Sunday, 4 March 2012


Being very mad keen on all things to do with animals and having a would be shepherdess in our family, we were first in the yard at the agricultural college's Lambing Day on Saturday.

There's a dreadful disease called Schmallenberg Virus affecting a lot of flocks at the moment. Thankfully none of the sheep here have been affected by it so all the lambs born  so far have been healthy and well.

To stop awhile and watch the antics of the lambs getting used to their gangly bodies was the perfect start to our day.

Despite many heavily pregnant ewe's waiting to give birth, we weren't lucky enough to see a lamb born this time.

Little Bun did get a cuddle with a three day old triplet though. This one's being bottle fed as ewe's can only feed two lambs.

In the hospital nursery we saw a very demanding lamb jumping and pounding on his mother's back. Desperate for her to stand so he could feed again. How ever much she jiggled he managed to cling on.

Sunday has been all rainy and pretty grim. As we all fancied a home day it was the perfect weather. The Bun's played all day and I got a small bit of stitching done.

I'd bought some fabulous zingy towelling from Maartje before christmas. Only a small amount, but just enough to make a handtowel and it's taken me months to finally make it.

I chopped the shapes to sew another tunic, this time from Amy Butler's Chinese Lanterns. Also I'm so pleased that stinky fabric is no longer stinky so I kept it by my side so I could muse upon it's possibilties.

I love my wee handtowel with it's pink pom pom fringe, so much more exciting than our Aga towel.

The rest of the day was a cosy blur of cake making, cake eating and knitting.

As much as I enjoy a rainy day cosying up inside, I'd like the sun back again tommorow please.


  1. Wonderful post. Love seeing the lambs, especially that demanding little one.
    You towels make mine mundane. Must think about doing something about that.

  2. Such cute photos. looks like your weekend was very similar to ours - baaa!

  3. Oh my, that's a pretty towel!
    Thank you, love it.
    Baby-animals are adorable, so cute.

    have a lovely day dear Bun,

  4. aahh what a lovely day out those lambs are adorable bless them. So glad you were able to get the smell out of that sheet. Loving your tea towel the trim is so sweet. dee x

  5. Love the lamb photos, just irresistible! And your cake looks scrumptious, even at breakfast time!

  6. Lovely post! The little lamb on it's mum's back is so cute. The towels are lovely. You seem to pack so much colour into each photo! I love looking at your blog there's always something lovely to brighten up the day. Juliax

  7. Wowzers such a joyous Sunday - lovely lamb pics, so sweet.

    Hey, I have a doggy made of the green fabric on the right of your photograph, I was staring and staring at it and then I remembered that Bonzo is made of it! He came from Couverture which just goes to show what extraordinarily excellent design credentials you have!

    We spent the day whitewashing the inside of the cow-shed, it was freezing and buckets of rain fell, so I am very happy to luxuriate in your Sunday instead!

    sarah -x-

  8. I love lambs - they make me feel full of hope

  9. awwww bless the sheep and lambs- love the one on his mothers back ;0) 'my turn next' hehe.
    Love the Springy-ness of this post...looks like a lovely weekend was had x

    we have the sunshine! it has been a bit rare in these 'errr parts'. so loving it! x

  10. I'm getting a flashback of the towelling bag my mum made me for my swim suit when I was at primary school... I'm sure it was that print!!!


  11. Lambs are so adorable and cuddly.
    I love the way they call out to their Mums.
    Love your pompom towel.I have a 'thing' for tea towels at the moment! :0)

  12. That lamb on his Mum's back is sooo funny. Spring really has sprung hasn't it :D

  13. Lambs are the reason I became a vegetarian at 6 yo and have stuck to it ever since. I love them, little sweeties.

    I do like your fabric choices. I'd love to get hold of something similar. They look great.

    Sam x


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