Monday, 26 March 2012

Springing Forward

Somehow life is overwhelming me at the moment. So many many things to do and so very very little time. Thank the Easter Bunny that as of next Monday we have two glorious weeks off to do pretty much as we please.

I'm busy putting last minute stitches into a dress for Little Bun and one for her dolly Kitty. Finally, collecting two of her presents after work tommorow, before an evening of cake baking, present wrapping and balloon blowing.

Then on Wednesday our gorgeous Little Bun will be the grand age of 10. She was born at home and arrived, sucking her thumb, as chilled out as could be. I remember hearing birdsong and children playing outside which helped me feel as calm as her.

Miss Rosey wasn't thrilled with the new arrival for a long while. Now they are the best of friends, sisters with only a year and a half between them. I told Miss Rosey tonight that if I had a big sister I'd like one just like her. 

Alongside birthday preparations, Easter is under way too. I was less of a control freak this year and actually let the Bun's decorate the easter tree on Saturday without one hint of inteference.

In the afternoon we headed off for the school easter egg hunt. One of the families at school live in this amazing hall with their parents and they really kindly let us use the grounds. We drive past here every morning on our way to school and always fancied a good look round.

Coloured turkey eggs were hidden everywhere, as well as a golden egg. Three eggs won you a choccy egg. After lots of cake and lazing in the sun we gambled our pennies on a spot of egg rolling. Closest to the chocolate rabbit won.

We've still an Easter Bonnet to make for the morning parade at school on Thursday and then the school Easter service before the weekends party planning can get going.

Spring's definately my favourite season.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Whoopie Doo

It rained and it rained and it rained all weekend. First thing this morning brilliant sunshine flooded in the windows. We just changed our plans a bit and so no beautifying our swampy garden, car boots or coast walks. Instead we watched films, baked tons of cakes and I was given lovely presents on Sunday.

Today was officially my day off and I had a real making urge, but as I'd agreed to cover a class mid-morning as a favour and then I had a lunch catch up with a friend arranged, time was short. I managed to fit in an hours making happiness just after the school run and before I had to get my teacher head on.

The hens sat in the sun waiting for treats, while Pip sunbathed and kept me company.

I chose some fabrics to cut into squares for Patchy Cushions. Then I flitted off to something else.

I laid out Kitty's dress and cardigan (which has to be finished for next Wednesday - eeek), but decided I'd muck it up if I rushed it now.

Instead I settled on something quick which I could finish in an hour. Late Sunday night, while I'd watched witches and vampires do battle on the telly, I'd hooked a few bullseye circles.

I'd had an idea floating around my head to make crochet pincushions for the market I'm doing in a few weeks. As it was only an idea, I was a bit impatient to see how the shape would work out in yarn rather than fabric.

You know what I'm really pleased. Very simple, but happy making to look at. It feels squishy and lovely and does the job of pinholding perfectly. I've named this the Whoopie Doo Pincushion, I'll definately be mixing up a few more colourways to make a whoopie cushion pile.

Friday, 16 March 2012


Woohoo - we've been connected back to modern technology, so here I am again.

Instead of googling and blog reading in the evenings I've been knitting and hooking. The floral coasters have proved addictive.

I've started on a run of Good Egg cosies for easter and have been making endless flowers for Spring Posy Brooches.

Then there's Little Bun's 10th birthday at the end of the month for which I've plans a plenty. I've chosen some Amy Butler Peacock fabric to make her a tunic dress. With aqua footless tights and bright ballet pumps I think she'll be pleased with her new spring outfit. For Kitty, her doll, I've found pretty prints for a dress and skirt. To go with these I've been knitting a green cardigan. If only people were doll sized I'd be able to knit up a whole wardrobe in a couple of weeks.

For her birthday Little Bun has asked for a craft party followed by a posh tea with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Crafty ideas are for mask decorating, tissue flower making and egg cosies. While I clear up and get out the pretty china Mr Bun is in charge of croquet and treasure hunts.

I'm already excited about making buns with chicks on them and badly want to make pink meringues to glitter and have as egg nests. Shame I make really flat rubbish meringues so I might have to get a spot of practice in before the big day.

Before all of this we've got Mother's Day. My day when I get to call the shots as I've informed them all. So a car boot in the morning and then off to Little Vintage Lover by the sea. I fancy making some of these strawberry shortbreads to take to my mum's for afternoon tea on the way home. That's Sunday arranged in my head.

On Saturday we've got a skip to fill (which I daftly ordered when I was feeling all organised) and bulbs to plant. I've also bought large daisies and anenomes to give us some colour in June. Fingers crossed the hens don't eat them before then.

Hennypenny our eldest hen has been suffering with a poorly foot of late. At the moment she's back hobbling around the garden, but when it's bad it curls up and she can't stand without tipping over so sits in the henhouse chirruping to herself. I've given her scrambled eggs and Little Bun feeds her cornflakes every morning to give her protein and vitamins. Not sure what else we can do, so any hen ideas you might have would be appreciated.

Right that's me, now off for lunch with a good friend and then a whole long day stretching ahead. Miss Rosey at drama until 6pm and Little Bun at a party until 7pm. Fingers crossed I get those dresses made this afternoon. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


In the middle of the night last week, thieves dug up a mile of the phone cables to our village. The phones been dead since, which I'm ok with, but there's been no internet either which none of us are ok with.

Hopefully - fingers crossed - we'll be back in the C21st century soon. For now I've dragged my laptop to work and am catching up on the world in my breaks. 

I'm missing my blogging fix, but I'm definately getting more making done.  With Little Bun's birthday makes, easter and then a market coming up that's not a bad thing at all. 

Oh and if you're interested - the cottage in the pic is a smoking one I got for Mother's day last year. You put a fag in the back door and smoke blows out of the chimney. I gave up when I was pregnant with Miss Rosey so none of that smoking malarkey is left to see if it works. 

Hopefully I'll be back in blogging world properly again soon.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Apple Lanterns


On Monday it rained and rained and rained. After I'd wrapped a ton of parcels for posting I felt the urge to whip up another tunic. This will be the fourth one I've made in this pattern now. One was for Miss Rosey and now Little Bun has put in a request for a longer dress type.


This one is in Amy Butler's Chinese Lanterns fabric in my favourite apple green. I've spied some green patent Fly shoes that would match this perfectly. My feet are too big for Fly really, but for green patent I'm sure I could curl my toes up tight. 

I put the last stitches in just before 3pm and then did the school dash arriving just in time to grab the Buns and run. 

I wore my new top to work today to brighten the grey day. It's so comfy, fits in all the right places and hides the right bits too. This won't be the last of these tunics I'll be making.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Being very mad keen on all things to do with animals and having a would be shepherdess in our family, we were first in the yard at the agricultural college's Lambing Day on Saturday.

There's a dreadful disease called Schmallenberg Virus affecting a lot of flocks at the moment. Thankfully none of the sheep here have been affected by it so all the lambs born  so far have been healthy and well.

To stop awhile and watch the antics of the lambs getting used to their gangly bodies was the perfect start to our day.

Despite many heavily pregnant ewe's waiting to give birth, we weren't lucky enough to see a lamb born this time.

Little Bun did get a cuddle with a three day old triplet though. This one's being bottle fed as ewe's can only feed two lambs.

In the hospital nursery we saw a very demanding lamb jumping and pounding on his mother's back. Desperate for her to stand so he could feed again. How ever much she jiggled he managed to cling on.

Sunday has been all rainy and pretty grim. As we all fancied a home day it was the perfect weather. The Bun's played all day and I got a small bit of stitching done.

I'd bought some fabulous zingy towelling from Maartje before christmas. Only a small amount, but just enough to make a handtowel and it's taken me months to finally make it.

I chopped the shapes to sew another tunic, this time from Amy Butler's Chinese Lanterns. Also I'm so pleased that stinky fabric is no longer stinky so I kept it by my side so I could muse upon it's possibilties.

I love my wee handtowel with it's pink pom pom fringe, so much more exciting than our Aga towel.

The rest of the day was a cosy blur of cake making, cake eating and knitting.

As much as I enjoy a rainy day cosying up inside, I'd like the sun back again tommorow please.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Searching, Sometimes it's Stinky

I'm so glad I held on to the annuals and books that I loved when I was the Buns age. I lost myself for hours in books. The annual that came in my christmas stocking was read and finished by christmas afternoon. After christmas my dad would bring home a reduced annual which was even more of a treat.

The Bun's have now whizzed through all my old copies of Judy, Bunty, Tammy, Mandy and June. Misty has been saved for daytime reading as it's a bit spooky. 

I've now started searching in charity shops for more to feed their habit. The car boot starts up again this weekend and there'll definately be a few more there. Failing that there's always ebay, but they're pricey on there. 

Mind you, ebay is pretty good at solving the search for many a dreamed of thing. Of the several bits of gorgeous fabric I've had from Jane, there's one that is my absolute favourite. I love it so much, so I've stopped using it. That way it'll never be all used up. Then last weekend I stumbled across a large sheet and pillowcase of the adored fabric on ebay. I bid big bucks to bash everyone else out of the way as I wanted it bad.

When my parcel arrived this week I ripped it open and the most stinky fusty smell filled the room. I've washed and washed it, now it's getting the overnight air treatment. I'll have a major sulk if the stink doesn't go and I can't use it. There's lots planned for this sheet - Miss Rosey fancies a dress from it which is pretty brave I think. Smell or no smell.

Alongside my sheet daydreams I've been tempted by yet another project. I think I'll keep this one in my notebook for a while as I'm starting too much right now and not getting anywhere with half of it. While my students were doing a bit of research in the library this week, I managed a quick flick through some magazines. I was completely drawn to the colourway and thick open rib of this blanket and immediately wanted one of my own.

The speed I knit at though I think it'll be a long wait.

I'm really glad you enjoyed our trip to the seaside on my last post. Seems a fair few of you already know the delights of Southwold.

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