreams I've been tempted by yet another project. I think I'll keep this one in my notebook for a while as I'm starting too much right now and not getting anywhere with half of it. While my students were doing a bit of research in the library this week, I managed a quick flick through some magazines. I was completely drawn to the colourway and thick open rib of this blanket and immediately wanted one of my own.

The speed I knit at though I think it'll be a long wait.

I'm really glad you enjoyed our trip to the seaside on my last post. Seems a fair few of you already know the delights of Southwold.


  1. I remember getting a Misty Annual once one year and it scared me to death .. I'd love to find a copy of it now though.
    My regular comic was Tracy/Tracey, always had a budgie on the cover

  2. I do envy you your collection of Annuals. My mum was a great one for culling what she considered outgrown and passing them on to younger members of the family. I hope they enjoyed them, but I wish I still had them! I know just what you mean about that fusty smell. I dread opening Ebay parcels in case that happens. and if they come from a smoking household too...AAAH!

  3. That sheet is gorgeous and so sunny i hope the smell comes out for you nothing worse than that to linger around. Have a great weekend, and good luck at the carboot, dee x

  4. Stinky sheets and cute books, i enjoy reading your posts so much!!
    wish you a very pretty lovely weekend.


  5. Oh - shame about the niff. I hope the fabric is fresher today!

    Those annuals bring back memories and it's so ace that your girls are enjoying them.

  6. Aaaaw, I had that Bunty Annual!! I also have a little collection of Bunty and Mandy which I have passed onto my daughter, I love having a little peek inside them x x

  7. I'll bet Jane has a trick or two up her sleeve for getting rid of wiffs. I think white vinegar and bicarb are good for stinky pongs.

    Ebay is a funny old thing. Quite often they'll say it's from a smoke and pet free home but when the stuff arrives it pongos and then my husband starts sneezing his head off and starts wheezing and his eyes stream. He is so allergic to cats.

    Oh the things I wish I still had from my childhood. I'm a bit or a hoarder so it's just as well my Mum had turf outs I guess.


  8. Not sure what to do about the whiffy sheets other than fresh air, lots of fabric conditioner and febreeze. I once bought wool off ebay and it stunk the seller was miffed when I gave neutral feedback without a reason but I was so polite I didnt want to tell her her goods were stinky! Good luck - and the sheets are super. I was lucky enough to win the giveaway over at Jane's I was so excited!

  9. It's so frustrating when something you're excited to find smells fusty. I bought a lovely little floral dress on ebay and that was stinky. I've washed it four times now and left it airing outside but the smell won't go. Hope you manage to fix your pretty sheets. :)

  10. Don't think I've ever read Misty Annual - must look out for one!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Glad your blog is not a scratch'n' sniff one!! The sheet LOOKS fab.

  12. I used to buy from auction and sometimes when I got the lots home, the smell of mothballs was so obvious. It used to make me feel sick and nothing would get rid of the smell. I hope you get your fabric freshened up, I know how frustrating it can be.

    Sam x

  13. Aww brilliant - how lovely to see those old annuals. Bunty was fab - which was the one with The Four Marys???
    Henny x

  14. Gosh, those sheets from ebay are divine, I do hope the smelly-ness goes with the fresh country air treatment! I too used to while away many an hour reading annuals and re-read them over and over again in the school holidays. I do hope your girly girls get just as much enjoyment out of them as we did xox

  15. the Sheet is great such a shame about the smell, I had it recently with a beautiful old shawl I bought and it took alot of airing but seems to be OK now so keep at it.

  16. That's half the problem I'm afraid Mrs B with old fabric, but I do hope it washes up nicely because it's sooooooo pretty.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  17. Hey Lisa....I hope you're well Lovey....!!

    Your Annuals bought back MANY happy memories....**sigh**.... We really were so lucky to have grown up when we did....!!!!

    Sorry about your STANKY sheet....I hope you've been in contact with your STANKY Seller....!!!!! Thank Heavens it's such a GORGEOUS design ....!!

    Hope you're all having a SPLENDID weekend....Me & my JINGLY JANGLY are sitting in my van at the market waiting for the rain to stop....**sigh**....

    Cheers from OZ,
    Tamarah :o)

  18. I love that pattern too, can't believe I only have the pillowcases left from my stash....don't worry it wasn't me bidding :)
    Cuckoo is right, I reckon soda crystals might do the trick...
    I can't wait to see what you make with it xxxxxxx

  19. Stop with the vintage sheet shots, I have a real problem at the moment resisting buying vintage fabric, i think I may need some form of therapy :-)

  20. Lovely sheet and pillow case and books xx

  21. All my lovely annuals must have been given away - I would love to still have them now. I soaked some very fusty smelling fabric in a strong sea salt solution a few days ago and then hung it on the line and it's cleaner and sweeter smelling now. Hope you can get rid of it's whiff as it's so bright and pretty. Email on it's way to you tomorrow. Karen X

  22. Hi - I have just given about twenty of my old annuals to my neighnbour's little girl. I have kept them all this time but my Little Son just isn't in to them. We are moving this year and I have so many books. I just took a deep breath and handed them over. Hope I don't regret it. I too remember Christmas morning with a Bunty or Misty. Do you remember 'Diane'. I must say I have kept back my Twinkle annuals. They inspired my love of daisies!!

  23. I used to read Bunty, I think I still have an annual somewhere. :)
    The fabric is really bright and pretty isn't it? Keep persevering with the smell removing, it'll be worth it! I look forward to seeing what you make, it's sure to be gorgeous!
    Jess xx

  24. Ah Bunty what more could you ask for on Boxing Day, a selction box and an annual bliss.
    Cate x


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