Friday, 16 March 2012


Woohoo - we've been connected back to modern technology, so here I am again.

Instead of googling and blog reading in the evenings I've been knitting and hooking. The floral coasters have proved addictive.

I've started on a run of Good Egg cosies for easter and have been making endless flowers for Spring Posy Brooches.

Then there's Little Bun's 10th birthday at the end of the month for which I've plans a plenty. I've chosen some Amy Butler Peacock fabric to make her a tunic dress. With aqua footless tights and bright ballet pumps I think she'll be pleased with her new spring outfit. For Kitty, her doll, I've found pretty prints for a dress and skirt. To go with these I've been knitting a green cardigan. If only people were doll sized I'd be able to knit up a whole wardrobe in a couple of weeks.

For her birthday Little Bun has asked for a craft party followed by a posh tea with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Crafty ideas are for mask decorating, tissue flower making and egg cosies. While I clear up and get out the pretty china Mr Bun is in charge of croquet and treasure hunts.

I'm already excited about making buns with chicks on them and badly want to make pink meringues to glitter and have as egg nests. Shame I make really flat rubbish meringues so I might have to get a spot of practice in before the big day.

Before all of this we've got Mother's Day. My day when I get to call the shots as I've informed them all. So a car boot in the morning and then off to Little Vintage Lover by the sea. I fancy making some of these strawberry shortbreads to take to my mum's for afternoon tea on the way home. That's Sunday arranged in my head.

On Saturday we've got a skip to fill (which I daftly ordered when I was feeling all organised) and bulbs to plant. I've also bought large daisies and anenomes to give us some colour in June. Fingers crossed the hens don't eat them before then.

Hennypenny our eldest hen has been suffering with a poorly foot of late. At the moment she's back hobbling around the garden, but when it's bad it curls up and she can't stand without tipping over so sits in the henhouse chirruping to herself. I've given her scrambled eggs and Little Bun feeds her cornflakes every morning to give her protein and vitamins. Not sure what else we can do, so any hen ideas you might have would be appreciated.

Right that's me, now off for lunch with a good friend and then a whole long day stretching ahead. Miss Rosey at drama until 6pm and Little Bun at a party until 7pm. Fingers crossed I get those dresses made this afternoon. 


  1. Eek, isn't giving a hen scrambled eggs a little cannibalistic??!

    Your flowers look lovely and I hope that your party and Mother's Day goes off nicely without any dramas. Mothers Day here isn't for another couple of months, but my girls are too young to comprehend yet so I doubt it will be any different to any other day!

    xXx Helen

  2. lovely bright and cheery post ;0)x
    really love the good egg cosies and spring posy flowers too.
    hope your hennypenny will improve xx
    enjoy good company and a lovely mothering sunday xxxxx

  3. Hello again!

    I do love those stripey egg cosies and yes 'of course' the end of the month - we are already hearing the seventeen days, in sixteen, in fifteen.....! aaaaaggghhhhh - roll on Easter.

    take care and have a fabulous weekend.

    Nina xxx

  4. I love the idea of a 'posh' Alice in Wonderland tea. What a busy few weeks you have. Hope the party is lots of fun and Happy Birthday to Little Bun. Hope Hennypenny gets well soon. Lily. xxx

  5. Alice in Wonderland...what a dream!
    Lovely post - and no help from over here on the hen issue I'm afraid - our hens rarely last long enough to develop an illness!!! (always an upside)
    happy weekend - hope you're sunday is as good as it sounds
    fee x

  6. When I was little I used to drive my mum insane making lots of crocheted coasters! I'd just learned to crochet and they're nice and quick to make. :) I love your flowers you've made, maybe I could have a go at these one day? Have a lovely mother's day, I hope your poor Henny gets better!
    Jess xx

  7. Poor chicken, hope she recovers soon.......

    I love the ideas for the birthday party, I think that's half the fun of having girls, planning parties and outfits!

    Have a busy day tomorrow and a fab mother's day, hope you find lots of treasures.
    Nattie x

  8. Hi sweet Lisa,
    So glad you are connected again! It is shocking the things people will steal! I love your gorgeous coasters, egg cosies and posies! All so sweet! I am learning to crochet and have made lots of little posies and other things. I am loving it! I hope little Bun has a most wonderful birthday! Her outfit and her doll's sound so darling, and all the plans wonderful! I love what you said about knitting up a wardrobe in a couple of weeks, if people were doll size! :) I loved all your beautiful photos and hope your Mother's Day is a very happy and fun one! Your primroses are gorgeous! I hope to find some today. I also hope your sweet Hennypenny gets better soon. She is being taken good care of! xo~ Paula

  9. What a lovely and colourful post! Your makes are looking adorable, and I love your knitting needles!
    Alice in wonderland is such a lovely theme for a party, I actually brought a book about alice themed crafts. It's called everything alice and is sooooo lovely!

  10. How awful, nay terrible to have to be making practice meringues. I just don't know how you're going to manage. Tell you what, I'll pop on over cos you're gonna need a taster :)

  11. Yes, you are on the www again!
    I like your pretty tiny crochet
    flowers and egg warmers, and the idea of an Alice in wonderland themed party is so lovely!
    And i would love it when my mummy
    would make me a tunic of that wonderful Amy Butler fabric :-)
    I hope Hennypenny is doing okay soon, have a nice weekend! xx

    oh and(a bit late) those fabric labels i use are from Hollandlabel.

  12. Can I come to your crafty..Alice tea party? I would love a reason to do that...need to borrow some girls!
    Have a lovely weekend, I like the sound of your plans
    X x x x x x

  13. I am staggered at the amount you make - possibly because I am incapable of knitting or crocheting myself. Your creativity with your entire life amazes me... mine seems confined to my shed:) Although I have to say I make a mean fluffy meringue; x

  14. What lovely colourful and springlike post, glad you are back in blogland again. Have a lovely Mothers Day,
    Penny x

  15. Love those pretty coasters! Hope you have had a good day at the Little Vintage Lover and been spoilt by your lovely girls. We have a skip to fill too - it's actually our 8th one. Karen X

  16. Oh how exciting a craft party and Alice in Wonderland tea party, a girl after my own heart!
    I hope your poorly hen is better soon.

  17. Ooh, I wish I had someone I could make doll's clothes for, that would be right up my street.

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out.

  18. Oh wow, a Alice in Wonderland themed party- you simply must have the door mouse in a teapot. I saw a knitted pattern for something similar in Mollie Makes mag this month! Kudos o your daughter or wanting a craft party, clearly she is going to take after her super creative and talented Mama.


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