Monday, 27 February 2012

Sun, Sea & Hot Choc

Two days in a row of glorious sunshine. What perfect timing for the weekend.

After breakfast this morning we packed up lunch and headed straight to the coast. The problem with where we live is that we have two counties of wonderful coastline to choose from. We opted for Southwold in the end. 

Several reasons. Great promenading for one.

A wonderful pier where you can cosy up to drink very chocolaty hot choc after having lost all of your 2p's in the slot machines for another.

There's the make you feel good views.

Skimming stones from the beach and feeling the clean air lift your heart.

Knowing we've been here again and again and always feel like it's the first time. The Bun's alway want to end the walk by playing It at the Guns on the Hill. On the way past I went into the Sailors Reading Room for the first time.

It's a fascinating room with a real air of calmness about it. Originally built to keep the sailors and fishermen out of the pub, it now serves as a small museum to remember many of them. You can still go there to quietly read, but I think I'd prefer to knit and listen to the sea.

A small moment of peace before we raced off up the hill to chase around the Guns before heading off home again.


  1. Those beach huts are divine! I'd like to take a peek inside! Sun, sea, loosing pennies in slot machines and hot chocolate - what a great combo!

  2. Sounds like the perfect day to me.
    Anne xx

  3. Sounds like the perfect day to me.
    Anne xx

  4. Ahhhh a lovely post & a blooming perfect day out :)

    Jo x

  5. the sailors and fisherman's reading room is wonderful- i never knew that was there...Southwold is a wonderful place- we have family friends with a holiday home there- many a happy time there. i remember the excitement when once visiting in a storm and the waves crashing over the sea wall- it was mighty frilling as a child to get splashed by the stormy tide ;0)
    We always ended up after a lovely walk in the little town having fish n chippys in a bustling pub..
    You look like you had a lovely sea side weekend- thank you so much much for sharng your photos they took me back to real happy childhood times ;0)x

  6. Our favourite family day out - something for everyone - even the teenagers enjoy it :)

    I must confess I love it more during the winter when there are less weekenders getting under my feet!!

  7. The reading room looks very interesting with all those old photographs. The sky looks so blue in your photos - we've had so much rain here that I'm beginning to forget what a cloudless sky looks like!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. I love Southwold, but by a smidgen I prefer Walberswick ... if only I lived close enough to visit often. Looks like you had a perfect day :D

  9. This post brings back happy memories of a jolly we had there once...loved the beach are so lucky to be near enough for a little day trip :)
    Have a good week x x x x

  10. Love your pictures. A sunny day during the weekend is a bliss and yours was just like that.

  11. Oh I like the look of the sailors reading room for knitting too! Hope you're well Lisa, thank you for your comment about poor Belle, joshy was heart broken it was so sad, I hope you have a lovely week, fliss xxxx

  12. Hmmm not sure why I'm listed as about me rather then fliss or joshy and belle! Blogger what r u doing?!

  13. I love the beach huts, so pretty! Living in Brighton I take the sea for granted and never really look at it and appreciate it as much, thanks for the reminder!

  14. Loving the colourful beach huts and what better way to blow the cobwebs away and welcome the Spring than a trip to the seaside.
    Henny x

  15. Hi Lisa
    I love your seaside photos - it looks like a great place to visit.
    It makes me smile to hear you've got the same basket - and I'm pleased we share great taste in our choice of bags and footwear!
    Do go check out vegetarian slow cooking on the internet - I've found lots of good recipes. Like you I had thought it was all about big chunks of meat in the past. I'm a slow cooking convert!
    Happy days to you :-)

  16. We love Southwold, it's such a simple, traditional seaside resort, I always feel calm when I'm there, :)

  17. What a lovely idea to have a quiet space for reading and just 'being'.

  18. Great beach hut line up. What a fab photo!

  19. Lisa, I swear I can smell the salt air, your photos are so marvelous. We live just 30 minutes from the city of Santa Cruz on the Northern California coast, and recently spent a week there. Pure bliss.

    That Sailors Reading Room has such an air of peace and history about it. However, as the daughter of a WWII navy man, I have to wonder just how effective it was at keeping the men out of the pubs. :)

  20. Your pictures of the beach make you want to jump in and take a swim. The hot cocoa looks you yummy. Thank you for taking the time to post.....:) It made my cup of tea taste so good.

  21. WoW that hot chocolate looks yummy!!!! Southwold is one of our favourite places as well. Never been to the reading room before so going to check that out when we next go.
    Hope you have a great week!

  22. A lovely day at the sea-side! When I read tales of children I miss mine now that they have grown and then I remember at the time wishing for the day I could have time to myself listening to the sea! I love the sea-side as much as ever! :o)
    Jess x

  23. I'm here again ...
    I wondered if you fancy taking part in a series to celebrate our hands? All through March I'm going to post photos celebrating how we use our hands. Come take a look, and if you want to take part - daily, weekly, whatever suits - let me know :-)
    Happy days to you!

  24. Looking at your photos makes me feel that summer has arrived. x


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